Interface FirmwareUpdateBackgroundTransferHandler

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@NonNullByDefault public interface FirmwareUpdateBackgroundTransferHandler extends FirmwareUpdateHandler
The FirmwareUpdateBackgroundTransferHandler is an extension of the FirmwareUpdateHandler and is to be used if the firmware of the thing must be transferred to the actual device in the background. So the FirmwareUpdateService checks if there is a newer firmware available and handles the firmware status of the thing as FirmwareStatus.UPDATE_AVAILABLE in case of the handler returns false for FirmwareUpdateHandler.isUpdateExecutable(). Finally it invokes the transferFirmware(Firmware) operation for this scenario.
Thomas Höfer - Initial contribution
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    • transferFirmware

      void transferFirmware(Firmware firmware)
      Transfers the firmware of the thing to its actual device in the background. After the successful transfer of the firmware the operation FirmwareUpdateHandler.isUpdateExecutable() should return true.
      firmware - the firmware to be transferred in the background (not null)