Class ModbusWriteRegisterRequestBlueprint


@NonNullByDefault public class ModbusWriteRegisterRequestBlueprint extends ModbusWriteRequestBlueprint
Implementation for writing registers
Sami Salonen - Initial contribution
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    • ModbusWriteRegisterRequestBlueprint

      public ModbusWriteRegisterRequestBlueprint(int slaveId, int reference, ModbusRegisterArray registers, boolean writeMultiple, int maxTries) throws IllegalArgumentException
      Construct coil write request with many bits of data
      slaveId - slave id to write to
      reference - reference address
      registers - register(s) to write
      writeMultiple - whether to use ModbusWriteFunctionCode.WRITE_MULTIPLE_COILS over ModbusWriteFunctionCode.WRITE_COIL. Useful with single register of data.
      maxTries - maximum number of tries in case of errors, should be at least 1
      IllegalArgumentException - in case data is empty, writeMultiple is false but there are many registers to write.
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