# MercedesMe Binding

This binding provides access to your Mercedes Benz vehicle like Mercedes Me Smartphone App .

# Installation Instructions

First time users shall follow the following sequence

  1. Setup and configure Bridge
  2. Follow the Bridge Authorization process
  3. Discovery shall find now vehicles associated to your account
  4. Add your vehicle from discovery and configure it with correct VIN
  5. Connect your desired items in UI or text-configuration
  6. Optional: you can Discover your Vehicle more deeply
  7. In case of problems check Troubleshooting section

# Supported Things

Type ID Description
Bridge account Connect your Mercedes Me account
Thing combustion Conventional fuel vehicle
Thing hybrid Fuel vehicle with supporting electric engine
Thing bev Battery electric vehicle

# Discovery

The Mercedes Me binding is based on the API of the Smartphone App. You have an account which is associated to one or more vehicles. Setup the Mercedes Me Account Bridge with your email address. After successful authorization your associated vehicles are found automatically. There's no manual discovery!

# Bridge Configuration

Bridge needs configuration in order to connect properly to your Mercedes Me account.

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
email text Mercedes Me registered email Address N/A yes no
pin text Mercedes Me Smartphone App PIN N/A no no
region text Your region EU yes no
refreshInterval integer API refresh interval 15 yes no
callbackIP text Your region N/A yes yes
callbackPort integer API refresh interval N/A yes yes

Set region to your location

  • EU : Europe and Rest of World
  • NA : North America
  • AP : Asia Pacific
  • CN : China

Set pin to your Mercedes Me App PIN. Parameter is not required. Note pin is needed for some commands which are affecting vehicle safety. Commands like unlock doors will result into an unsafe state: your vehicle is unlocked and is accessible to everybody.

Commands protected by PIN

  • Remote Starting Vehicle
  • Unlock Doors
  • Open / Ventilate Windows
  • Open / Lift Sunroof

IP callbackIP and port callbackPort will be auto-detected. If you're running on server with more than one network interface please select manually.

# Bridge Authorization

Authorization is needed to activate the Bridge which is connected to your Mercedes Me Account. The Bridge will indicate in the status headline if authorization is needed including the URL which needs to be opened in your browser.

Three steps are needed

  1. Open the mentioned URL like 192.168.x.x:8090/mb-auth Opening this URL will request a PIN which will be send to your configured email. Check your Mail Account if you received the PIN. Click on Continue to proceed with Step 2.

  2. Enter your PIN in the shown field. Leave GUID as identifier as it is. Click on Submit button.

  3. Confirmation shall be shown that authorization was successful.

In case of non successful authorization check your log for errors. Below screenshots are illustrating the authorization flow.

# After Bridge Setup

# Authorization Step 1

# Authorization Step 2

# Authorization Step 3

# Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
vin text Vehicle Identification Number N/A yes no

For all vehicles you're free to give the fuel / battery capacity. Giving these values in configuration open fuel / charge capacities are reported in the range channels.

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced combustion bev hybrid
batteryCapacity decimal Battery Capacity N/A no no X X
fuelCapacity decimal Fuel Capacity N/A no no X X

# Channels

Channels are separated in groups:

Channel Group ID Description
vehicle Vehicle Information
doors Details of all Doors
lock Doors Lock Status
windows Window Details
hvac Climatization
service Service & Warnings
range Ranges, Charge and Fuel
charge Charging Data and Programs
trip Trip Data
position Positioning Data
tires Tire Information

# Actions

See Vehicle Actions which can be used in rules.

# Vehicle

Group name: vehicle

Channel Type Description Read Write Advanced
lock Number Lock Status and Control X X
windows Number Window Status and Control X X
door-status Number Door Status X
ignition Number Ignition X X
park-brake Switch Park Brake Active X
feature-capabilities String Feature Capabilities X X
command-capabilities String Command Capabilities X X
proto-update String Last Vehicle Data Update X X

Advanced channels are used to identify problems. If you encounter problems with this binding follow the instructions from Troubleshooting section.

# Lock Status Mapping


  • 0 : Locked
  • 1 : Unlocked


  • 0 : Lock
  • 1 : Unlock

Triggers DOORSLOCK and DOORSUNLOCK from Command Name Mapping

# Window Mappings


  • 0 : Intermediate
  • 1 : Closed
  • 2 : Open


  • 0 : Ventilate
  • 1 : Close
  • 2 : Open


# Door Status Mapping

  • 0 : Open
  • 1 : Closed

# Ignition Mapping


  • 0 : Off
  • 2 : Ready
  • 4 : On


  • 0 : Off
  • 4 : On

Triggers ENGINESTART and ENGINESTOP from Command Name Mapping

# Doors

Group name: doors

State representing if door, roof, hoods or flaps are open. States and controls are depending on your vehicle capabilities.

Channel Type Description Read Write
front-left Contact Front Left Door X
front-right Contact Front Right Door X
rear-left Contact Rear Left Door X
rear-right Contact Rear Right Door X
deck-lid Contact Deck lid X
engine-hood Contact Engine Hood X
rooftop Number Roof top X
sunroof-front-blind Number Sunroof Front Blind X
sunroof-rear-blind Number Sunroof Rear Blind X
sunroof Number Sun roof X X

# Rooftop Mapping

  • 0 : Unlocked
  • 1 : Open and locked
  • 2 : Closed and locked

# Sunroof Front Blind Mapping

  • not available yet

# Sunroof Rear Blind Mapping

  • not available yet

# Sunroof Mapping


  • 0 : Closed
  • 1 : Open
  • 2 : Lifted
  • 3 : Running
  • 4 : Closing
  • 5 : Opening
  • 6 : Closing


  • 0 : Close
  • 1 : Open
  • 2 : Lift

Triggers ROOFCLOSE, ROOFOPEN and ROOFLIFT from Command Name Mapping

# Lock

Group name: lock

State representing if doors, hoods or flaps are locked. States and controls are depending on your vehicle capabilities and type.

Channel Type Description Read Write
front-left Switch Front Left Door Lock X
front-right Switch Front Right Door Lock X
rear-left Switch Rear Left Door Lock X
rear-right Switch Rear Right Door Lock X
deck-lid Switch Deck lid X
gas-flap Switch Gas Flap (combustion & hybrid) X

# Windows

Group name: windows

State representing current window position.

Channel Type Description Read Write
front-left Number Front Left Window X
front-right Number Front Right Window X
rear-left Number Rear Left Window X
rear-right Number Rear Right Window X
rear-right-blind Number Rear Right Blind X
rear-left-blind Number Rear Left Blind X
rear-blind Number Rear Blind X

# Window Channel Mapping

  • 0 : Intermediate
  • 1 : Open
  • 2 : Closed
  • 3 : Airing
  • 4 : Intermediate
  • 5 : Running

# Rear Right Blind Channel Mapping

  • not available yet

# Rear Left Blind Channel Mapping

  • not available yet

# Rear Blind Channel Mapping

  • not available yet

# Flip Window Channel Mapping

  • not available yet


Group name: havc

Configuration of vehicle climatization. States and controls are depending on your vehicle capabilities.

Channel Type Description Read Write
front-left Switch Front Left Seat Climatization X
front-right Switch Front Left Seat Climatization X
rear-left Switch Front Left Seat Climatization X
rear-right Switch Front Left Seat Climatization X
zone Number Selected Climatization Zone X X
temperature Number:Temperature Desired Temperature for Zone X X
activate Switch Start/Stop Climatization X X
aux-heat Switch Auxiliary Heating X X

# Zone Mapping

Command Options

  • 1 : frontLeft
  • 2 : frontRight
  • 3 : frontCenter
  • 4 : rearLeft
  • 5 : rearRight
  • 6 : rearCenter
  • 7 : rear2Left
  • 8 : rear2Right
  • 9 : rear2Center

Automatically calculated based on your vehicle capabilities. Only options are shown which are supported by your vehicle.

Triggers - PRECONDCONFIGURESEATS from Command Name Mapping

# Temperature Setting

Pre-configure selected zone with desired temperature. Minimum and maximum temperature depends on your local settings either Degree Celsius or Fahrenheit.


  • Minimum : 16 °C
  • Maximum : 28 °C
  • Step width : 0.5 °C


  • Minimum : 60 °F
  • Maximum : 84 °F
  • Step width : 1 °F

Triggers TEMPERATURECONFIGURE from Command Name Mapping

# Activate Switch

Triggers PRECONDSTART and PRECONDSTOP from Command Name Mapping

# Auxiliary Heat Switch

Triggers AUXHEATSTART and AUXHEATSTOP from Command Name Mapping

# Service

Group name: service

All channels read-only. Service and warning information for vehicle. States and controls are depending on your vehicle capabilities.

Channel Type Description bev hybrid combustion
starter-battery Number Starter Battery Status X X X
brake-fluid Switch Brake Fluid Warning X X X
brake-lining-wear Switch Brake Lining Gear Warning X X X
wash-water Switch Wash Water Low Warning X X X
coolant-fluid Switch Coolant Fluid Low Warning X X
engine Switch Engine Warning X X
tires-rdk Number Tire Pressure Warnings X X X
service-days Number Next Service in x days X X X

# Starter Battery Mapping

Traffic light status of the starter battery

  • 0 : Green
  • 1 : Yellow
  • 2 : Red

# Range

Group name: range

All channels read-only.

Channel Type Description bev hybrid combustion
mileage Number:Length Total Mileage X X X
home-distance Number:Length Distance to Home X X X
soc Number:Dimensionless Battery State of Charge X X
charged Number:Energy Charged Battery Energy X X
uncharged Number:Energy Uncharged Battery Energy X X
range-electric Number:Length Electric Range X X
radius-electric Number:Length Electric Radius for Map X X
fuel-level Number:Dimensionless Fuel Level in Percent X X
fuel-remain Number:Volume Remaining Fuel X X
fuel-open Number:Volume Open Fuel Capacity X X
range-fuel Number:Length Fuel Range X X
radius-fuel Number:Length Fuel Radius for Map X X
range-hybrid Number:Length Hybrid Range X
radius-hybrid Number:Length Hybrid Radius for Map X

Channels with radius are just giving a guess which radius can be reached in a map display.

# Charge

Group name: charge

Only relevant for battery electric and hybrid vehicles. Current charge values and charge program configuration. States and controls are depending on your vehicle capabilities.

Channel Type Description Read Write
charge-flap Number Charge Flap Status X
coupler-ac Number Coupler AC Status X
coupler-dc Number Coupler DC Status X
coupler-lock Number Coupler Lock Status X
active Switch Charging Active X
power Number:Power Current Charging Power X
end-time DateTime Estimated Charging End X
program Number Selected Charge Program X X
max-soc Number:Dimensionless Charge Target SoC X X
auto-unlock Switch Auto Unlock Coupler after charging X X

# Charge Flap Mapping

  • 0 : Open
  • 1 : Closed

# Coupler AC Mapping

  • 0 : Plugged
  • 2 : Unplugged

# Coupler DC Mapping

  • 0 : Plugged
  • 2 : Unplugged

# Coupler Lock Mapping

  • 0 : Locked
  • 1 : Unlocked

# Program Mapping


Automatically calculated based on your vehicle capabilities. Only options are shown which are supported by your vehicle.

Triggers CHARGEPROGRAMCONFIGURE from Command Name Mapping

# Max SoC Setting

SoC target for selected program can be configured if your vehicle capabilities are supporting it. Configuration limit needs to respect 10% steps with a minimum of 50% and maximum of 100%.

Command Options

  • 50 %
  • 60 %
  • 70 %
  • 80 %
  • 90 %
  • 100 %

Triggers CHARGEPROGRAMCONFIGURE from Command Name Mapping

# Auto Unlock Setting

Charge Program can be configured to release coupler lock after target SoC is reached

Triggers CHARGEPROGRAMCONFIGURE from Command Name Mapping

# Trip

Group name: trip

All channels read-only

Channel Type Description
distance Number Length Last Trip Distance
time String Last Trip Duration in days, hours and minutes
avg-speed Number:Speed Last Trip Average Speed in km/h
cons-ev Number Last Trip Average Electric Energy Consumption
cons-conv Number Last Trip Average Fuel Consumption
distance-reset Number Length Since Reset Trip Distance
time-reset String Since Reset Duration in days, hours and minutes
avg-speed-reset Number:Speed Since Reset Average Speed in km/h
cons-ev-reset Number Since Reset Average Electric Energy Consumption
cons-conv-reset Number:Volume Since Reset Average Fuel Consumption
cons-ev-unit String Unit of Average Electric Consumption
cons-conv-unit String Unit of Average Fuel Consumption

# Average Consumption

You can configure different average consumption units like kWh per 100 kilometer or km per kWh. In your Mercedes Me App front page

  • Burger Menu top left
  • Last Entry Settings
  • First Entry Units

# Trip Duration

Shown as String in format d days, HH:mm. If duration is below 24 hours format is HH:mm.

# Position

Group name: position

Channel Type Description Read Write
heading Number:Angle Heading of Vehicle X
gps Point GPS Location Point of Vehicle X
signal Number Request Light or Horn Signal to find Vehicle X

# Signal Settings

Command Options

  • 0 : Position Lights
  • 1 : Position Horn

Triggers SIGPOSSTART from Command Name Mapping

# Tires

Group name: tires

All channels read-only

Channel Type Description
pressure-front-left Number:Pressure Tire Pressure Front Left
pressure-front-right Number:Pressure Tire Pressure Front Right
pressure-rear-left Number:Pressure Tire Pressure Rear Left
pressure-rear-right Number:Pressure Tire Pressure Rear Right
sensor-available Number Tire Sensor Available
marker-front-left Number Tire Marker Front Left
marker-front-right Number Tire Marker Front Right
marker-rear-left Number Tire Marker Rear Left
marker-rear-right Number Tire Marker Rear Right
last-update DateTime Timestamp of last Measurement

# Sensor Available Mapping

  • Not available yet

# Tire Marker Mapping

  • Not available yet

# Commands

Group name: command

All channels read-only

Channel Type Description
cmd-name Number Command Name which is handled
cmd-state Number Current Command State
cmd-last-update DateTime Timestamp of last update

Show state of the send command sent by above channels which are able to write values. Don't flood the API with commands. The Mercedes API cannot withstand Monkey Testing. Send lock/unlock or temperatures in a short period of time will result in failures.

# Command Name Mapping

  • 100 : DOORSLOCK
  • 560 : ENGINESTOP
  • 1100 : WINDOWOPEN
  • 1110 : WINDOWCLOSE
  • 1121 : WINDOWMOVE
  • 1130 : ROOFOPEN
  • 1140 : ROOFCLOSE
  • 1150 : ROOFLIFT
  • 1151 : ROOFMOVE

# Command State Mapping

  • 2 : ENQUEUED
  • 4 : WAITING
  • 5 : FINISHED
  • 6 : FAILED

# Vehicle Actions

Actions for vehicle [thing}(#vehicle) are provided.

# sendPOI

Send a Point of Interest (POI) to the vehicle message box. This POI can be used as navigation destination.

Parameter Type Description Mandatory
title String POI title X
latitude double latitude of POI X
longitude double longitude of POI X
city String POI city location
street String POI street name
postalCode String POI postal code

Example Eiffel Tower

Required information

        val mercedesmeActions = getActions("mercedesme","mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa")
        mercedesmeActions.sendPOI("Eiffel Tower",48.85957476434348,2.2939068084684853)

Full information

        val mercedesmeActions = getActions("mercedesme","mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa")
        mercedesmeActions.sendPOI("Eiffel Tower",48.85957476434348,2.2939068084684853,"Paris","Av. Gustave Eiffel", "75007")

# Discover your Vehicle

There's a big variety of vehicles with different features and different command capabilities. During discovery the capabilities of your vehicle are identified. They are stored in Vehicle Properties as shown below. You can check in beforehand if features like Charge Program Configuration or HVAC Configuration are supported or not.

If you want to dive deeper see Troubleshooting feature-capabilities and command-capabilities to evaluate the exact capabilities.

# Troubleshooting

In order to be able to analyze problems 3 advanced channels are placed in the vehicle group.

  • feature-capabilities - showing which feature your vehicle is equipped with
  • command-capabilities - showing which commands can be sent to your vehicle
  • proto-update - latest update of your vehicle data

In case you find problems regarding this binding add items to these 3 channels. The items are reporting Strings in JSON format. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) isn't part of data. GPS data which is showing your location is anonymized. Please double check yourself no critical data is inside. The content of these items shall be used to create a problem report. During development the proto-update contains an entry with binding version information.

    "bindingInfo": {
        "oh-bundle": "",
        "version": "2.2-alpha",
        "vehicle": "mercedesme:bev"

Keep these 3 channels disconnected during normal operation.

# Full Example

# Things file

Bridge mercedesme:account:4711   "Mercedes Me John Doe" [ email="YOUR_MAIL_ADDRESS", region="EU", pin=9876, refreshInterval=15] {
         Thing bev eqa           "Mercedes EQA"        [ vin="VEHICLE_VIN", batteryCapacity=66.5]

# Items file

Number                  EQA_DoorLock                {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:vehicle#lock" }
Number                  EQA_Windows                 {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:vehicle#windows" }
Number                  EQA_DoorStatus              {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:vehicle#door-status" }
Number                  EQA_Ignition                {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:vehicle#ignition" }
Number                  EQA_ParkBrake               {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:vehicle#park-brake" }

Contact                 EQA_FrontLeftDoor           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#front-left" }
Contact                 EQA_FrontRightDoor          {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#front-right" }
Contact                 EQA_RearLeftDoor            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#rear-left" }
Contact                 EQA_RearRightDoor           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#rear-right" }
Contact                 EQA_DeckLid                 {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#deck-lid" }
Contact                 EQA_EngineHood              {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#engine-hood" }
Number                  EQA_Sunroof                 {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:doors#sunroof" }

Switch                  EQA_FrontLeftLock           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lock#front-left" }
Switch                  EQA_FrontRightLock          {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lock#front-right" }
Switch                  EQA_RearLeftLock            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lock#rear-left" }
Switch                  EQA_RearRightLock           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lock#rear-right" }
Switch                  EQA_DeckLidLock             {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:lock#deck-lid" }

Number                  EQA_FrontLeftWindow         {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:windows#front-left" }
Number                  EQA_FrontRightWindow        {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:windows#front-right" }
Number                  EQA_RearLeftWindow          {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:windows#rear-left" }
Number                  EQA_RearRightWindow         {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:windows#rear-right" }

Number                  EQA_ACZone                  {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:hvac#zone" }
Number                  EQA_ACTemperature           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:hvac#temperature" }
Number                  EQA_ACControl               {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:hvac#active" }

Number                  EQA_StarterBattery          {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:service#starter-battery" }
Switch                  EQA_BrakeFluid              {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:service#brake-fluid" }
Switch                  EQA_BrakeLiningWear         {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:service#brake-lining-wear" }
Switch                  EQA_WashWater               {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:service#wash-water" }
Number                  EQA_TirePressureWarn        {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:service#tires-rdk" }
Number                  EQA_ServiceInDays           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:service#service-days" }

Number:Length           EQA_Mileage                 {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#mileage" }
Number:Length           EQA_Range                   {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#range-electric" }
Number:Length           EQA_RangeRadius             {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#radius-electric" }
Number:Dimensionless    EQA_SoC                     {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#soc" }
Number:Energy           EQA_BatteryCharged          {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#charged" }
Number:Energy           EQA_BatteryUncharged        {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:range#uncharged" }

Number                  EQA_ChargeFlap              {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:charge#charge-flap" }
Number                  EQA_CouplerLock             {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:charge#coupler-lock" }
Switch                  EQA_ChargeActive            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:charge#active" }
Number:Power            EQA_ChargePower             {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:charge#power" }
DateTime                EQA_ChargeTimeEstimate      {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:charge#end-time" }
Number                  EQA_ChargeProgram           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:charge#program" }
Number:Dimensionless    EQA_ProgramMaxSoc           {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:charge#max-soc" }

Number:Length           EQA_TripDistance            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:trip#distance" }
String                  EQA_TripDuration            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:trip#time" }
Number:Speed            EQA_TripAvgSpeed            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:trip#avg-speed" }
Number                  EQA_TripAvgConsumption      {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:trip#cons-ev" }
String                  EQA_AvgConsumptionUnit      {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:trip#cons-ev-unit" }

Number:Angle            EQA_Heading                 {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:position#heading" }  
Location                EQA_GPSLocation             {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:position#gps" }
Number                  EQA_Signal                  {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:position#signal" }

Number:Pressure         EQA_PressureFrontLeft       {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:tires#pressure-front-left" }
Number:Pressure         EQA_PressureFrontRight      {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:tires#pressure-front-right" }
Number:Pressure         EQA_PressureRearLeft        {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:tires#pressure-rear-left" }
Number:Pressure         EQA_PressureRearRight       {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:tires#pressure-rear-right" }
DateTime                EQA_MeasurementTime         {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:tires#last-update" }

Number                  EQA_CommandName             {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:command#cmd-name" }
Number                  EQA_CommandState            {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:command#cmd-state" }
DateTime                EQA_CommandTimestamp        {channel="mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa:command#cmd-last-update" }

# POI ruleExample

// send POI from JSON String item
rule "Send POI"
        Item POIJsonString changed 
        // decode JSON
        val json = POIJsonString.state.toString        
        val title = transform("JSONPATH", "$.title", json)
        val lat = transform("JSONPATH", "$.latitude", json)
        val lon = transform("JSONPATH", "$.longitude", json)

        // send POI to vehicle
        val mercedesmeActions = getActions("mercedesme","mercedesme:bev:4711:eqa")