Class ReadyMarker


@NonNullByDefault public final class ReadyMarker extends Object
This is a token, identifying something to be completed. A caller may use it to identify which action or process is completed or to which completion it wants to listen to. Thereby the type denotes the category of readyness, the identifier, e.g. new ReadyMarker("xmlProcessing", "org.openhab.binding.sample") would denote that the "sample binding" has finished processing some XML files.

When the action or process is being marked as "ready" or removed from the "ready" state, a registered tracker will be notified by the ReadyService.

This class overrides hashCode() and equals(Object) so that any using class does not have to keep original references, but new instances can be used for calls to the ReadyService every time.

Simon Kaufmann - Initial contribution
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      public ReadyMarker(String type, String identifier)
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