# Intesis Binding

This binding connects to WiFi IntesisHome (opens new window) devices using their local REST Api and to IntesisBox (opens new window) devices using TCP connection.

# Supported Things

This binding only supports one thing type:

Thing Thing Type Description
intesisHome Thing Represents a single IntesisHome WiFi device
intesisBox Thing Represents a single IntesisBox WiFi device

# Discovery

Intesis devices do not support auto discovery.

# Thing Configuration

The binding uses the following configuration parameters.

Parameter Valid for ThingType Description
ipAddress Both IP-Address of the device
password IntesisHome Password to login to the local webserver of IntesisHome device
port IntesisBox TCP port to connect to IntesisBox device, defaults to 3310
pollingInterval Both Interval to retrieve updates from the connected devices

# Channels

Channel ID Item Type Description Possible Values
power Switch Turns power on/off for your climate system. ON,OFF
mode String The heating/cooling mode. AUTO,HEAT,DRY,FAN,COOL
fanSpeed String Fan speed (if applicable) AUTO,1-10
vanesUpDown String Control of up/down vanes (if applicable) AUTO,1-9,SWING,SWIRL,WIDE
vanesLeftRight String Control of left/right vanes (if applicable) AUTO,1-9,SWING,SWIRL,WIDE
targetTemperature Number:Temperature The currently set target temperature (if applicable) range between 18°C and 30°C
ambientTemperature Number:Temperature (Readonly) The ambient air temperature (if applicable)
outdoorTemperature Number:Temperature (Readonly) The outdoor air temperature (if applicable)
errorStatus String (Readonly) The error status of the device OK,ERR
errorCode String (Readonly) The error code if an error encountered not documented
wifiSignal Number (Readonly) WiFi signal strength 4=excellent, 3=very good, 2=good, 1=acceptable, 0=low

Note that individual A/C units may not support all channels, or all possible values for those channels.

The binding will add all supported channels and possible values on first thing initialization and list them as thing properties. If new channels or values might be supported after firmware upgrades, deleting the thing and re-adding is necessary. For example, not all A/C units have controllable vanes or fan speed may be limited to 1-4, instead of all of 1-9. The target temperature is also limited to a device specific range. For target temperature, sending an invalid value will cause it to choose the minimum/maximum allowable value as appropriate. The device will also round it to whatever step size it supports. For all other channels, invalid values are ignored. IntesisBox firmware 1.3.3 reports temperatures by full degrees only (e.g. 23.0) even if a half degree (e.g. 23.5) was set.

# Full Example

The binding can be fully setup from the UI but if you decide to use files here is a full example:

# Things

Thing intesis:intesisHome:acOffice "AC Unit Adapter" @ "AC" [ipAddress="", password="xxxxx"]
Thing intesis:intesisBox:acOffice  "AC Unit Adapter" @ "AC" [ipAddress="", port=3310]

# Items

Switch              ac               "Power"                                        { channel="intesis:intesisHome:acOffice:power" }
String              acMode           "Mode"                                         { channel="intesis:intesisHome:acOffice:mode" }
String              acFanSpeed       "Fan Speed"             <fan>                  { channel="intesis:intesisHome:acOffice:fanSpeed" }
String              acVanesUpDown    "Vanes Up/Ddown Position"                      { channel="intesis:intesisHome:acOffice:vanesUpDown" }
String              acVanesLeftRight "Vanes Left/Right Position"                    { channel="intesis:intesisHome:acOffice:vanesLeftRight" }
Number:Temperature  acSetPoint       "Target Temperature"    <heating>              { channel="intesis:intesisHome:acOffice:targetTemperature" }
Number:Temperature  acAmbientTemp    "Ambient Temperature"   <temperature>          { channel="intesis:intesisHome:acOffice:ambientTemperature" }
Number:Temperature  acOutdoorTemp    "Outdoor Temperature"   <temperature>          { channel="intesis:intesisHome:acOffice:outdoorTemperature" }
String              acErrorStatus    "Errorstatus"                                  { channel="intesis:intesisBox:acOffice:errorStatus" }
String              acErrorCode      "Errorcode"                                    { channel="intesis:intesisBox:acOffice:errorCode" }
String              acWifiSignal     "Wifi Signal Quality"   <qualityofservice>     { channel="intesis:intesisBox:acOffice:wifiSignal" }

# Sitemap

sitemap intesishome label="My AC control" {

    Frame label="Climate" {
          Switch item=ac
          Switch item=acMode           icon="heating"          mappings=[AUTO="Auto", HEAT="Heat", DRY="Dry", FAN="Fan", COOL="Cool"]
          Switch item=acFanSpeed       icon="qualityofservice" mappings=[AUTO="Auto", 1="Low", 2="Med", 3="MedHigh", 4="High"]
          Switch item=acVanesUpDown    icon="movecontrol"      mappings=[AUTO="Stop", 1="1", 2="2", 3="3", 4="4", 5="5", SWING="Swing"]
          Switch item=acVanesLeftRight icon="movecontrol"      mappings=[AUTO="Stop", 1="1", 2="2", 3="3", 4="4", 5="5", SWING="Swing"]
          Setpoint item=acSetPoint     icon="temperature"      minValue=16 maxValue=28 step=1
          Text item=acAmbientTemp      icon="temperature" 
          Text item=acOutdoorTemp      icon="temperature"
          Text item=acErrorStatus
          Text item=acErrorCode
          Text item=acWifiSignal       icon="qualityofservice"