Class ManagedItemProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
ManagedProvider<Item,String>, Provider<@NonNull Item>, ItemProvider

@NonNullByDefault public class ManagedItemProvider extends AbstractManagedProvider<Item,String,ManagedItemProvider.PersistedItem> implements ItemProvider
ManagedItemProvider is an OSGi service, that allows to add or remove items at runtime by calling add(org.openhab.core.items.Item) or remove(java.lang.String). An added item is automatically exposed to the ItemRegistry. Persistence of added Items is handled by a StorageService. Items are being restored using the given ItemFactorys.
Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution, added support for GroupItems, Thomas Eichstaedt-Engelen - Initial contribution, Kai Kreuzer - improved return values, Alex Tugarev - added tags