# MQTT Homie Binding

NOTE: This binding is provided by the MQTT binding (opens new window), and therefore no explicit installation is necessary beyond installing the MQTT binding.

Devices that follow the Homie convention (opens new window) 3.x and better are auto-discovered and represented by this binding and the Homie Thing.

Find the next table to understand the topology mapping from Homie to the Framework:

Homie Framework Example MQTT topic
Device Thing homie/super-car
Node Channel Group homie/super-car/engine
Property Channel homie/super-car/engine/temperature

System trigger channels are supported using non-retained properties, with enum data type and with the following formats:

  • Format: "PRESSED,RELEASED" -> system.rawbutton
  • Format: "DIR1_PRESSED,DIR1_RELEASED,DIR2_PRESSED,DIR2_RELEASED" -> system.rawrocker