Class FirmwareDTO


@NonNullByDefault public class FirmwareDTO extends Object
This is a data transfer object that is used to serialize firmware information.
Aoun Bukhari - Initial contribution, Dimitar Ivanov - enriched with thing type UID
  • Field Details

    • thingTypeUID

      public final String thingTypeUID
    • vendor

      public final @Nullable String vendor
    • model

      public final @Nullable String model
    • modelRestricted

      public final boolean modelRestricted
    • description

      public final @Nullable String description
    • version

      public final String version
    • changelog

      public final @Nullable String changelog
    • prerequisiteVersion

      public final @Nullable String prerequisiteVersion
  • Constructor Details

    • FirmwareDTO

      public FirmwareDTO(String thingTypeUID, @Nullable String vendor, @Nullable String model, boolean modelRestricted, @Nullable String description, String version, @Nullable String prerequisiteVersion, @Nullable String changelog)