# SolarMax Binding

This binding supports SolarMax PV inverters.

# Supported Things

This binding only has a single inverter thing that can be added manually. The SolarMax MT Series is supported (tested with 8MT2 devices).

# Discovery

Auto-discovery is currently not available.

# Thing Configuration

Each inverter requires the following configuration parameters:

parameter required default description
host yes hostname or IP address of the inverter
portNumber no 12345 Port number to connect to. This should be 12345 for most inverters
deviceAddress no 1 Device address for devices connected serially.
refreshInterval no 15 Interval (in seconds) to refresh the channel values.

# Properties

property description
softwareVersion Software Version installed on the SolarMax device
buildNumber Firmware Build Number installed on the SolarMax device

# Channels

channel type description
lastUpdated DateTime Time when data was last read from the device
startups Number Number of times the device has started
acPhase1Current Number:ElectricCurrent Ac Phase 1 Current in Amps
acPhase2Current Number:ElectricCurrent Ac Phase 2 Current in Amps
acPhase3Current Number:ElectricCurrent Ac Phase 3 Current in Amps
energyGeneratedToday Number:Energy Energy Generated Today in Wh
energyGeneratedTotal Number:Energy Energy Generated since recording began in Wh
operatingHours Number Operating Hours since recording began in h
energyGeneratedYesterday Number:Energy Energy Generated Yesterday in Wh
energyGeneratedLastMonth Number:Energy Energy Generated Last Month in Wh
energyGeneratedLastYear Number:Energy Energy Generated Last Year in Wh
energyGeneratedThisMonth Number:Energy Energy Generated This Month in Wh
energyGeneratedThisYear Number:Energy Energy Generated This Year in Wh
currentPowerGenerated Number:Power Power currently being generated in W
acFrequency Number:Frequency AcFrequency in Hz
acPhase1Voltage Number:ElectricPotential Ac Phase1 Voltage in V
acPhase2Voltage Number:ElectricPotential Ac Phase2 Voltage in V
acPhase3Voltage Number:ElectricPotential Ac Phase3 Voltage in V
heatSinkTemperature Number:Temperature Heat Sink Temperature in degrees celcius

# Full Example

Below you can find some example textual configuration for a solarmax with some basic functionallity. This can be extended/adjusted according to your needs and depending on the required channels (see list above).


Thing solarmax:inverter:solarmax "SolarMax Inverter" [


Group    gInverter   "SolarMax Inverter"

DateTime lastUpdated "Last Updated" <clock> (gInverter) {channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:lastUpdated"}

Number startups "Startups" (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:startups" }

Number:ElectricCurrent acPhase1Current "Ac Phase 1 Current in Amps" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:acPhase1Current" }
Number:ElectricCurrent acPhase2Current "Ac Phase 2 Current in Amps" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:acPhase2Current" }
Number:ElectricCurrent acPhase3Current "Ac Phase 3 Current in Amps" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:acPhase3Current" }

Number:Energy energyGeneratedToday "Energy Generated Today in Wh" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:energyGeneratedToday" }
Number:Energy energyGeneratedTotal "Energy Generated since recording began in Wh" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:energyGeneratedTotal" }

Number operatingHours "Operating Hours since recording began in h" <time> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:operatingHours" }

Number:Energy energyGeneratedYesterday "Energy Generated Yesterday in Wh" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:operatingHours" }
Number:Energy energyGeneratedLastMonth "Energy Generated Last Month in Wh" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:energyGeneratedLastMonth" }
Number:Energy energyGeneratedLastYear "Energy Generated Last Year in Wh" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:energyGeneratedLastYear" }
Number:Energy energyGeneratedThisMonth "Energy Generated This Month in Wh" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:energyGeneratedThisMonth" }
Number:Energy energyGeneratedThisYear "Energy Generated This Year in Wh" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:energyGeneratedThisYear" }

Number:Power currentPowerGenerated "Power currently being generated in W" (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:currentPowerGenerated" }
Number:Frequency acFrequency "AcFrequency in Hz" (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:acFrequency" }

Number:ElectricPotential acPhase1Voltage "Ac Phase1 Voltage in V" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:acPhase1Voltage" }
Number:ElectricPotential acPhase2Voltage "Ac Phase2 Voltage in V" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:acPhase2Voltage" }
Number:ElectricPotential acPhase3Voltage "Ac Phase3 Voltage in V" <energy> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:acPhase3Voltage" }

Number:Temperature heatSinkTemperature "Heat Sink Temperature in degrees celcius" <temperature> (gInverter) { channel="solarmax:inverter:solarmax:heatSinkTemperature" }

# SolarMax Commands

During the implementation the SolarMax device was sent all possible 3 character commands and a number of 4 character commands, to see what it responded to. The most interesting, identifiable and useful commands were implemented as channels above.

Here is a list of other commands, which are known to return some kind of value: ADR (Device Address), AMM, CID, CPG, CPL, CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5, CYC, DIN, DMO, ETH, FH2, FQR, FWV, IAA, IED, IEE, IEM, ILM, IP4, ISL, ITS, KFS, KHS, KTS, LAN (Language), MAC (MAC Address), PAE, PAM, PDA, PDC, PFA, PIN (Power Installed), PLR, PPC, PRL (AC Power Percent, PSF, PSR, PSS, QAC, QMO, QUC, RA1, RA2, RB1, RB2, REL, RH1, RH2, RPR, RSD, SAC, SAL, SAM, SCH, SNM (IP Broadcast Address??), SPS, SRD, SRS, SYS (Operating State), TCP (probably port number - 12345), TI1, TL1, TL3, TND, TNH, TNL, TP1, TP2, TP3, TV0, TV1, TYP (Type?), UA2, UB2, UGD, UI1, UI2, UI3, ULH, ULL, UMX, UM1, UM2, UM3, UPD, UZK, VCM

Valid commands which returned a null/empty value during testing: FFK, FRT, GCP, ITN, PLD, PLE, PLF, PLS, PPO, TV2, VLE, VLI, VLO