# OpenGarage Binding

The OpenGarage binding allows you to control an OpenGarage controller (https://opensprinkler.com/product/opengarage/) using OpenHAB

# Supported Things

Opengarage controllers from https://opensprinkler.com/product/opengarage/ are supported.

# Discovery

Auto-discover is not currently supported. You need to manually add a new item using its IP address.

# Thing Configuration

As a minimum, the IP address is needed:

  • hostname - The hostname of the OpenGarage controller. Typically you'd use an IP address such as for this field.
  • port - the port the OpenGarage is listening on. Defaults to port 80
  • refresh - The frequency with which to refresh information from the OpenGarage controller specified in seconds. Defaults to 10 seconds.
  • password - The password to send commands to the OpenGarage. Defaults to "opendoor"

# Channels

channel type description
distance Number:Length Distance reading from the OpenGarage controller (default in cm)
status Switch Door status OFF = Closed, ON = Open
vehicle String Report vehicle presence from the OpenGarage controller

# Full Example


opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage [ hostname="" ]


Switch OpenGarage_Status { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:status" }
Number:Length OpenGarage_Distance { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:setpoint" }
String OpenGarage_Vehicle { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:vehicle" }


Switch item=OpenGarage_Status icon="garagedoorclosed" mappings=[ON=Open]  visibility=[OpenGarage_Status == CLOSED]
Switch item=OpenGarage_Status icon="garagedooropen"   mappings=[OFF=Close] visibility=[OpenGarage_Status == OPEN]
Switch item=OpenGarage_Status icon="garage" 
Text item=OpenGarage_Distance label="OG distance"
Text item=OpenGarage_Vehicle label="Vehicle Presence"