Class UnitUtils


@NonNullByDefault public class UnitUtils extends Object
A utility for parsing dimensions to interface classes of Quantity and parsing units from format strings.
Henning Treu - Initial contribution
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    • UnitUtils

      public UnitUtils()
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    • parseDimension

      public static @Nullable Class<? extends javax.measure.Quantity<?>> parseDimension(@Nullable String dimension)
      Parses a String denoting a dimension (e.g. Length, Temperature, Mass,..) into a Class instance of an interface from Quantity. The interfaces reside in javax.measure.quantity and framework specific interfaces in org.openhab.core.library.dimension.
      dimension - the simple name of an interface from the package javax.measure.quantity or org.openhab.core.library.dimension.
      the Class instance of the interface or null if the given dimension is blank.
      IllegalArgumentException - in case no class instance could be parsed from the given dimension.
    • getDimensionName

      public static @Nullable String getDimensionName(javax.measure.Unit<?> unit)
      The name of the dimension as stated in the ChannelType configuration. e.g.

      Unit: 'm' -> "Length"

      Unit: 'kWh' -> "Energy"

      If the Unit can not be found in any of the available Measurement systems, it returns null

      unit - The Unit to get the Dimension's name from.
      The Dimension string or null if the unit can not be found in any of the SystemOfUnits.
    • parseUnit

      public static @Nullable javax.measure.Unit<?> parseUnit(@Nullable String pattern)
      A utility method to parse a unit symbol either directly or from a given pattern (like stateDescription or widget label). In the latter case, the unit is expected to be the last part of the pattern separated by " " (e.g. "%.2f °C" for °C).
      pattern - the string to extract the unit symbol from
      the unit symbol extracted from the string or null if no unit could be parsed
    • isDifferentMeasurementSystem

      public static boolean isDifferentMeasurementSystem(javax.measure.Unit<? extends javax.measure.Quantity<?>> thisUnit, javax.measure.Unit<?> thatUnit)