# Vektiva Binding

This binding allows control of Vektiva (opens new window) products.

# Supported Things

The only supported thing is the SMARWI (opens new window).

# Discovery

Automatic discovery is currently not supported by the Vektiva API.

# SMARWI Configuration

To manually add a SMARWI thing just enter the local network IP address of the device. If you want to change the polling frequency of thing availability and status, please change the advanced parameter refreshInterval. If you are running 203.2.4 or newer firmware you can enable the websockets support for better user experience by setting the useWebSockets parameter.

# Channels

The exposed channels are :

Name Type Description
control Rollershutter It reacts to standard roller shutter commands UP/DOWN/STOP. The percentual closure (dimmer) is also supported - you can partially open window, but thing state is only open/close.
status String Shows the window status (Stopped, Moving, Not ready, Blocked)

# Full Example


Thing vektiva:smarwi:5d43c74f [ ip="", refreshInterval=30 ]


Rollershutter Smarwi "Smarwi [%d %%]" { channel="vektiva:smarwi:5d43c74f:control" }
Dimmer SmarwiD "Smarwi [%.1f]" { channel="vektiva:smarwi:5d43c74f:control" }
String SmarwiStatus "Smarwi status [%s]" { channel="vektiva:smarwi:5d43c74f:status" }


Default item=Smarwi
Default item=SmarwiD
Default item=SmarwiStatus

# Note

This binding currently does not support controlling via vektiva.online cloud service and uses local device API, which is described here: https://vektiva.gitlab.io/vektivadocs/api/api.html (opens new window)