Interface InboxAutoApprovePredicate

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@NonNullByDefault public interface InboxAutoApprovePredicate extends Predicate<DiscoveryResult>
Components implementing this interface participate in the AutomaticInboxProcessor's decision whether to automatically approve an inbox result or not.

If this Predicate returns true the DiscoveryResult will be automatically approved by the AutomaticInboxProcessor.

Note that if this Predicate returns false the DiscoveryResult might still be automatically approved (e.g., because another such Predicate returned true) - i.e., it is not possible to veto the automatic approval of a DiscoveryResult.

Please note that this interface is intended to be implemented by solutions integrating openHAB. This interface is not intended to be implemented by openHAB addons (like, e.g., bindings).

Henning Sudbrock - Initial contribution