Class DialogRegistration


@NonNullByDefault public class DialogRegistration extends Object
Describes dialog desired services and options.
Miguel Álvarez - Initial contribution
  • Field Details

    • sourceId

      public String sourceId
      Dialog audio source id
    • sinkId

      public String sinkId
      Dialog audio sink id
    • ksId

      public @Nullable String ksId
      Preferred keyword-spotting service
    • keyword

      public @Nullable String keyword
      Selected keyword for spotting
    • sttId

      public @Nullable String sttId
      Preferred speech-to-text service id
    • ttsId

      public @Nullable String ttsId
      Preferred text-to-speech service id
    • voiceId

      public @Nullable String voiceId
      Preferred voice id
    • hliIds

      public List<String> hliIds
      List of interpreters
    • locale

      public @Nullable Locale locale
      Dialog locale
    • listeningItem

      public @Nullable String listeningItem
      Linked listening item
    • locationItem

      public @Nullable String locationItem
      Linked location item
    • dialogGroup

      public @Nullable String dialogGroup
      Dialog group name
    • listeningMelody

      public @Nullable String listeningMelody
      Custom listening melody
    • running

      public boolean running
      True if an associated dialog is running
  • Constructor Details

    • DialogRegistration

      public DialogRegistration(String sourceId, String sinkId)