This document answers some of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the openHAB's trademarks and their allowable uses. Be sure to review our Trademark Policy, which outlines important requirements for any uses of openHAB marks.

The following information helps ensure our marks and logos are used in approved ways, while making it easy for the community to understand the guidelines. If you have any questions about the use of logos or trademarks, see our trademark resources or contact us.

# What is the openHAB trademark policy?

The openHAB trademark policy outlines the rules and guidelines for using the openHAB trademark and logo.

# What is the purpose of the openHAB trademark policy?

The purpose of the trademark policy is to protect the openHAB trademark and logo and to ensure that they are used in a way that is consistent with the openHAB brand and its associated values and principles.

# Who is required to comply with the trademark policy?

Anyone who uses the openHAB name or logo. This includes users of the openHAB software and/or contributors to the openHAB project, but it is not limited to them.

# What is the openHAB trademark?

The openHAB trademark is the name "openHAB" and any logos or designs associated with the openHAB brand.

The openHAB logo is the design that represents the openHAB brand.

# Can I use the openHAB trademark and logo in my marketing materials?

Yes, you may use the openHAB trademark and logo in your marketing materials to refer to the openHAB software and project, as long as such use is truthful, accurate, and not misleading.

No, you may not modify the openHAB logo in any way, except as expressly authorized by the Foundation.

# Can I use the openHAB name in my domain name?

No, you may not use the openHAB name in any domain name without the express written permission of the Foundation.

You may be eligible to request permission to use the openHAB name in your domain name if your domain's website content meets our requirements and you request permission. The requirements are:

  • Do not promote similarly named or positioned software products
  • Clearly display non-affiliation
  • Include credits and links to relevant openHAB resources
  • Proper trademark usage all over the website

To request permission, please write to [email protected]. Be sure to include a link to your domain, as well as an explanation of how your domain will comply with all the above points. Please be patient; we are an all-volunteer run organization.

# Can I use the openHAB name in my repository name?

Yes, using the openHAB name as part of any repository is considered fair use and a reference to openHAB. You should only make sure that you do not use the name as part of your organization.

# May I use openHAB trademark and logo in software product names?

No, you may not use openHAB trademarks in the primary or secondary branding of any third party product or service names. For example, you may not name a product either "BigCo openHAB Thing", "BigCo distribution of openHAB", or any similar kind of name.

# May I use the "Powered by openHAB" phrase and logo in software product names or logos?

Yes, under certain circumstances, you may use the "Powered by openHAB" phrase or a project-specific "Powered by openHAB" logo in direct conjunction with your software product or service's primary branding.

Third parties providing products or services that are supersets of the functionality of openHAB, or services that run atop openHAB, may use the phrase "Powered by openHAB". For example, "BigCo SuperThing, Powered by openHAB" would be acceptable, provided that you meet all of the other requirements:

  • Any primary product home pages or landing pages must include a link from the homepage pointing to the openHAB project home page at (opens new window).
  • Do not visually combine the "Powered by openHAB" logo with any other images, or change the logo in any way other than ways required by printing restrictions.
  • On your website link any "Powered by openHAB" logo to the homepage of the openHAB project.
  • Ensure that your website and marketing materials do not imply the openHAB Foundation's endorsement or the affiliation of your products, services, or organization with the openHAB Foundation or project.
  • Ensure that your website and marketing materials do not confuse the average user about the source of openHAB or imply that openHAB is associated with your products or services in any way, other than the fact that your product is built atop/to work with openHAB product.

# What should I do if I have questions about the trademark policy?

If you have any questions about the use of the openHAB trademark or logo, please contact the Foundation at [email protected].