# Settings - Persistence

Persistence stores data over time. The data may be retrieved at a later time, for example to restore your system after startup, or to prepare graphs for display on the UI.

openHAB ships with the RRD4J persistence service installed by default, which persists every Item on every state change and at least once a minute. Additionally, it restores the last stored value at system startup.

Learn more about persistence in the persistence docs.

To change this behaviour, this is the page you are looking for!

Here you can:


  • Set the default persistence service.
  • Configure Persistence Policies
    For each installed persistence service, a list entry is added. Clicking on a persistence service from that list opens a page to create a new one or edit the existing persistence configuration of that persistence service.
  • Install more persistence add-ons
    Click on the plus button to switch to the add-ons store and install more persistence services.