# Studer

This extension adds support for the Studer protocol.

Studer Innotec, founded in 1987 by Roland Studer, is an ISO-certified company that develops and manufactures inverters, inverter/chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers to communicate over the Modbus protocol entirely in Switzerland.

For a list of certified products see this page: https://www.studer-innotec.com/ (opens new window)

# Supported Things

This bundle adds the following thing type to the Modbus binding. Note, that the things will show up under the Modbus binding.

Thing Type IDs Description Picture
bsp For BSP that offers a highly precise measuring for Xtender, VarioTrack and VarioString systems BSP
xtender For the Xtender models for system capacities from 0.5kVA to 72kVA that allow for the optimal use of available energy Xtender
variotrack For the VarioTrack models of MPPT solar charge controllers for systems with solar PV capacity from 1 - 75kWp VarioTrack
variostring For the VarioString models of MPPT solar charge controllers for systems with solar PV capacity from 4 VarioString

# Thing Configuration

You need first to set up a Serial Modbus bridge according to the Modbus documentation. Things in this extension will use the selected bridge to connect to the device.

For defining a thing textually, you have to find out the start address of the model block and the length of it. While the length is usually fixed, the address is not. Please refer to your device's vendor documentation how model blocks are laid for your equipment.

OR: If there is no offset configured (default config) on the dip switch in RS-485, the following are mostly interesting for getting things up and running:

Offset Device
10 Multicast Xtender
11-19 Xtender 1-9
20 Multicast Variotrack
21-35 Variotrack 1-15
40 Multicast Variostring
41-55 Variostring 1-15
61 BSP/Xcom-CAN

More Details about that can be found in the technical specification and appendix for Studer RTU Modbus protocol. Check the default config (dip switches 1 and 2 off) while configuring the pin-out on the RS-485!

Multicast writes on any devices of given class, but reads only on the first available device (Not Summary!). Currently, there are no writes available, 10/20/40 is useless for now.

The following parameters are valid for all thing types:

Parameter Type Required Default if omitted Description
address integer yes first slave of device Address of slave
refresh integer yes 5 Poll interval in seconds. Increase this if you encounter connection errors

# Channels

The following channels and their associated channel types are shown below divided by device.


All channels read for a BSP device

Channel Type Description
power Number:Power Power
batteryVoltage Number:ElectricPotential Battery voltage
batteryCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Battery current
stateOfCharge Number:Dimensionless State of Charge
batteryTemperature Number:Temperature Battery temperature

# Xtender

All channels read for an Xtender device

Channel Type Description
inputVoltage Number:ElectricPotential Input voltage
inputCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Input current
inputActivePower Number:Power Input active power
inputFrequency Number:Frequency Input frequency
outputVoltage Number:ElectricPotential Output voltage
outputCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Output current
outputActivePower Number:Power Output active power
outputFrequency Number:Frequency Output frequency
operatingState String Operating state
stateInverter String State of the inverter

# VarioTrack

All channels read for a VarioTrack device

Channel Type Description
modelVarioTrack String Model of VarioTrack
voltagePVGenerator Number:ElectricPotential Voltage of the PV generator
powerPVGenerator Number:Power Power of the PV generator
productionCurrentDay Number:Energy Production in (kWh) for the current day
batteryVoltage Number:ElectricPotential Battery voltage
batteryCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Battery current
operatingMode String Operating mode
stateVarioTrack String State of the VarioTrack

# VarioString

All channels read for a VarioString device

Channel Type Description
PVVoltage Number:ElectricPotential PV voltage
PVCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent PV current
PVPower Number:Power PV power
ProductionPVCurrentDay Number:Energy Production PV in (kWh) for the current day
PV1Voltage Number:ElectricPotential PV1 voltage
PV1Current Number:ElectricCurrent PV1 current
PV1Power Number:Power PV1 power
ProductionPV1CurrentDay Number:Energy Production PV1 in (kWh) for the current day
PV2Voltage Number:ElectricPotential PV2 voltage
PV2Current Number:ElectricCurrent PV2 current
PV2Power Number:Power PV2 power
ProductionPV2CurrentDay Number:Energy Production PV2 in (kWh) for the current day
batteryVoltage Number:ElectricPotential Battery voltage
batteryCurrent Number:ElectricCurrent Battery current
PVMode String PV operating mode
PV1Mode String PV1 operating mode
PV2Mode String PV2 operating mode
stateVarioString String State of the VarioString

# Example

# Thing Configuration

Bridge modbus:serial:bridge [port="/dev/ttyUSB0",baud=9600,dataBits=8,parity="even",stopBits="1.0",encoding="rtu"]
Bridge modbus:tcp:bridge [host="", port=502, rtuEncoded=true]


Thing modbus:xtender:bridge:xtender_Phase1 "Xtender" (modbus:serial:modbusbridge) [ slaveAddress=11, refresh=5 ]
Thing modbus:variostring:bridge:variostring_left "Xtender" (modbus:serial:modbusbridge) [ slaveAddress=41, refresh=5 ]
Thing modbus:variostring:bridge:variostring_right "Xtender" (modbus:serial:modbusbridge) [ slaveAddress=42, refresh=5 ]
Thing modbus:bsp:bridge:byd "BydBox" (modbus:serial:modbusbridge) [ slaveAddress=61, refresh=5 ]

Note: Make sure that refresh and slave address are numerical, without quotes.

# Item Configuration

Number Studer_Xtender_Phase1_InputVoltage "Input Voltage [%.2f V]"          {channel="modbus:xtender:bridge:xtender_Phase1:inputVoltage"}
Number Studer_Xtender_Phase1_InputCurrent "Input Current [%.2f A]"          {channel="modbus:xtender:bridge:xtender_Phase1:inputCurrent"}
String Studer_Xtender_Phase1_StateInverter "State: [%s]"                    {channel="modbus:xtender:bridge:xtender_Phase1:stateInverter"}

Number Studer_PVCurrent_Left               "Current [%.2f]"                 {channel="modbus:variostring:bridge:variostring_left:PVCurrent"}
Number Studer_PVPower_Left                 "Power"                          {channel="modbus:variostring:bridge:variostring_left:PVPower"}
Number Studer_ProductionPVCurrentDay_Left  "ProductionCurrentDay [%.3f kW]" {channel="modbus:variostring:bridge:variostring_left:ProductionPVCurrentDay"}
String Studer_PVMode_Left                  "Mode: [%s]"                     {channel="modbus:variostring:bridge:variostring_left:PVMode"}
String Studer_stateVarioString_Left        "State: [%s]"                    {channel="modbus:variostring:bridge:variostring_left:stateVarioString"}

Number Studer_BSP_SOC                "State: [%s]"                          {channel="modbus:bsp:bridge:byd:stateOfCharge"}
Number Studer_BSP_batteryVoltage     "Battery Voltage: [%s]"                {channel="modbus:bsp:bridge:byd:batteryVoltage"}

# Sitemap Configuration

Text item=Studer_Xtender_Phase1_InputVoltage
Text item=Studer_Xtender_Phase1_InputCurrent
Text item=Studer_Xtender_Phase1_StateInverter
Chart item=Studer_Xtender_Phase1_InputVoltage period=D refresh=600000
Chart item=Studer_Xtender_Phase1_InputCurrent period=D refresh=30000

Text item=Studer_BSP_SOC
Text item=Studer_BSP_batteryVoltage

Text item=Studer_PVCurrent_Left
Text item=Studer_PVPower_Left
Text item=Studer_ProductionPVCurrentDay_Left
Text item=Studer_PVMode_Left
Text item=Studer_stateVarioString_Left