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@NonNullByDefault public interface Condition extends Module
This interface represents automation Condition modules which are working as a filter for Rule's executions. After being triggered, a Rule's execution will continue only if all its conditions are satisfied.

Conditions can be used to check the output from the trigger or other data available in the system. To receive an output data from triggers the Conditions have Inputs.

Conditions can be configured.

Conditions don't have Outputs 'cause they don't provide information to the other modules of the Rule.

Building elements of conditions as ConfigDescriptionParameters and Inputs. They are defined by the corresponding ConditionType.

Condition modules are placed in conditions section of the Rule definition.

Yordan Mihaylov - Initial contribution
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    • getInputs

      Map<String,String> getInputs()
      Gets the input references of the Condition. The references define how the Inputs of this Module are connected to Outputs of other Modules.
      a map that contains the input references of this condition.