Class ManagedItemProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
ManagedProvider<Item,String>, Provider<@NonNull Item>, ItemProvider

@NonNullByDefault public class ManagedItemProvider extends AbstractManagedProvider<Item,String,ManagedItemProvider.PersistedItem> implements ItemProvider
ManagedItemProvider is an OSGi service, that allows to add or remove items at runtime by calling ManagedItemProvider#addItem(Item) or ManagedItemProvider#removeItem(Item) . An added item is automatically exposed to the ItemRegistry. Persistence of added Items is handled by a StorageService. Items are being restored using the given ItemFactorys.
Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution, added support for GroupItems, Thomas Eichstaedt-Engelen - Initial contribution, Kai Kreuzer - improved return values, Alex Tugarev - added tags