# Smhi Binding

This binding gets hourly and daily forecast from SMHI - the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. It can get forecasts for the nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland).

# Supported Things

The binding support only one thing-type: forecast. The thing can be configured to get hourly forecasts for up to 24 hours, and daily forecasts for up to 10 days.

# Discovery

This binding does not support automatic discovery.

# Thing Configuration

The forecast thing needs to be configured with the latitude and longitude for the location of the forecast. You can also choose for which hours and which days you would like to get forecasts.

Parameter Description Required
Latitude Latitude of the forecast Yes
Longitude Longitude of the forecast Yes
Hourly forecasts The hourly forecasts to display No
Daily forecasts The daily forecasts to display No

# Channels

The channels are the same for all forecasts, but the daily forecast provides some additional aggregated values. For the other daily forecast channels, the values are for 12:00 UTC.

The complete channel identifier is the channel group id (hour_<offset> or day_<offset>, where offset is 0 for the current hour/day or the number of hours/days from now) + the channel id, concatenated with a #.


  • Temperature for the current hour: hour_0#t
  • Total precipitation 3 days from now: day_3#ptotal

# Basic channels

channel type channel id description
Temperature Number:Temperature t Temperature in Celsius
Max Temperature Number:Temperature tmax Highest temperature of the day (daily forecast only)
Min Temperature Number:Temperature tmin Lowest temperature of the day (daily forecast only)
Wind direction Number:Angle wd Wind direction in degrees
Wind Speed Number:Speed ws Wind speed in m/s
Max Wind Speed Number:Speed wsmax Highest wind speed of the day (daily forecast only)
Min Wind Speed Number:Speed wsmin Lowest wind speed of the day (daily forecast only)
Wind gust speed Number:Speed gust Wind gust speed in m/s
Minimum precipitation Number:Speed pmin Minimum precipitation intensity in mm/h
Maximum precipitation Number:Speed pmax Maximum precipitation intensity in mm/h
Total precipitation Number:Length ptotal Total amount of precipitation during the day, in mm (daily forecast only)
Precipitation category* Number pcat Type of precipitation
Air pressure Number:Pressure msl Air pressure in hPa
Relative humidity Number:Dimensionless r Relative humidity in percent
Total cloud cover Number:Dimensionless tcc_mean Mean value of total cloud cover in percent
Weather condition** Number wsymb2 Short description of the weather conditions

# Advanced channels

channel type channel id description
Visibility Number:Length vis Horizontal visibility in km
Thunder probability Number:Dimensionless tstm Probability of thunder in percent
Frozen precipitation Number:Dimensionless spp Percent of precipitation in frozen form (will be set to UNDEF if there's no precipitation)
Low level cloud cover Number:Dimensionless lcc_mean Mean value of low level cloud cover (0-2500 m) in percent
Medium level cloud cover Number:Dimensionless mcc_mean Mean value of medium level cloud cover (2500-6000 m) in percent
High level cloud cover Number:Dimensionless hcc_mean Mean value of high level cloud cover (> 6000 m) in percent
Mean precipitation Number:Speed pmean Mean precipitation intensity in mm/h
Median precipitation Number:Speed pmedian Median precipitation intensity in mm/h

* The precipitation category can have a value from 0-6, representing different types of precipitation:

Value Meaning
0 No precipitation
1 Snow
2 Snow and rain
3 Rain
4 Drizzle
5 Freezing rain
6 Freezing drizzle

** The weather condition channel can take values from 1-27, each corresponding to a different weather condition:

Value Condition
1 Clear sky
2 Nearly clear sky
3 Variable cloudiness
4 Half clear sky
5 Cloudy sky
6 Overcast
7 Fog
8 Light rain showers
9 Moderate rain showers
10 Heavy rain showers
11 Thunderstorm
12 Light sleet showers
13 Moderate sleet showers
14 Heavy sleet showers
15 Light snow showers
16 Moderate snow showers
17 Heavy snow showers
18 Light rain
19 Moderate rain
20 Heavy rain
21 Thunder
22 Light sleet
23 Moderate sleet
24 Heavy sleet
25 Light snowfall
26 Moderate snowfall
27 Heavy snowfall

# Full Example

# demo.things

Thing smhi:forecast:demoforecast "Demo forecast" [ latitude=57.997072, longitude=15.990068, hourlyForecasts=0,1,2, dailyForecasts=0,1 ]

# demo.items

Number:Temperature Smhi_Temperature_Now "Current temperature [%.1f °C]" {channel="smhi:forecast:demoforecast:hour_0#t"}
Number:Speed Smhi_Min_Precipitation_Now "Current precipitation (min) [%.1f mm/h]" {channel="smhi:forecast:demoforecast:hour_0#pmin"}

Number:Temperature Smhi_Temperature_1hour "Temperature next hour [%.1f °C]" {channel="smhi:forecast:demoforecast:hour_1#t"}
Number:Speed Smhi_Min_Precipitation_1hour "Precipitaion next hour (min) [%.1f mm/h]" {channel="smhi:forecast:demoforecast:hour_1#pmin"}

Number:Temperature Smhi_Temperature_Tomorrow "Temperature tomorrow [%.1f °C]" {channel="smhi:forecast:demoforecast:day_1#t"}
Number:Speed Smhi_Min_Precipitation_Tomorrow "Precipitaion tomorrow (min) [%.1f mm/h]" {channel="smhi:forecast:demoforecast:hour_1#pmin"}

# demo.sitemap

sitemap demo label="Smhi" {
    Frame label="Current weather" {
        Text item=Smhi_Temperature_Now
        Text item=Smhi_Min_Precipitation_Now
    Frame label="Weather next hour" {
        Text item=Smhi_Temperature_1hour
        Text item=Smhi_Min_Precipitation_1hour
    Frame label="Weather tomorrow" {
        Text item=Smhi_Temperature_Tomorrow
        Text item=Smhi_Min_Precipitation_Tomorrow