# C-Bus Binding

This is the binding for the Clipsal C-Bus System (opens new window). This binding allows you to view and control groups on C-Bus networks from openHAB.

# Configuration

This binding connects to C-Gate software which can be downloaded from the Clipsal Downloads Site (opens new window). There is information about setting up the C-Gate software in the CBus Forums (opens new window). Make sure that the config/access.txt file allows a connection from computer running openHAB.

Whilst all versions of C-Gate should work 2.11.2 contained a fix for handling Indicator Kill messages for trigger groups. Without that they will remain on the last value set and wont match what is shown on CBus devices.

First the CGate Connection bridge needs to be configured with the ip address of the computer running the C-Gate software. After this a Bridge is creaed for each network configured on the CBus Network. The CBus Project Name and the network Id for that network

# Supported Things

This binding support 6 different things types

Thing Type Description
cgate Bridge This connects to a C-Bus CGate instance to
network Bridge This connects to a C-Bus Network via a CGate bridge
light Thing This is for C-Bus lighting groups
temperature Thing This is for C-Bus temperature groups
trigger Thing This is for C-Bus trigger groups
dali Thing This is for C-Bus DALI dimming groups

When a discovery scan is started in the UI, Things are discovered for the groups that are found on the CBus network.

# Channels

At startup the binding will scan the network for the values of all the groups and set those on the appropriate channels. It is not possible to fetch the value of a Trigger Group so those values will only be updated when a trigger is set on the CBus network.

# Lights

Light things have 2 channels which show the current state of the group on the cbus network and can also set the state of the group:-

  • state - On/Off state of the light
  • level - The level of the channel between 0 and 100

# Temperature

Temperature things have 1 channel which shows the current value. This is read-only and will not set the value on the CBus Network.

  • temp - Temperature value

# Trigger

Trigger things have 1 channel which shows the current trigger value on the cbus network and can be used to set a trigger value on the CBus Network.

  • value - CBus Trigger value

# Dali

Dali things have 1 channel which shows the current value on the cbus network and can be used to set a value on the CBus Network.

  • level - Value from the DALI node

# Example

# cbus.things

/* Need a cgate bridge to connect to cgate and then 1 network bridge for each network on that system */
Bridge cbus:cgate:cgatenetwork "file - cgate" [ ipAddress=""] {
  Bridge network cbusnetwork "file - network" [ id=254, project="OURHOME" ] {
    /* Things can be configured within each network bridge */
    Thing light light27 "light 27" [group=27]

/* Things can be configured seperatly and associated with the network bridge */
Thing cbus:light:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:light31 "light 31" (cbus:network:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork) [ group=31 ]
Thing cbus:trigger:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:trigger1 "trigger 1" (cbus:network:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork) [ group=1 ]
Thing cbus:temperature:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:temp2 "temp 2" (cbus:network:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork) [ group=2 ]
Thing cbus:dali:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:dali3 "dali 3 value" (cbus:network:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork) [ group=3 ]

# cbus.items

Dimmer light31Dimmer { channel="cbus:light:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:light31:level"}
Switch light31Switch { channel="cbus:light:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:light31:state"}
Number trigger1Value { channel="cbus:trigger:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:trigger1:value"}
Number temp2 { channel="cbus:temperature:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:temp2:temp"}
Dimmer dali3 { channel="cbus:dali:cgatenetwork:cbusnetwork:dali3:level"}

# cbusdemo.sitemap

sitemap cbusdemo label="CBus Binding Demo"
    Frame label="light" {
        Slider item=light31Dimmer label="dimmer"
        Switch item=light31Switch label="switch"
    Frame label="trigger" {
         Switch item=trigger1Value label="trigger Value" mappings=[0="light 1", 1="light 2", 2="both lights", 3="off"]
    Frame label="temperature" {
            Default item=temp2 label="Temperature" icon="temperature"
    Frame label="dali" {
            Default item=dali3 label="Dali Level"