Class Addon


public class Addon extends Object
This class defines an add-on.
Kai Kreuzer - Initial contribution, Yannick Schaus - Add fields
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • getType

      public String getType()
      The type of the addon (same as id of AddonType)
    • getUid

      public String getUid()
      The uid of the add-on (e.g. "binding-dmx", "json:transform-format" or "marketplace:123456")
    • getId

      public String getId()
      The id of the add-on (e.g. "influxdb")
    • getLabel

      public String getLabel()
      The label of the add-on
    • getLink

      public @Nullable String getLink()
      The (optional) link to find more information about the add-on
    • getAuthor

      public String getAuthor()
      The author of the add-on
    • isVerifiedAuthor

      public boolean isVerifiedAuthor()
      Whether the add-on author is verified or not
    • getVersion

      public String getVersion()
      The version of the add-on
    • getMaturity

      public @Nullable String getMaturity()
      The maturity level of this version
    • getCompatible

      public boolean getCompatible()
      The (expected) compatibility of this add-on
    • getContentType

      public String getContentType()
      The content type of the add-on
    • getDescription

      public @Nullable String getDescription()
      The description of the add-on
    • getDetailedDescription

      public @Nullable String getDetailedDescription()
      The detailed description of the add-on
    • getConfigDescriptionURI

      public String getConfigDescriptionURI()
      The URI to the configuration description for this add-on
    • getKeywords

      public String getKeywords()
      The keywords for this add-on
    • getCountries

      public List<String> getCountries()
      A list of ISO 3166 codes relevant to this add-on
    • getLicense

      public @Nullable String getLicense()
      The SPDX License identifier for this addon
    • getConnection

      public String getConnection()
      A string describing the type of connection (local, cloud, cloudDiscovery) this add-on uses, if applicable.
    • getProperties

      public Map<String,Object> getProperties()
      A set of additional properties relative to this add-on
    • isInstalled

      public boolean isInstalled()
      true, if the add-on is installed, false otherwise
    • setInstalled

      public void setInstalled(boolean installed)
      Sets the installed state
    • getBackgroundColor

      public @Nullable String getBackgroundColor()
      The background color for rendering the add-on
    • getImageLink

      public @Nullable String getImageLink()
      A link to an image (png/svg) for the add-on
    • getLoggerPackages

      public List<String> getLoggerPackages()
      The package names that are associated with this add-on
    • create

      public static Addon.Builder create(String uid)
      Create a builder for an Addon
      uid - the UID of the add-on (e.g. "binding-dmx", "json:transform-format" or "marketplace:123456")
      the builder
    • create

      public static Addon.Builder create(Addon addon)