# Ruuvi Gateway MQTT Binding

This binding allows integration of Ruuvi Tags via MQTT data, as collected by Ruuvi Gateway (opens new window). Ruuvi gateway is listening for Bluetooth advertisements and publishing that data over MQTT. Ruuvi Cloud Subscription is not needed at all as the integration is local.

Compared to Ruuvi Tag Bluetooth binding, this binding has the benefit of relying on strong and reliable antenna of Ruuvi Gateway, as opposed to e.g. usually much weaker antenna integrated onto computer motherboard. Obvious downside compared to the bluetooth binding is the requirement of having Ruuvi Gateway device.

Both RuuviTag and RuuviTag Pro are supported.

# Setup the Gateway

Before using this binding, Ruuvi Gateway needs to configured to publish the sensor data via MQTT.

For further instructions, refer to relevant section in Ruuvi Gateway documentation (opens new window). For most convenient usage of this binding, please ensure that "Use 'ruuvi' on the prefix' MQTT setting is enabled on Ruuvi Gateway.

# Discovery

First install the MQTT binding and setup a broker thing and make sure it is ONLINE, as this binding uses the MQTT binding to talk to your broker and hence that binding must be setup first.

This binding discovers the Ruuvi Tags via the MQTT bridge; the discovered things should appear in your thing Inbox.

# Thing Configuration

There is only thing type supported by this binding, ruuvitag_beacon. No manual configuration is needed, and discovery function can be used instead.

For users that prefer manual configuration, we list here the configurable parameters.

Parameter Description Required Default
topic MQTT topic containing the gateway payload Y (N/A)

# Channels

Channel ID Item Type Description
temperature Number:Temperature The measured temperature
humidity Number:Dimensionless The measured humidity
pressure Number:Pressure The measured air pressure
batteryVoltage Number:ElectricPotential The measured battery voltage
accelerationx Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of X
accelerationy Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of Y
accelerationz Number:Acceleration The measured acceleration of Z
txPower Number:Power TX power
dataFormat Number Data format version
measurementSequenceNumber Number:Dimensionless Measurement sequence number
movementCounter Number:Dimensionless Movement counter
rssi Number Received signal (between the Gateway and the sensor) strength indicator
ts DateTime Timestamp when the message from Bluetooth-sensor was received by Gateway
gwts DateTime Timestamp when the message from Bluetooth-sensor was relayed by Gateway
gwmac String MAC-address of Ruuvi Gateway

Note: not all channels are always updated. Available fields depend on Ruuvi Data Format (opens new window). At the time of writing (2022-09), most Ruuvi Tags use Ruuvi Data Format 5 out of box.

Some measurements might not make any sense. For example, Ruuvi Tag Pro 2in1 does not have a humidity measurement and thus, the humidity data advertised by the sensor is garbage.

# Example

Please note that Thing and Item configuration can be done fully in the UI. For those who prefer textual configuration, we share this example here.

To use these examples for textual configuration, you must already have a configured a MQTT broker thing and know its unique ID. This UID will be used in the things file and will replace the text myBroker. The first line in the things file will create a broker thing and this can be removed if you have already setup a broker in another file or via the UI already.

# *.things

Bridge mqtt:broker:myBroker [ host="localhost", secure=false, password="*******", qos=1, username="user"]
mqtt:ruuvitag_beacon:myTag1  "RuuviTag Sensor Beacon 9ABC" (mqtt:broker:myBroker) [ topic="ruuvi/mygw/DE:AD:BE:EF:AA:01" ]

# *.items

Number:Temperature      temperature "Room Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" { channel="mqtt:ruuvitag_beacon:myTag1:temperature" }
Number:Dimensionless    humidity    "Humidity [%.0f %unit%]"         { channel="mqtt:ruuvitag_beacon:myTag1:humidity" }
Number:Pressure         pressure    "Air Pressure [%.0f %unit%]"     { channel="mqtt:ruuvitag_beacon:myTag1:pressure" }

// Examples of converting units
Number:Acceleration      acceleration_ms "Acceleration z [%.2f m/s²]" { channel="mqtt:ruuvitag_beacon:myTag1:accelerationz" }
Number:Acceleration      acceleration_g  "Acceleration z (g-force) [%.2f gₙ]" { channel="mqtt:ruuvitag_beacon:myTag1:accelerationz" }