# Kaleidescape Binding

This binding now makes it possible to easily integrate almost all of the capabilities of the Kaleidescape control protocol into openHAB. Beyond just integrating playback transport controls, all meta-data provided via the control protocol is made available for display purposes and to use in rules. By using rules, it is possible to control other Things such as lighting, projector lens shift, screen masking, etc. based on events that occur during movie playback. A simulated remote control is available in BasicUI using the Buttongrid sitemap element described below. Finally, any other command that is supported by the control protocol can be sent to the component through rules. See Kaleidescape-System-Control-Protocol-Reference-Manual.pdf (opens new window) for a reference of available commands.

# Supported Things

All movie player components including the original K-Player series, M Class Players, Cinema One, Alto, and Strato are supported. It is important to choose the correct thing type to ensure the available channels are correct for the component being used.

The supported thing types are:
player Any KPlayer, M Class [M300, M500, M700] or Cinema One 1st Gen player
cinemaone Cinema One (2nd Gen)
strato Includes Strato, Strato S, or Strato C

The binding supports either a TCP/IP connection or direct serial port connection (19200-8-N-1) to the Kaleidescape component.

# Discovery

Manually initiated Auto-discovery will locate all supported Kaleidescape components if they are on the same IP subnet of the openHAB server. In the Inbox, select Search For Things and then choose the Kaleidescape Binding to initiate a discovery scan.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has the following configuration parameters:

Parameter Label Parameter ID Description Accepted values
Address host Host name or IP address of the Kaleidescape component A host name or IP address
Port port Communication port of the IP connection 10000 (default - should not need to change)
Serial Port serialPort Serial port for connecting directly a component Serial port name (optional)
Update Period updatePeriod Tells the component how often time status updates should be sent (see notes below) 0 or 1 are the currently accepted values (default 0)
Volume Control Enabled volumeEnabled Enable the volume and mute controls in the K iPad & phone apps Boolean (default false)
Initial Volume Setting initialVolume Initial volume level set when the binding starts up 0 to 75 (default 25)
Load Highlighted Details loadHighlightedDetails When enabled the binding will automatically load the the metadata channels when the selected item in the UI (Movie or Album) changes Boolean (default false)
Load Album Details loadAlbumDetails When enabled the binding will automatically load the metadata channels for the currently playing Album Boolean (default false) N/A for Alto and Strato

Some notes:

  • Due to a bug in the control protocol, a Strato C player will be identified as a Premiere 'Player' by the auto discovery process.

  • The only caveat of note about this binding is the updatePeriod configuration parameter.

  • When set to the default of 0, the component only sends running time update messages sporadically (as an example: when the movie chapter changes) while content is playing.

  • In this case, the running time channels will also only sporadically update.

  • When updatePeriod is set to 1 (values greater than 1 are not yet supported by the control protocol), the component sends running time status update messages every second.

  • Be aware that this could cause performance impacts to your openHAB system.

  • On Linux, you may get an error stating the serial port cannot be opened when the Kaleidescape binding tries to load.

  • You can get around this by adding the openhab user to the dialout group like this: usermod -a -G dialout openhab.

  • Also on Linux you may have issues with the USB if using two serial USB devices e.g. Kaleidescape and RFXcom.

  • See the general documentation about serial port configuration for more on symlinking the USB ports.

# Channels

The following channels are available:

Channel ID Item Type Description
ui#power Switch Turn the zone On or Off (system standby)
ui#volume Dimmer A virtual volume that tracks the volume in K control apps, use as a proxy to adjust a real volume item via rules
ui#mute Switch A virtual mute switch that tracks the mute status in K control apps, use as a proxy to control a real mute item
ui#control Player Control Movie Playback e.g. play/pause/next/previous/ffward/rewind
ui#title_name String The title of the movie currently playing
ui#play_mode String The current playback mode of the movie
ui#play_speed String The speed of playback scanning
ui#title_num Number The current movie title number that is playing
ui#title_length Number:Time The total running time of the currently playing movie (seconds)
ui#title_loc Number:Time The running time elapsed of the currently playing movie (seconds)
ui#chapter_num Number The current chapter number of the movie that is playing
ui#chapter_length Number:Time The total running time of the current chapter (seconds)
ui#chapter_loc Number:Time The running time elapsed of the current chapter
ui#movie_media_type String The type of media that is currently playing
ui#movie_location String Identifies the location in the movie, ie: Main content, Intermission, or End Credits
ui#aspect_ratio String Identifies the aspect ratio of the movie
ui#video_mode String Raw output of video mode data from the component, format: 00:00:00
ui#video_mode_composite String Identifies the video mode currently active on the composite video output
ui#video_mode_component String Identifies the video mode currently active on the component video output
ui#video_mode_hdmi String Identifies the video mode currently active on the HDMI video output
ui#video_color String Provides color information about the current video output (Strato Only)
ui#video_color_eotf String Identifies the Electro-Optical Transfer Function standard of the current video output (Strato Only)
ui#content_color String Provides color information about the currently playing content (Strato Only)
ui#content_color_eotf String Identifies the Electro-Optical Transfer Function standard of the currently playing content (Strato Only)
ui#scale_mode String Identifies whether the image from the player requires scaling
ui#screen_mask String Provides aspect ratio and masking information for the current video image
ui#screen_mask2 String Provides masking information based on aspect ratio and overscan area
ui#cinemascape_mask String When in CinemaScape mode, provides information about the frame aspect ratio
ui#cinemascape_mode String Identifies the CinemaScape mode currently active
ui#ui_state String Provides information about which screen is visible in the Kaleidescape user interface
ui#child_mode_state String Indicates if the onscreen display is displaying the child user interface
ui#readiness_state String Indicates the system's current idle mode (Not available on Premiere system players)
ui#highlighted_selection String Specifies the handle of the movie or album currently selected on the user interface
ui#user_defined_event String Will contain custom event messages generated by scripts, sent from another component, or system events
ui#user_input String Indicates if the user is being prompted for input, what type of input, and any currently entered characters
ui#user_input_prompt String Indicates user input prompt info and properties currently shown on screen
ui#sendcmd String Sends a raw command to the Kaleidescape player (WriteOnly)
-- music channels (not available on Alto and Strato) --
music#control Player Control Music Playback e.g. play/pause/next/previous/ffward/rewind
music#repeat Switch Controls repeat playback for music
music#random Switch Controls random playback for music
music#track String The name of the currently playing track
music#artist String The name of the currently playing artist
music#album String The name of the currently playing album
music#play_mode String The current playback mode of the music
music#play_speed String The speed of playback scanning
music#track_length Number:Time The total running time of the current playing track (seconds)
music#track_position Number:Time The running time elapsed of the current playing track (seconds)
music#track_progress Number The percentage complete of the current playing track
music#track_handle String The handle of the currently playing track
music#album_handle String The handle of the currently playing album
music#nowplay_handle String The handle of the current now playing list
-- metadata display channels (music related channels not available on Alto and Strato) --
detail#type String Indicates if the currently selected item is a Movie or Album
detail#title String The title of the selected movie
detail#album_title String The title of the selected album
detail#cover_art Image Cover art image of the currently selected item
detail#cover_url String The url of the cover art
detail#hires_cover_url String The url of the high resolution cover art
detail#rating String The MPAA rating of the selected movie
detail#year String The release year of the selected item
detail#running_time Number:Time The total running time of the selected item (seconds)
detail#actors String A list of actors appearing in the selected movie
detail#artist String The artist of the selected album
detail#directors String A list of directors of the selected movie
detail#genres String A list of genres of the selected item
detail#rating_reason String An explaination of why the selected movie received its rating
detail#synopsis String A synopsis of the selected movie
detail#review String A review of the selected album
detail#color_description String Indicates if the selected movie is in Color, Black and White, etc.
detail#country String The country that the selected movie originates from
detail#aspect_ratio String The aspect ratio of the selected movie
detail#disc_location String Indicates where the disc for the selected item is currently residing in the system (ie Vault, Tray, etc.)

# Full Example


kaleidescape:player:myzone1 "M500 Living Rm" [ host="", updatePeriod=0, loadHighlightedDetails=true, loadAlbumDetails=true ]
kaleidescape:cinemaone:myzone2 "My Cinema One" [ host="", updatePeriod=0, loadHighlightedDetails=true, loadAlbumDetails=true ]
kaleidescape:strato:myzone3 "Strato Theater Rm" [ host="", updatePeriod=0, loadHighlightedDetails=true ]


// Virtual switch to send a command, see sitemap and rules below
Switch z1_GoMovieCovers   "Go to Movie Covers"

// Movie Channels
Switch z1_Ui_Power "Power" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#power" }
Dimmer z1_Ui_Volume "Volume" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#volume" }
Switch z1_Ui_Mute "Mute" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#mute" }
Player z1_Ui_Control "Control" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#control" }
String z1_Ui_TitleName "Movie Title: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#title_name" }
String z1_Ui_PlayMode "Play Mode: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#play_mode" }
String z1_Ui_PlaySpeed "Play Speed: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#play_speed" }
Number z1_Ui_TitleNum "Title Number: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#title_num" }
Number:Time z1_Ui_TitleLength "Title Length: [JS(ksecondsformat.js):%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#title_length" }
Number:Time z1_Ui_TitleLoc "Title Location: [JS(ksecondsformat.js):%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#title_loc" }
Number z1_Ui_ChapterNum "Chapter Number: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#chapter_num" }
Number:Time z1_Ui_ChapterLength "Chapter Length: [JS(ksecondsformat.js):%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#chapter_length" }
Number:Time z1_Ui_ChapterLoc "Chapter Location: [JS(ksecondsformat.js):%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#chapter_loc" }
String z1_Ui_MovieMediaType "Media Type: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#movie_media_type" }
String z1_Ui_MovieLocation "Movie Location: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#movie_location" }
String z1_Ui_AspectRatio "Aspect Ratio: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#aspect_ratio" }
String z1_Ui_VideoMode "Video Mode (raw): [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#video_mode" }
String z1_Ui_VideoModeComposite "Video Mode (Composite): [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#video_mode_composite" }
String z1_Ui_VideoModeComponent "Video Mode (Component): [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#video_mode_component" }
String z1_Ui_VideoModeHdmi "Video Mode (HDMI): [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#video_mode_hdmi" }
// Video Color and Content Color only available on the Strato
String z1_Ui_VideoColor "Video Color: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#video_color" }
String z1_Ui_VideoColorEotf "Video Color EOTF: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#video_color_eotf" }
String z1_Ui_ContentColor "Content Color: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#content_color" }
String z1_Ui_ContentColorEotf "Content Color EOTF: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#content_color_eotf" }
String z1_Ui_ScaleMode "Scale Mode: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#scale_mode" }
String z1_Ui_ScreenMask "Screen Mask: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#screen_mask" }
String z1_Ui_ScreenMask2 "Screen Mask 2: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#screen_mask2" }
String z1_Ui_CinemascapeMask "CinemaScape Mask: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#cinemascape_mask" }
String z1_Ui_CinemascapeMode "CinemaScape Mode: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#cinemascape_mode" }
String z1_Ui_UiState "UI State: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#ui_state" }
String z1_Ui_ChildModeState "Child Mode State: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#child_mode_state" }
String z1_Ui_ReadinessState "Readiness State: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#readiness_state" }
String z1_Ui_HighlightedSelection "Highlighted Selection: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#highlighted_selection" }
String z1_Ui_UserDefinedEvent "User Defined Event: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#user_defined_event" }
String z1_Ui_UserInput "User Input: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#user_input" }
String z1_Ui_UserInputPrompt "User Input Prompt[%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#user_input_prompt" }
String z1_Ui_Sendcmd "Send Command" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:ui#sendcmd" }

// Music Channels (not available on Alto or Strato)
Player z1_Music_Control "Music Control" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#control" }
Switch z1_Music_Repeat "Repeat" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#repeat" }
Switch z1_Music_Random "Random" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#random" }
String z1_Music_Track "Track: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#track" }
String z1_Music_Artist "Artist: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#artist" }
String z1_Music_Album "Album: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#album" }
String z1_Music_PlayMode "Play Mode: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#play_mode" }
String z1_Music_PlaySpeed "Play Speed: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#play_speed" }
Number:Time z1_Music_TrackLength "Track Length: [JS(ksecondsformat.js):%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#track_length" }
Number:Time z1_Music_TrackPosition "Track Position: [JS(ksecondsformat.js):%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#track_position" }
Number z1_Music_TrackProgress "Track Progress: [%s %%]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#track_progress" }
String z1_Music_TrackHandle "Track Handle: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#track_handle" }
String z1_Music_AlbumHandle "Album Handle: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#album_handle" }
String z1_Music_NowplayHandle "Now Playing Handle: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:music#nowplay_handle" }

// Metatdata Display Channels (Album Title, Artist & Review are not available on Alto or Strato)
String z1_Detail_Type "Metadata type: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#type" }
String z1_Detail_Title "Title: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#title" }
String z1_Detail_AlbumTitle "Album: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#album_title" }
Image z1_Detail_CoverArt { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#cover_art" }
String z1_Detail_CoverUrl "[%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#cover_url" }
String z1_Detail_HiresCoverUrl "[%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#hires_cover_url" }
String z1_Detail_Rating "Rating: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#rating" }
String z1_Detail_Year "Year: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#year" }
Number:Time z1_Detail_RunningTime "Running Time: [JS(ksecondsformat.js):%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#running_time" }
String z1_Detail_Actors "Actors: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#actors" }
String z1_Detail_Directors "Directors: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#directors" }
String z1_Detail_Artist "Artist: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#artist" }
String z1_Detail_Genres "Genres: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#genres" }
String z1_Detail_RatingReason "Rating Reason: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#rating_reason" }
String z1_Detail_Synopsis "Synopsis: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#synopsis" }
String z1_Detail_Review "Review: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#review" }
String z1_Detail_ColorDescription "Color Description: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#color_description" }
String z1_Detail_Country "Country: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#country" }
String z1_Detail_AspectRatio "Aspect Ratio: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#aspect_ratio" }
String z1_Detail_DiscLocation "Disc Location: [%s]" { channel="kaleidescape:player:myzone1:detail#disc_location" }
String z1_MovieSearch "Movie Search"


(function(timestamp) {
    var totalSeconds = Date.parse(timestamp) / 1000

    if (isNaN(totalSeconds)) {
        return '-';
    } else {
        hours = Math.floor(totalSeconds / 3600);
        totalSeconds %= 3600;
        minutes = Math.floor(totalSeconds / 60);
        seconds = totalSeconds % 60;
        if ( minutes < 10 ) {
            minutes = '0' + minutes;
        if ( seconds < 10 ) {
            seconds = '0' + seconds;
        return hours + ':' + minutes + ':' + seconds;


sitemap kaleidescape label="Kaleidescape" {
    Frame label="Zone 1" {
        Image item=z1_Detail_CoverArt
        Text item=z1_Detail_Title visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="video"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Artist visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="album"] icon="microphone"
        Text item=z1_Detail_AlbumTitle visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="album"] icon="soundvolume-0"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Rating visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Year visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie", z1_Detail_Type=="album"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_RunningTime visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie", z1_Detail_Type=="album"] icon="time"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Actors visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Directors visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Genres visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie", z1_Detail_Type=="album"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_RatingReason visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Synopsis visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Review visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="album"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_ColorDescription visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_Country visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_AspectRatio visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie"] icon="none"
        Text item=z1_Detail_DiscLocation visibility=[z1_Detail_Type=="movie", z1_Detail_Type=="album"] icon="player"
        Input item=z1_MovieSearch label="Movie Search" staticIcon=zoom inputHint="text"

        Text label="Now Playing - Movie" icon="screen" {
            Switch item=z1_Ui_Power
            Slider item=z1_Ui_Volume
            Switch item=z1_Ui_Mute
            Default item=z1_Ui_Control
            Switch item=z1_GoMovieCovers mappings=[ON="Movie Covers"]
            Text item=z1_Ui_TitleName icon="video"
            Text item=z1_Ui_PlayMode icon="player"
            Text item=z1_Ui_PlaySpeed icon="player"
            Text item=z1_Ui_TitleNum icon="video"
            Text item=z1_Ui_TitleLength icon="time"
            Text item=z1_Ui_TitleLoc icon="time"
            Text item=z1_Ui_MovieMediaType icon="colorwheel"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ChapterNum icon="video"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ChapterLength icon="time"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ChapterLoc icon="time"
            Text item=z1_Ui_MovieLocation icon="video"
            Text item=z1_Ui_AspectRatio icon="cinemascreen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_VideoMode icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_VideoModeComposite icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_VideoModeComponent icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_VideoModeHdmi icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_VideoColor icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_VideoColorEotf icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ContentColor icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ContentColorEotf icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ScaleMode icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ScreenMask icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ScreenMask2 icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_CinemascapeMask icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_CinemascapeMode icon="screen"
            Text item=z1_Ui_UiState icon="player"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ChildModeState icon="player"
            Text item=z1_Ui_ReadinessState icon="switch"
            Text item=z1_Ui_HighlightedSelection icon="zoom"
            Text item=z1_Ui_UserDefinedEvent icon="zoom"
            Text item=z1_Ui_UserInput icon="zoom"
            Text item=z1_Ui_UserInputPrompt icon="zoom"

        Text label="Now Playing - Music" icon="soundvolume-0" {
            Switch item=z1_Ui_Power
            Slider item=z1_Ui_Volume
            Switch item=z1_Ui_Mute
            Default item=z1_Music_Control
            Switch item=z1_Music_Repeat
            Switch item=z1_Music_Random
            Text item=z1_Music_Track icon="soundvolume-0"
            Text item=z1_Music_Artist icon="microphone"
            Text item=z1_Music_Album icon="soundvolume-0"
            Text item=z1_Music_PlayMode icon="player"
            Text item=z1_Music_PlaySpeed icon="player"
            Text item=z1_Music_TrackLength icon="time"
            Text item=z1_Music_TrackPosition icon="time"
            Text item=z1_Music_TrackProgress icon="time"
            Text item=z1_Music_TrackHandle icon="zoom"
            Text item=z1_Music_AlbumHandle icon="zoom"
            Text item=z1_Music_NowplayHandle icon="zoom"
        Buttongrid label="Kaleidescape Remote" staticIcon=material:tv_remote item=z1_Ui_Sendcmd buttons=[1:1:DETAILS="Info", 1:2:STOP="Stop"=f7:stop, 1:3:PAUSE="Pause"=f7:pause, 2:1:PREVIOUS="Previous"=f7:backward_end_alt, 2:2:PLAY="Play"=f7:play, 2:3:NEXT="Next"=f7:forward_end_alt, 3:1:SCAN_REVERSE="Reverse"=f7:backward, 3:2:KALEIDESCAPE_MENU_TOGGLE="Menu", 3:3:SCAN_FORWARD="Forward"=f7:forward, 4:1:GO_MOVIES="Movies"=f7:film, 4:3:GO_MUSIC="Music"=f7:music_note_2, 4:2:UP="Up"=f7:arrowtriangle_up, 6:2:DOWN="Down"=f7:arrowtriangle_down, 5:1:LEFT="Left"=f7:arrowtriangle_left, 5:3:RIGHT="Right"=f7:arrowtriangle_right, 5:2:SELECT="OK", 7:1:DISC_MENU="Disc Menu", 7:2:INTERMISSION_TOGGLE="Intermission", 7:3:PAGE_UP="Page Up", 8:1:SHUFFLE_COVER_ART="Shuffle", 8:2:GO_NOW_PLAYING="Now Playing", 8:3:PAGE_DOWN="Page Down", 9:1:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:1"="1", 9:2:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:2"="2", 9:3:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:3"="3", 10:1:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:4"="4", 10:2:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:5"="5", 10:3:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:6"="6", 11:1:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:7"="7", 11:2:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:8"="8", 11:3:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:9"="9", 12:1:CANCEL="Cancel", 12:2:"KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:0"="0", 12:3:SELECT="Enter", 13:1:RED="Red", 13:2:GREEN="Green", 13:3:BLUE="Blue", 14:2:YELLOW="Yellow"]


var int lightPercent
val kactions = getActions("kaleidescape","kaleidescape:player:myzone1")

// send command to go to movie covers when button pressed
rule "Go to Movie Covers"
    Item z1_GoMovieCovers received command
    if (null === kactions) {
      logInfo("kactions", "Actions not found, check thing ID")

// send command to play a script
rule "Play Script - Great Vistas"
    Item z1_PlayScript received command
    if (null === kactions) {
      logInfo("kactions", "Actions not found, check thing ID")
    kactions.sendKCommand("PLAY_SCRIPT:Great Vistas")

// handle a control system command sent from a script
rule "Handle script commands"
    Item z1_Ui_UserDefinedEvent received update
    if (z1_Ui_UserDefinedEvent.state.toString == "DO_THE_NEEDFUL") {
        logInfo("k rules", "handing the NEEDFUL script command...")

rule "Bring up Lights when movie is over"
    Item z1_Ui_MovieLocation changed from "Main content" to "End Credits"
    // fade the lights up slowly while the credits are rolling 
    lightPercent = 0
    while (lightPercent < 100) {
        lightPercent = lightPercent + 5
        logInfo("k rules", "lights at " + lightPercent.toString + " percent")
        // myLightItem.sendCommand(lightPercent)

rule "Bring up Lights at 20 percent during intermission"
    Item z1_Ui_MovieLocation changed from "Main content" to "Intermission"
    // myLightItem.sendCommand(20)
    logInfo("k rules", "intermission started")

rule "Turn lights back off when intermission over"
    Item z1_Ui_MovieLocation changed from "Intermission" to "Main content"
    // myLightItem.sendCommand(OFF)
    logInfo("k rules", "intermission over")

// The following are no longer required since the thing configuration will enable automatic loading of metatdata.
// However the examples are still valid for advanced use cases where retrieving metadata from an arbitrary content handle is desired.

rule "Load selected item Metadata"
    Item z1_Ui_HighlightedSelection changed
    if (null === kactions) {
      logInfo("kactions", "Actions not found, check thing ID")
    kactions.sendKCommand("GET_CONTENT_DETAILS:" + z1_Ui_HighlightedSelection.state.toString + ":")

rule "Load Metadata for currently playing album"
    Item z1_Music_AlbumHandle changed
    if (null === kactions) {
      logInfo("kactions", "Actions not found, check thing ID")
    kactions.sendKCommand("GET_CONTENT_DETAILS:" + z1_Music_AlbumHandle.state.toString + ":")

rule "Movie Search"
    Item z1_MovieSearch received update
    if (newState != NULL && newState.toString.length > 0) {

        var i = 0
        var srch = newState.toString.toUpperCase
        logInfo("kaleidescape.search","Searching for: " + srch)

        while (i < (srch.length)) {
            kactions.sendKCommand("KEYBOARD_CHARACTER:" + srch.charAt(i).toString)