Class MqttBrokerConnectionConfig


@NonNullByDefault public class MqttBrokerConnectionConfig extends Object
Contains configuration for a MqttBrokerConnection.
David Graeff - Initial contribution, Mark Herwege - Added flag for hostname validation
  • Field Details

    • name

      public @Nullable String name
    • host

      public @Nullable String host
    • port

      public @Nullable Integer port
    • secure

      public boolean secure
    • hostnameValidated

      public boolean hostnameValidated
    • protocol

    • mqttVersion

    • username

      public @Nullable String username
    • password

      public @Nullable String password
    • clientID

      public @Nullable String clientID
    • qos

      public Integer qos
    • keepAlive

      public @Nullable Integer keepAlive
      Keepalive in seconds
    • lwtTopic

      public @Nullable String lwtTopic
    • lwtMessage

      public @Nullable String lwtMessage
    • lwtQos

      public Integer lwtQos
    • lwtRetain

      public Boolean lwtRetain
  • Constructor Details

    • MqttBrokerConnectionConfig

      public MqttBrokerConnectionConfig()
  • Method Details

    • getBrokerID

      public String getBrokerID()
      Return the brokerID of this connection. This is either the name or host:port(:s), for instance "myhost:8080:s". This method will return an empty string, if none of the parameters is set.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Output the name, host, port, secure flag and hostname validation flag
      toString in class Object