# Things Supported by the Z-Wave Binding

The binding supports a total of 1097 things from 145 manufacturers.

The list below summarises the things currently supported, and links to more detailed information about each thing.

Manufacturer Model Version Thing Type Id Category
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG SHBW10000 abus_shbw10000_00_000 Motion Detector
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG SHHA10000 abus_shhm10000_00_000 Power Outlet
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG SHLM10000 abus_shlm10000_00_000 Light Bulb
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG SHLM10010 abus_shlm10010_00_000 Light Bulb
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG SHMK10000 abus_shmk10000_00_000 Door
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG SHRM10000 abus_shrm10000_00_000 Smoke Detector
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG SHSG10000 abus_shsg10000_00_000 Siren
ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG SHWM10000 abus_shwm10000_00_000 Sensor
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZDM230 act_zdm230_00_000 Wall Switch
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZDP200 act_zdp200_00_000 Power Outlet
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZDW103 act_zdw103_00_000 Wall Switch
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZDW120 act_zdw120_00_000 Wall Switch
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZIR010 act_zir010_00_000 Motion Detector
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZRM230 act_zrm230_00_000 Wall Switch
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZRP200 act_zrp200_00_000 Power Outlet
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZRW230 act_zrw230_00_000 Wall Switch
ACT - Advanced Control Technologies ZTM230 act_ztm230_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs DSA02203 aeon_dsa02203_00_000 Remote Control
AEON Labs DSA03202 aeon_dsa03202_00_000 Remote Control
AEON Labs DSA22 aeon_dsa22_00_000 Remote Control
AEON Labs DSA38 aeon_dsa38_00_000 Remote Control
AEON Labs DSB05 aeon_dsb05_00_000 Motion Detector
AEON Labs DSB09 aeon_dsb09_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs DSB28 aeon_dsb28_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs DSB29 aeon_dsb29_00_000 Door
AEON Labs DSB45 aeon_dsb45_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs DSB54 aeon_dsb54_00_000 Door
AEON Labs DSC06 aeon_dsc06_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs DSC08 aeon_dsc08_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs DSC10 aeon_dsc10_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs DSC11 aeon_dsc11_00_000 Light Bulb
AEON Labs DSC12 aeon_dsc12_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs DSC13 aeon_dsc13_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs DSC14 aeon_dsc14_00_000 Blinds
AEON Labs DSC17 aeon_dsc17_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs DSC18 aeon_dsc18_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs DSC19 aeon_dsc19_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs DSC24 aeon_dsc24_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs DSC25 aeon_dsc25_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs DSC26 aeon_dsc26_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs DSC27 aeon_dsc27_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs DSC35 aeon_dsc35_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs DSD31 aeon_dsd31_00_000 Siren
AEON Labs DSD37 aeon_dsd37_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW056 aeon_zw056_00_000 Door
AEON Labs ZW062 aeon_zw062_00_000 Garage Door
AEON Labs ZW074 aeon_zw074_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW075 3.255 aeon_zw075_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs ZW075 4.0 aeon_zw075_04_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs ZW078 aeon_zw078_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW080 aeon_zw080_00_000 Siren
AEON Labs ZW088 1.0 aeon_zw088_01_000 Remote Control
AEON Labs ZW089 aeon_zw089_00_000 Door
AEON Labs ZW090 aeon_zw090_00_000 Remote Control
AEON Labs ZW095 aeon_zw095_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW096 aeon_zw096_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs ZW097 aeon_zw097_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW098 aeon_zw098_00_000 Light Bulb
AEON Labs ZW099 aeon_zw099_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs ZW100 1.6 aeon_zw100_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW100 1.7 to 1.7 aeon_zw100_01_007 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW100 1.8 to 1.9 aeon_zw100_01_008 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW100 1.10 aeon_zw100_01_010 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW111 2.2 aeon_zw111_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW111 2.3 aeon_zw111_02_003 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW112 aeon_zw112_00_000 Door
AEON Labs ZW116 2.0 aeon_zw116_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW116 2.1 aeon_zw116_02_001 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW117 aeon_zw117_00_000 Power Outlet
AEON Labs ZW120 aeon_zw120_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW121 aeon_zw121_00_000 Light Bulb
AEON Labs ZW122 aeon_zw122_00_000 Sensor
AEON Labs ZW129 aeon_zw129_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW130 aeon_zw130_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW132 1.9 aeon_zw132_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW132 2.0 aeon_zw132_02_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW139 aeon_zw139_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW140 aeon_zw140_00_000 Wall Switch
AEON Labs ZW141 aeon_zw141_00_000 Blinds
Aeotec Limited Spirit aeotec_spirit_00_000 Radiator Control
Aeotec Limited ZW141 3.0 aeotec_zw141_03_000 Blinds
Aeotec Limited ZW164 aeotec_zw164_00_000 Siren
Aeotec Limited ZW175 aeotec_zw175_00_000 Power Outlet
Aeotec Limited ZW187 aeotec_zw187_00_000 Sensor
Aeotec Limited ZW189 aeotec_zw189_00_000 Power Outlet
Aeotec Limited ZWA001 aeotec_zwa001_00_000 Light Bulb
Aeotec Limited ZWA002 aeotec_zwa002a_00_000 Light Bulb
Aeotec Limited ZWA003 aeotec_zwa003_00_000 Wall Switch
Aeotec Limited ZWA005 aeotec_zwa005_00_000 Sensor
Aeotec Limited ZWA008 aeotec_zwa008_00_000 Sensor
Airline Mechanical Co., Ltd. ZDS-UD10 amc_zdsud10_00_000 Power Outlet
Ameta International HA-ZW-5SABC ameta_hazw5sabc_00_000 Motion Detector
Ameta International HA-ZW-5SE ameta_hazw5se_00_000 Door
August Smart Locks ASL-03 august_asl03_00_000 Lock
Avadesign Technology Co. Da Vinci v9 avadesign_davinciv9_00_000 Wall Switch
Avadesign Technology Co. Da Vinci Switch Default avadesign_davincivsw9_00_000 Wall Switch
Bellatrix Systems, Inc. BrightSwitch bellatrix_brightswitch_00_000 Wall Switch
Benetek BSL01 benetek_bsl01_00_000 Lock
BeNext Alarm Sound benext_alarmsound_00_000 Siren
BeNext builtInDimmer benext_builtindimmer_00_000 Wall Switch
BeNext doorSensor benext_doorsensor_00_000 Door
BeNext Energy Switch + benext_energyswitch_00_000 Power Outlet
BeNext Heating Control benext_heatingcontrol_00_000 HVAC
BeNext Molite benext_molite_00_000 Sensor
BeNext Forest Shuttle benext_motorcontroller_00_000 Blinds
BeNext P1-dongle benext_p1dongle_00_000 Sensor
BeNext plugInDimmer benext_plugindimmer_00_000 Power Outlet
BeNext powerSwitch benext_powerswitch_00_000 Power Outlet
BeNext Tag Reader 500 benext_tagreader500_00_000 Remote Control
BeNext Tag Reader benext_tagreader_00_000 Remote Control
BeNext ThermIQ Temperature Sensor benext_thermiqtemp_00_000 Sensor
Bönig und Kallenbach oHG POPE005206 bonig_pope005206_00_000 Sensor
ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG CFA3010 bremicker_abuscfa3010_00_000 Lock
BRK Brands, Inc. ZCOMBO brk_zcombo_00_000 Smoke Detector
BRK Brands, Inc. ZSMOKE brk_zsmoke_00_000 Smoke Detector
Building 36 Technologies ADC-S2000-T-RA building36_adcs2000tra_00_000 Sensor
Building 36 Technologies ADC-T 2000 building36_adct2000_00_000 HVAC
Building 36 Technologies ADC-T3000 building36_adct3000_00_000 HVAC
CBCC Domotique SAS SW-ZAP-1 cbcc_swzap1_00_000 Power Outlet
CBCC Domotique SAS SW-ZCS-1 cbcc_swzcs1_00_000 Wall Switch
CentraLite Systems, Inc 3210-L centralite_3210l_00_000 Power Outlet
Chengputech Cooltouch chengputech_6938843600375_00_000 Wall Switch
Chromagic Technologies Corporation EM6556 chromagic_em6556_00_000 Wall Switch
Chromagic Technologies Corporation HSM02 chromagic_hsm02_00_000 Sensor
Chromagic Technologies Corporation SM103 chromagic_sm103_00_000 Sensor
Cloud Media A803N cloud_a803n_00_000 Sensor
ConnectHome CH-201 connecthome_ch201_00_000 Wall Switch
ConnectHome CH-601 connecthome_ch601_00_000 Valve
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9500 cooper_rf9500_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9501 cooper_rf9501_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9517 cooper_rf9517_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9518 cooper_rf9518_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9534 cooper_rf9534_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9536-N cooper_rf9536n_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9537 3.4 cooper_rf9537_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9540-N cooper_rf9540n_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9542 cooper_rf9542_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9575 cooper_rf9575_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9601 255.0 cooper_rf9601_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9617 cooper_rf9617_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9640 255.0 cooper_rf9640_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF9642 cooper_rf9642_00_000 Wall Switch
Cooper Wiring Devices RF96APM cooper_rf96apm_00_000 Power Outlet
Cooper Wiring Devices RF96PIRBMS cooper_rf96pirbms_00_000 Motion Detector
Cooper Wiring Devices RFLDM cooper_rfldmdimmer_00_000 Power Outlet
Cooper Wiring Devices RFTR9505 cooper_rftr9505_00_000 Power Outlet
Cooper Wiring Devices RFTR9605-T cooper_rftr9605_00_000 Power Outlet
Cooper Wiring Devices RFWC5 cooper_rfwc5_00_000 Wall Switch
Coqon PSMZ0001 coqon_psmz0001_00_000 Power Outlet
Danfoss 010101 danfoss_010101_00_000 Radiator Control
Danfoss 014G0160 danfoss_014g0160_00_000 HVAC
Danfoss 014G0210 danfoss_014g0210_00_000 Radiator Control
Danfoss Keemple smart radiator danfoss_40976_00_000 Radiator Control
Danfoss DTHERMZ5 danfoss_dthermz5_00_000 Sensor
Danfoss DTHERMZ6 danfoss_dthermz6_00_000 HVAC
Danfoss LC-13 danfoss_lc13_00_000 HVAC
Danfoss LCZ251 danfoss_lcz251_00_000 Radiator Control
Danfoss MT02650 danfoss_mt02650_00_000 Radiator Control
Danfoss RXZ-2C danfoss_rxz2c_00_000 HVAC
Defaro DAD-101 defaro_dad101_00_000 Wall Switch
Defaro DAS-102 defaro_das102_00_000 Wall Switch
Defaro DSI-101 binary switch defaro_dsi101_00_000 Wall Switch
Devolo 09813 devolo_09813_00_000 Smoke Detector
Devolo MT02646 devolo_mt02646_00_000 Power Outlet
Devolo MT02647 devolo_mt02647_00_000 Motion Detector
Devolo MT02648 devolo_mt02648_00_000 Door
Devolo MT2652 devolo_mt2652_00_000 Wall Switch
Devolo MT2653 devolo_mt2653_00_000 Remote Control
Devolo MT02755 devolo_mt2755_00_000 Door
Devolo MT2756 devolo_mt2756_00_000 Sensor
Devolo MT2759 devolo_mt2759_00_000 Wall Switch
Devolo MT2761 devolo_mt2761_00_000 Blinds
Devolo MT02792 devolo_mt2792_00_000 Power Outlet
Devolo PAN11 devolo_pan11_00_000 Power Outlet
Devolo ph-pse02 devolo_phpse02_00_000 Siren
Devolo PST02-1B devolo_pst021b_00_000 Motion Detector
Diehl AKO SES FS-ZW diehl_sesfszw_00_000 Power Outlet
D-Link DCH-Z110 dlink_dchz110_00_000 Door
D-Link DCH-Z120 dlink_dchz120_00_000 Sensor
D-Link DCH-Z310 dlink_dchz310_00_000 Smoke Detector
D-Link DCH-Z510 dlink_dchz510_00_000 Siren
Domitech Products, LLC DTA19 domitech_ze27_00_000 Light Bulb
Dragon Tech Industrial, Ltd. PA-100 dragontech_pa100_00_000 Power Outlet
Dragon Tech Industrial, Ltd. WD-100 dragontech_wd100_00_000 Wall Switch
Dragon Tech Industrial, Ltd. WS-100 dragontech_ws100_00_000 Wall Switch
EbV heatapp! floor ebv_heatappfloor_00_000 Radiator Control
Ecolink DWZWAVE25 eco_dwzwave25_00_000 Door
Ecolink DWZWAVE2 eco_dwzwave2_00_000 Door
Ecolink FF-ZWAVE5-ECO eco_firefighter5_00_000 Smoke Detector
Ecolink FLF-ZWAVE5 R1 eco_flfzwave5r1_00_000 Sensor
Ecolink PIR eco_pir1_00_000 Motion Detector
Ecolink PIR Motion Sensor v2.5 eco_pirv25_00_000 Motion Detector
Ecolink TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO eco_tiltzwave25_00_000 Garage Door
Ecolink TILTZWAVE2 eco_tiltzwave2_00_000 Garage Door
Ecolink TLS-ZWAVE5 eco_tlszwave5_00_000 Wall Switch
EcoBright EcoDim07 ecobright_ecodim07_00_000 Wall Switch
EcoNet Controls EBV-105 econet_ebv105_00_000 Valve
EcoNet Controls EV100 econet_ev100_00_000 HVAC
EcoNet Controls GR-105N econet_gr105n_00_000 Valve
Elexa Consumer Products Inc. DMDP1 elexa_dmdp1_00_000 Sensor
Elexa Consumer Products Inc. DMMS1 elexa_dmms1_00_000 Motion Detector
Elexa Consumer Products Inc. DMMZ1 elexa_dmmz1_00_000 Lock
Elexa Consumer Products Inc. DMOF1 elexa_dmof1_00_000 Power Outlet
Elexa Consumer Products Inc. DMS01 elexa_dms01_00_000 Siren
Elexa Consumer Products Inc. DMWD1 elexa_dmwd1_00_000 Sensor
Elexa Consumer Products Inc. DMWS1 elexa_dmws1_00_000 Sensor
Elexa Consumer Products Inc. DMWV1 elexa_dmwv1_00_000 Valve
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZW15R enerwave_zw15r_00_000 Power Outlet
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZW15RM-PLUS enerwave_zw15rm_00_000 Power Outlet
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZW15S enerwave_zw15s_00_000 Wall Switch
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZW15SM enerwave_zw15sm_00_000 Wall Switch
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZW20R enerwave_zw20r_00_000 Power Outlet
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZW20RM enerwave_zw20rm_00_000 Power Outlet
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZW500D enerwave_zw500d_00_000 Wall Switch
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZW500DM enerwave_zw500dm_00_000 Wall Switch
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. Plug-In Smart Meter Dimmer Switch enerwave_zwn323m_00_000 Power Outlet
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZWN-333 enerwave_zwn333_00_000 Power Outlet
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZWN-BDS enerwave_zwnbds_00_000 Sensor
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZWN-BPC 5.9 enerwave_zwnbpc_00_000 Motion Detector
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZWN-BPC-PLUS 5.10 enerwave_zwnbpc_05_010 Motion Detector
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZWN-RSM1-PLUS enerwave_zwnrsm1plus_00_000 Wall Switch
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZWN-RSM2 enerwave_zwnrsm2_00_000 Wall Switch
Wenzhou MTLC Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. ZWN-SC7 enerwave_zwnsc7_00_000 Remote Control
Erone HM-DW001 erone_hmdw001_00_000 Door
Erone HM-LM001 erone_hmlm001_00_000 Wall Switch
Essence Security ES800ZWE essence_es800zwe_00_000 Battery
Eurotronics CometZ eurotronic_cometz_00_000 Radiator Control
Eurotronics Spirit eurotronic_spirit_00_000 Radiator Control
Eurotronics StellaZ eurotronic_stellaz_00_000 Radiator Control
Eurotronics VOC-SENSOR eurotronic_vocsensor_00_000 Sensor
Everspring AD130 everspring_ad130_00_000 Wall Switch
Everspring AD142 everspring_ad142_00_000 Power Outlet
Everspring AD146 everspring_ad146_00_000 Wall Switch
Everspring AD147 everspring_ad147_00_000 Power Outlet
Everspring AN157 everspring_an157_00_000 Wall Switch
Everspring AN158 everspring_an158_00_000 Power Outlet
Everspring AN163 everspring_an163_00_000 Power Outlet
Everspring AN179 everspring_an179_00_000 Wall Switch
Everspring AN180 everspring_an180_00_000 Power Outlet
Everspring AN181 everspring_an181_00_000 Power Outlet
Everspring EH403-3 everspring_eh403_00_000 Light Bulb
Everspring HAC01 everspring_hac01_00_000 Wall Switch
Everspring HSM02 everspring_hsm02_00_000 Window
Everspring HSP02 everspring_hsp02_00_000 Motion Detector
Everspring SE812 everspring_se812_00_000 Siren
Everspring SF812 everspring_sf812_00_000 Smoke Detector
Everspring SM103 everspring_sm103_00_000 Door
Everspring SM810 everspring_sm810_00_000 Sensor
Everspring SP103 everspring_sp103_00_000 Motion Detector
Everspring SP814 everspring_sp814_00_000 Motion Detector
Everspring SP816 everspring_sp816_00_000 Motion Detector
Everspring SP817 everspring_sp817_00_000 Motion Detector
Everspring ST812 everspring_st812_00_000 Sensor
Everspring ST814 everspring_st814_00_000 Sensor
Everspring ST815 everspring_st815_00_000 Sensor
Everspring TSE03 everspring_tse03_00_000 Siren
Everyoo ERC307 everyoo_erc307_00_000
Evolve LDM-15W evolve_ldm15w_00_000 Power Outlet
Evolve LFM-20 evolve_lfm20_00_000 Wall Switch
Evolve LOM15 evolve_lom15_00_000 Wall Switch
Evolve LPM-15 evolve_lpm15_00_000 Power Outlet
Evolve LRM-AS evolve_lrmas_00_000 Wall Switch
Evolve LSM-15 evolve_lsm15_00_000 Wall Switch
Evolve LTM-5 evolve_ltm5_00_000 Wall Switch
Evolve T100 evolve_t100_00_000 HVAC
Fakro AMZ fakro_amz_00_000 Blinds
Fakro AMZ Solar fakro_amzsolar_00_000 Blinds
Fakro ARF fakro_arf_00_000 Blinds
Fakro ARZ Z-Wave 2.1 to 3.255 fakro_arz2013_02_001 Blinds
Fakro ARZ 1.1 1.1 fakro_arz2_01_001 Blinds
Fakro ARZ fakro_arz_00_000 Blinds
Fakro ARZ Solar fakro_arzsolar_00_000 Blinds
Fakro VMZ Solar fakro_vmzsolar_00_000 Blinds
Fakro VMZ Solar z-wave plus fakro_vmzsolarplus_00_000 Blinds
Fakro ZWMP fakro_zwmp_00_000 Blinds
Fakro ZWP10 fakro_zwp10_00_000 Remote Control
Fakro ZWS12 2.2 fakro_zws1222_02_002 Blinds
Fakro ZWS12 2.0 fakro_zws12_00_000 Blinds
Fakro ZWS12 4.0 fakro_zws12_04_000 Blinds
Fakro ZWS12n fakro_zws12n_00_000 Window
Fakro ZWS12 fakro_zws12year2019_00_000 Window
Fibargroup FGBS001 fibaro_fgbs001_00_000 Sensor
Fibargroup FGBS222 fibaro_fgbs222_00_000 Sensor
Fibargroup FGCD001 fibaro_fgcd001_00_000 Sensor
Fibargroup FGD211 1.8 fibaro_fgd211_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGD211 1.9 to 1.11 fibaro_fgd211_01_009 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGD211 2.1 fibaro_fgd211_02_001 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGD212 3.5 fibaro_fgd212_03_005 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGDW002 fibaro_fgdw002_00_000 Sensor
Fibargroup FGFS101 3.0 fibaro_fgfs101_00_000 Sensor
Fibargroup FGFS101 3.2 to 23.0 fibaro_fgfs101_03_002 Sensor
Fibargroup FGFS101 23.23 fibaro_fgfs101_23_023 Sensor
Fibargroup FGGC001 fibaro_fggc001_00_000 Remote Control
Fibargroup FGK101 2.3 fibaro_fgk101_00_000 Door
Fibargroup FGK101 2.5 to 2.5 fibaro_fgk101_02_005 Door
Fibargroup FGK101 3.2 fibaro_fgk101_03_002 Door
Fibargroup FGKF601 fibaro_fgkf601_00_000 Remote Control
Fibargroup FGMS001 2.8 fibaro_fgms001_00_000 Motion Detector
Fibargroup FGMS001 3.2 fibaro_fgms001_03_002 Motion Detector
Fibargroup FGPB101 fibaro_fgpb101_00_000 Remote Control
Fibargroup FGR221 fibaro_fgr221_00_000 Blinds
Fibargroup FGR222 24.24 fibaro_fgr222_24_024 Blinds
Fibargroup FGRGBW-442 fibaro_fgrgbw442_00_000 Light Bulb
Fibargroup FGRGBW fibaro_fgrgbw_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGRM222 22.22 fibaro_fgrm222_00_000 Blinds
Fibargroup FGS211 2.0 fibaro_fgs211_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS211 2.1 fibaro_fgs211_02_001 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS212 fibaro_fgs212_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS213 fibaro_fgs213_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS221 1.4 to 1.8 fibaro_fgs221_01_004 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS221 1.9 to 1.11 fibaro_fgs221_01_009 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS221 2.1 to 2.3 fibaro_fgs221_02_001 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS222 fibaro_fgs222_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS223 fibaro_fgs223_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGS224 5.0 to 5.0 fibaro_fgs224_05_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGSD002 3.1 fibaro_fgsd002_00_000 Smoke Detector
Fibargroup FGSD002 3.2 fibaro_fgsd002_03_002 Smoke Detector
Fibargroup FGSS001 fibaro_fgss001_00_000 Smoke Detector
Fibargroup FGT001 fibaro_fgt001_00_000 Radiator Control
Fibargroup FGWDEU fibaro_fgwdeu111_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGWDS fibaro_fgwds_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGWDSEU fibaro_fgwdseu_00_000 Wall Switch
Fibargroup FGWOE-011 fibaro_fgwoe011_00_000 Power Outlet
Fibargroup FGWP101 fibaro_fgwp101_00_000 Power Outlet
Fibargroup FGWP102 2.1 to 2.5 fibaro_fgwp102_02_001 Power Outlet
Fibargroup FGWP102 3.2 fibaro_fgwp102_03_002 Power Outlet
Fibargroup FGWPB-111 fibaro_fgwpb111_00_000 Power Outlet
Fibargroup FGWPB-121 fibaro_fgwpb121_00_000 Power Outlet
Fibargroup FGWREU-111 fibaro_fgwreu111_00_000 Blinds
Fireangle ZST-630 fireangle_zst630_00_000 Smoke Detector
Forest Group Nederland B.V Shuttle S/L forest_shuttlesl_00_000 Blinds
FortrezZ LLC FMI fortrezz_fmi_00_000 Sensor
FortrezZ LLC MIMO2+ fortrezz_mimo2_00_000 Sensor
FortrezZ LLC MIMOlite fortrezz_mimolite_00_000 Sensor
FortrezZ LLC SSA1/SSA2 fortrezz_ssa1_00_000 Siren
FortrezZ LLC WV-01 fortrezz_wv01_00_000 Valve
FortrezZ LLC WWA-01 / WWA-02 fortrezz_wwa02_00_000 Sensor
Frostdale FDN2300 frostdale_fdn2300_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 12718 ge_12718_00_000 Light Bulb
Jasco Products GE 12725 ge_12725_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 12727 ge_12727_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 12729 ge_12729_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE 12730 (ZW4002) ge_12730zw4002_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products ZW3107 / GE 14280 ge_14280_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products GE Plug in Smart Switch ge_14282_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products GE/Jasco 14285 ge_14285_00_000 Remote Control
Jasco Products 14288 ge_14288_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products GE 14289 (ZW3009) ge_14289_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE 14291 (ZW4005) ge_14291_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE 14292 ge_14292_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE 14294 (ZW3005) ge_14294_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE 14295 ge_14295_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products ZW3011/14296 ge_14296_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE/Jasco 14299 ge_14299_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products Jasco 14318 ge_14318_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE/Jasco 14321 ge_14321_00_000 HVAC
Jasco Products In-Wall Smart Motion Dimmer ge_26933_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE 28167 (ZW3104) ge_28167_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products GE 28169 / Jasco 28168 4.9 ge_28169_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products GE 28169 / Jasco 28168 5.0 ge_28169_05_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products 28177 ge_28177_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products 35931 ge_35931_00_000 Light Bulb
Jasco Products 45603 ge_45603_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products 45604 ge_45604_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products 45605 ge_45605_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products 45606, ZW3003 ge_45606_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 45607 ge_45607_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 45609 ge_45609_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 46201 ge_46201_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products GE 46202 ge_46202_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 46203 ge_46203_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 32563 ge_smartdoorsensor_00_000 Sensor
Jasco Products ZW1001 ge_zw1001_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products ZW3003, GE 12724 ge_zw3003_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products ZW3011/14322/46565 ge_zw3011_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products ZW3101 ge_zw3101_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products ZW3102 ge_zw3102_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products GE 28175 (ZW3106) 5.23 to 5.23 ge_zw3106_05_023 Power Outlet
Jasco Products ZW4002 ge_zw4002_00_000 HVAC
Jasco Products GE ZW4004 ge_zw4004_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products ZW4005, 12722 ge_zw4005_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products 26931/ZW4006 ge_zw4006_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products ZW4009 ge_zw4009_00_000 Wall Switch
Jasco Products ZW4101 ge_zw4101_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products ZW4102 ge_zw4102_00_000 Power Outlet
Jasco Products ZW6302 ge_zw6302_00_000 Motion Detector
Good Way Technology Co., Ltd 36511 goodway_36511_00_000 Light Bulb
Good Way Technology Co., Ltd 78008 goodway_78008_00_000 Door
Good Way Technology Co., Ltd TD1311 goodway_td1311_00_000 Wall Switch
Graber CSZ1 graber_csz1_00_000 Blinds
Graber RSZ1 graber_rsz1_00_000 Remote Control
Graber VCZ1 graber_vcz1_00_000 Remote Control
GreenWave Reality Inc. GWPN1 3.0 greenwave_gwpn1_03_000 Power Outlet
GreenWave Reality Inc. GWPN5 greenwave_gwpn5_00_000 Power Outlet
GreenWave Reality Inc. GWPN6 greenwave_gwpn6_00_000 Power Outlet
Guardtec KeyWe Smart lock guardtec_keywesmartlock_00_000 Lock
HAB Home Intelligence, LLC IB2.0 habhome_iblindsib20_00_000 Blinds
Hank ACC01 hank_acc01_00_000 Remote Control
Hank DWS01 hank_dws01_00_000 Door
Hank HKZW_FLD01 hank_hkzwfld01_00_000 Sensor
Hank HKZW_MS01 hank_hkzwms01_00_000 Sensor
Hank HKZW_MS02 hank_hkzwms02_00_000 Sensor
Hank HKZW-SO01 hank_hkzws001_00_000 Power Outlet
Hank HKZW_SO03 hank_hkzwso03_00_000 Power Outlet
Hank RGB bulb hank_rgbbulb_00_000 Light Bulb
Hank SCN01 hank_scn01_00_000 Remote Control
Hank SCN04 hank_scn04_00_000 Remote Control
Hank HKZW-SO05 hank_so05_00_000 Power Outlet
Hank SW es01 hank_swes01_00_000
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd DX1CG-Z heiman_dx1cgz_00_000 Sensor
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS1CA-Z heiman_hs1caz_00_000 Sensor
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS1DS-Z heiman_hs1dsz_00_000 Sensor
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS1HT-Z heiman_hs1htz_00_000 Sensor
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS1MS-Z heiman_hs1msz_00_000 Motion Detector
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS1SA-Z heiman_hs1sa_00_000 Smoke Detector
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS2SK-Z heiman_hs2skz_00_000 Power Outlet
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS2WD-Z heiman_hs2wdz_00_000 Siren
Heiman Technology Co. Ltd HS3WL-Z heiman_m4172_00_000 Sensor
Heltun HE-ZW-THERM-FL2 heltun_hezwthermfl2_00_000 HVAC
Hogar Controls HTP-4S1-FB 2.2 hogar_htp4s1fb_02_002 Wall Switch
Hogar Controls HTP-8S0-XX hogar_htp850xx_00_000 Wall Switch
Hogar Controls Lumi LM-S4ZW (C-L) hogar_lmsxzwcl_00_000 Wall Switch
Hogar Controls Lumi 1 button ZWave hogar_lumi1button_00_000 Wall Switch
Hogar Controls Lumi 2 Blinds ZWave Switch hogar_lumi2blinds_00_000 Wall Switch
Hogar Controls Lumi LM-SxZW (C-L) hogar_lumilmsxzwcl_00_000 Wall Switch
Express Controls EZMotion Express homeseer_ezmotionexpress_00_000 Sensor
Express Controls EZMultiPli homeseer_ezmultipli_00_000 Sensor
HomeSeer Technologies HS-DS100+ homeseer_hsds100_00_000 Door
HomeSeer Technologies HS-FC200+ homeseer_hsfc200_00_000 Wall Switch
HomeSeer Technologies HS-FLS100+ homeseer_hsfls100_00_000 Motion Detector
HomeSeer Technologies HS-FS100+ Flex 5.18 homeseer_hsfs100flex_05_018 Sensor
HomeSeer Technologies HS-FS100-L 5.17 homeseer_hsfs100l_00_000 Sensor
HomeSeer Technologies HS-LS100+ homeseer_hsls100_00_000 Sensor
HomeSeer Technologies HS-MS100+ homeseer_hsms100_00_000 Motion Detector
HomeSeer Technologies HS-PA100+ homeseer_hspa100_00_000 Power Outlet
HomeSeer Technologies HS-WD100+ homeseer_hswd100_00_000 Wall Switch
HomeSeer Technologies HS-WD200+ 5.11 homeseer_hswd200511_05_011 Wall Switch
HomeSeer Technologies HS-WD200+ 5.9 homeseer_hswd200_00_000 Wall Switch
HomeSeer Technologies HS-WS100+ homeseer_hsws100_00_000 Wall Switch
HomeSeer Technologies HS-WS200+ 5.7 to 5.7 homeseer_hsws200_05_007 Wall Switch
HomeSeer Technologies HS-WS200+ 5.12 homeseer_hsws200_05_012 Wall Switch
HomeSeer Technologies HS-WV100+ homeseer_hswv100_00_000 Valve
Honeywell 39339 (ZW3107) honeywell_39339_00_000 Power Outlet
Honeywell 39342 / Jasco ZW4106 honeywell_39342_00_000 Power Outlet
Honeywell 39348 honeywell_39348_00_000 Wall Switch
Honeywell 39349 honeywell_39349_00_000 Wall Switch
Honeywell 39351 / Jasco ZW3005 honeywell_39351_00_000 Wall Switch
Honeywell 39354 honeywell_39354_00_000 Wall Switch
Honeywell 39357 (ZW3004) honeywell_39357_00_000 Wall Switch
Honeywell 39358 honeywell_39358_00_000 Wall Switch
Honeywell TH6320ZW honeywell_th6320zw_00_000 HVAC
Honeywell TH8320ZW honeywell_th8320zw_00_000 HVAC
Honeywell Tuxedo Touch honeywell_tuxedotouchwifi_00_000 Remote Control
Honeywell ZW3010 honeywell_zw3010_00_000 Wall Switch
Honeywell 39336 / ZW3104 honeywell_zw3104_00_000 Power Outlet
Honeywell ZW4005 honeywell_zw4005_00_000 Wall Switch
Honeywell Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch honeywell_zw4201_00_000 Power Outlet
Horstmann Controls Limited ASR-ZW horstmann_asrzw_00_000 HVAC
Horstmann Controls Limited C17-ZW horstmann_c17zw_00_000 HVAC
Horstmann Controls Limited HRT4-ZW horstmann_hrt4zw_00_000 HVAC
Horstmann Controls Limited S123A00R horstmann_s123a00r_00_000 Sensor
Horstmann Controls Limited SCSC-17 horstmann_scsc17_00_000 HVAC
Horstmann Controls Limited SES 302 horstmann_ses302_00_000 Sensor
Horstmann Controls Limited SES 303 horstmann_ses303_00_000 Sensor
Horstmann Controls Limited SIR-321 horstmann_sir321_00_000 Wall Switch
Horstmann Controls Limited SRT321 horstmann_srt321_00_000 HVAC
Horstmann Controls Limited SRT323 horstmann_srt323_00_000 HVAC
Horstmann Controls Limited SSP302 horstmann_ssp302_00_000 Power Outlet
Horstmann Controls Limited SSR-302 horstmann_ssr302_00_000 HVAC
Horstmann Controls Limited SWM301 horstmann_swm301_00_000 Sensor
Alphonsus Tech IDL-101 idlock_idl101_00_000 Lock
ID Lock AS ID-150 1.5 idlock_idl150_00_000 Lock
ID Lock AS ID-150 1.6 idlock_idl150new_01_006 Lock
Ingersoll Rand (was Ecolink) DWZWAVE1 ingersollecolink_dwzwave1_00_000 Door
Ingersoll Rand (was Ecolink) RS200 ingersollecolink_rs200_00_000 Sensor
INNOVUS SmartDimmer 1.0 innovus_00110001_01_000 Wall Switch
INNOVUS SmartPower innovus_smartpower_00_000 Wall Switch
INNOVUS SmoothRemote innovus_smoothremote_00_000 Remote Control
Inovelli LZW30 inovelli_lzw30_00_000 Wall Switch
Inovelli LZW30-SN inovelli_lzw30sn_00_000 Wall Switch
Inovelli LZW31 inovelli_lzw31dimmer_00_000 Wall Switch
Inovelli LZW31-SN inovelli_lzw31sn_00_000 Wall Switch
Inovelli LZW36 inovelli_lzw36_00_000 Wall Switch
Inovelli LZW41 inovelli_lzw41_00_000 Light Bulb
Inovelli LZW42 inovelli_lzw42_00_000 Light Bulb
Inovelli LZW60 inovelli_lzw60_00_000 Motion Detector
Intermatic CA3000 intermatic_ca3000_00_000 Wall Switch
Intermatic CA3500 intermatic_ca3500_00_000 Power Outlet
Intermatic CA3750 intermatic_ca3750_00_000 Wall Switch
Intermatic CA600 intermatic_ca600_00_000 Wall Switch
Intermatic CA8900 intermatic_ca8900_00_000 HVAC
Intermatic HA-01C intermatic_ha01c_00_000 Power Outlet
Intermatic HA02 intermatic_ha02_00_000 Power Outlet
Intermatic HA03 intermatic_ha03_00_000 Light Bulb
Intermatic HA04 intermatic_ha04_00_000 Power Outlet
Intermatic HA05 intermatic_ha05_00_000 Light Bulb
Intermatic HA14WD intermatic_ha14wd_00_000 Wall Switch
Intermatic HA18 intermatic_ha18_00_000 Wall Switch
Intermatic HA20 intermatic_ha20_00_000 Wall Switch
Intermatic PE653 3.4 to 3.4 intermatic_pe653_03_004 Remote Control
Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd DL9101V isurpass_dl9101v_00_000 Lock
Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd DX1WL-Z isurpass_dx1wl_00_000 Sensor
Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd iLock isurpass_ilock_00_000 Lock
Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd J1504 isurpass_j1504_00_000 Sensor
Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd J1505 isurpass_j1505_00_000 Motion Detector
Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd JWZH-O-2015-14 isurpass_jwzho201514_00_000 Valve
Shenzhen iSurpass Technology Co. ,Ltd Smoke Detector isurpass_smokedetector_00_000 Smoke Detector
Jin Tao Bao Curtain Motor jintaobao_curtainmotor_00_000 Blinds
Johnson Controls KONOzw johnson_konozw_00_000 HVAC
Kaipule Technology Co., Ltd. ES-61 5.255 kaipule_es61_00_000 Smoke Detector
Kaipule Technology Co., Ltd. IM-20 kaipule_im20_00_000 Sensor
Kaipule Technology Co., Ltd. DP-32 / IX-30 / IX-32 6.0 kaipule_ix32_06_000 Motion Detector
Kichler 12387 kichler_12387_00_000 Light Bulb
Kichler 15DC200 kichler_15dc200_00_000 Power Outlet
Kichler 15DC300 kichler_15dc300_00_000 Power Outlet
Black & Decker Kwikset Obsidian 954 kwikset_2206_00_000 Lock
Black & Decker Kwikset SmartCode 910 kwikset_910_00_000 Lock
Black & Decker Kwikset SmartCode 912 kwikset_912_00_000 Lock
Black & Decker Kwikset 914C Convert Smart Lock kwikset_914c_00_000 Lock
Black & Decker 914TRL kwikset_914trl_00_000 Lock
Black & Decker 914TRLv3 kwikset_914trlv3_00_000 Lock
Black & Decker GED1800 kwikset_ged1800_00_000 Lock
Black & Decker SmartCode 888 kwikset_smartcode888_00_000 Lock
Leak Intelligence, LLC LGZW leak_lgzw_00_000 Valve
Leviton DZ15S leviton_dz15s_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton DZ1KD leviton_dz1kd_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton DZ6HD leviton_dz6hd_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton DZMX1 leviton_dzmx1_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton DZPA1 leviton_dzpa1_00_000 Power Outlet
Leviton DZPD3 leviton_dzpd3_00_000 Power Outlet
Leviton DZR15 leviton_dzr15_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton DZS15 leviton_dzs15_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton RZI06-1L leviton_rzi061l_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton RZP03 leviton_rzp03_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRC0P (v1) leviton_vrc0pv1_00_000 Remote Control
Leviton VRCS1 leviton_vrcs1_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRCS2 leviton_vrcs2_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRCS4 leviton_vrcs4_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRCS4-M0 leviton_vrcs4m0_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRCZ1 leviton_vrcz1_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRCZ4 leviton_vrcz4_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRE06 leviton_vre06_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRF01 leviton_vrf01_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRI06 leviton_vri06_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRI10 leviton_vri10_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRMX1 leviton_vrmx11lz_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRP03 leviton_vrp03_00_000 Power Outlet
Leviton VRPA1 leviton_vrpa1_00_000 Power Outlet
Leviton VRPD3 leviton_vrpd3_00_000 Power Outlet
Leviton VRR15-1LZ leviton_vrr151lz_00_000 Power Outlet
Leviton VRS05 leviton_vrs05_00_000 Wall Switch
Leviton VRS15 leviton_vrs15_00_000 Wall Switch
Linear Corp FS20Z linear_fs20z_00_000 Wall Switch
Linear Corp GB00Z linear_gb00z_00_000 Sensor
Linear Corp GoControl GC-TBZ48 linear_gctbz48_00_000 HVAC
Linear Corp LB60Z-1 linear_lb60z1_00_000 Light Bulb
Linear Corp Smart Retrofit Lighting Kit linear_lb65r6z_00_000 Light Bulb
Linear Corp LBR30Z-1 5.16 to 5.16 linear_lbr30z1_05_016 Light Bulb
Linear Corp NGD00Z-4 linear_ngd00z4_00_000 Garage Door
Linear Corp PD300EMZ5-1 linear_pd300emz5_00_000 Power Outlet
Linear Corp PD300Z-2 linear_pd300z2_00_000 Light Bulb
Linear Corp PIR-200 linear_pir200_00_000 Motion Detector
Linear Corp PS15EMZ51 linear_ps15emz51_00_000 Power Outlet
Linear Corp PS15Z linear_ps15z_00_000 Power Outlet
Linear Corp WA00Z-1 linear_wa00z1_00_000 Wall Switch
Linear Corp WA105DBZ linear_wa105dbz_00_000 Siren
Linear Corp WADWAZ-1 linear_wadwaz1_00_000 Door
Linear Corp WAPIRZ-1 linear_wapirz_00_000 Motion Detector
Linear Corp WD500Z5-1 linear_wd500z5_00_000 Wall Switch
Linear Corp WD500Z-1 linear_wd500z_00_000 Wall Switch
Linear Corp GoControl Smart Irrigation Controller linear_wi15vz1_00_000 Valve
Linear Corp WO15EMZ5-1 linear_wo15emz5_00_000 Power Outlet
Linear Corp WO15Z linear_wo15z_00_000 Power Outlet
Linear Corp WS15Z-1 linear_ws15z_00_000 Wall Switch
Linear Corp WT00Z-1 linear_wt00z1_00_000 Wall Switch
Linear Corp WT00Z5-1 linear_wt00z51_00_000 Wall Switch
Locstar Technology Co., Ltd LS-8015-ZW locstar_ls8015zw_00_000 Lock
Logic Group LHC5020 logic_lhc5020_00_000 Radiator Control
Logic Group LHC5031 0.62 logic_lhc5031_00_062 HVAC
Logic Group Heatit Z-Scene Controller logic_scenecontroller_00_000 Wall Switch
Logic Group ZDB5100 logic_zdb5100_00_000 Wall Switch
Logic Group Dimmy ZDI5200 logic_zdi5200_00_000 Power Outlet
Logic Group ZHC5010 1.12 logic_zhc5010_00_000 Wall Switch
Logic Group ZHC5010 2.0 logic_zhc5010_02_000 Wall Switch
Logic Group ZIF5029 logic_zif5029_00_000 Power Outlet
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd A8-9 mcohome_a8co2_00_000 Sensor
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-C221 mcohome_c221_00_000 Blinds
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH3900 mcohome_mcomh3900_00_000 HVAC
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH10-PM2.5-WA mcohome_mh10pm25wa_00_000 Sensor
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH10-PM2.5-WA/WD mcohome_mh10pm25wawd_00_000 Sensor
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH6-HP 1.255 mcohome_mh6hp_00_000 HVAC
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH6-HP 2.0 mcohome_mh6hp_02_000 HVAC
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH7 mcohome_mh7_00_000 HVAC
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH7H mcohome_mh7h_00_000 HVAC
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH8-FC 2.9 mcohome_mh8fc_00_000 HVAC
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH8-FC mcohome_mh8fcplus2_00_000 HVAC
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH8-FC 3.0 mcohome_mh8fcplus_03_000 HVAC
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH9-CO2-WA mcohome_mh9co2wa_00_000 Sensor
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH9-CO2-WD mcohome_mh9co2wd_00_000 Sensor
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-DT311 mcohome_mhdt311_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-P220 mcohome_mhp220_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-P311 mcohome_mhp311_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S212 mcohome_mhs212_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S220 mcohome_mhs220_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S311H mcohome_mhs311_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S312 mcohome_mhs312_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S314 mcohome_mhs314_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S411 mcohome_mhs411_00_000
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S412 mcohome_mhs41255_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S412 mcohome_mhs412_00_000
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S511 mcohome_mhs511_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S511-IL mcohome_mhs511il_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S512 mcohome_mhs512_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S512-IL mcohome_mhs512il_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S513 mcohome_mhs513_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S521 mcohome_mhs521_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd MH-S613 mcohome_mhs613_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd TPS411 5.5 mcohome_tps411_00_000 Wall Switch
McoHome Technology Co., Ltd TPS412 mcohome_tps412_00_000 Wall Switch
MegaChips FIBEFGS-213 megachips_fibefgs213mega_00_000 Wall Switch
Merten 5046xx merten_5046xx_00_000 Wall Switch
Merten 5071xx merten_505160_00_000 Remote Control
Merten 506004 merten_506004_00_000 Wall Switch
Merten 506219 merten_506219_00_000 Wall Switch
Merten 507001 merten_507001_00_000 Wall Switch
Merten 507502 merten_507502_00_000 Wall Switch
Merten 507601 merten_507601_00_000 Wall Switch
Merten 507801 merten_507801_00_000 Blinds
Merten 507900 merten_507900_00_000 Wall Switch
Merten 5082xx merten_5082xx_00_000 Remote Control
Merten 508519 merten_508519_00_000 Power Outlet
Merten 509519 merten_509519_00_000 Motion Detector
Merten 50x5xx merten_50x5xx_00_000 Blinds
MOBILUS MOTOR Spólka z o.o. EZRS mobilus_m35ezrs_00_000 Blinds
Monoprice 10795 monoprice_10795_00_000 Door
Monoprice PID15654 monoprice_wallsocket_00_000 Power Outlet
Monster Cable IWD600S monster_iwd600s_00_000 Wall Switch
Monster Cable ML LD300 monster_mlld300_00_000 Power Outlet
Namron 1402756 namron_1402756_00_000 Wall Switch
Namron 4512710 namron_4512710_00_000 Wall Switch
Namron 4512714/ZV9001K8 namron_4512714_00_000 Remote Control
Nexia Home Intelligence DB100Z nexia_db100z_00_000 Door
NIE Technology NZW31 nietech_dimmer_00_000 Wall Switch
NIE Technology ZW39 nietech_evalogikzw39_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology Minoston nietech_minoston_00_000 Wall Switch
NIE Technology MP20Z nietech_mp20z_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology MP22Z nietech_mp22z_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology MS11Z 4.0 to 4.0 nietech_ms11z_04_000 Wall Switch
NIE Technology NZW30 nietech_nzw30_00_000 Wall Switch
NIE Technology NZW30S nietech_nzw30s_00_000 Wall Switch
NIE Technology NZW31S nietech_nzw31s_00_000 Wall Switch
NIE Technology NZW36 nietech_nzw36_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology NZW37 nietech_nzw37_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology NZW39 nietech_nzw39_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology NZW96 nietech_nzw96_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology ZW36 nietech_smartplugswitch_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology ZW31 nietech_zw31_00_000 Wall Switch
NIE Technology ZW37 nietech_zw37_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology ZW681 2.1 nietech_zw681vde_02_001 Power Outlet
NIE Technology ZW96 nietech_zw96_00_000 Power Outlet
NIE Technology ZW97 nietech_zw97_00_000 Power Outlet
ID-RF ASP-3-1 nodon_asp31_00_000 Power Outlet
ID-RF CRC-3100 nodon_crc3100_00_000 Remote Control
ID-RF CWS-3101 nodon_cws3101_00_000 Wall Switch
ID-RF MSP-3-1-X1 nodon_msp31x1_00_000 Power Outlet
ID-RF Soft Remote nodon_softremote_00_000 Remote Control
NorthQ NQ-9021 northq_nq9021_00_000 Sensor
NorthQ NQ-9022 northq_nq9022_00_000 Sensor
NorthQ NQ-9121 3.0 northq_nq9121_03_000 Sensor
Novar Electrical Devices and Systems (EDS) LDM32 novar_ldm32uc_00_000 Wall Switch
Fantem FT096 oomi_ft096_00_000 Power Outlet
Fantem FT098 oomi_ft098_00_000 Light Bulb
Fantem FT100 oomi_ft100_00_000 Sensor
Fantem FT111 oomi_ft111_00_000 Wall Switch
Fantem FT112 oomi_ft112_00_000 Door
Fantem FT116 oomi_ft116_00_000 Wall Switch
Fantem FT121 oomi_ft121_00_000 Light Bulb
Fantem FT130 oomi_ft130_00_000 Wall Switch
Fantem FT132 oomi_ft132_00_000 Wall Switch
Fantem FT141 oomi_ft141_00_000 Blinds
Fantem FT149 oomi_ft149_00_000 Siren
permundo GmbH PSC132ZW permundo_psc132zw_00_000 Wall Switch
permundo GmbH PSC152ZW permundo_psc152zw_00_000 Blinds
permundo GmbH PSC234ZW permundo_psc234zw_00_000 Power Outlet
Philio Technology Corp ZIP-PAB01 philio_pab01_00_000 Wall Switch
Philio Technology Corp PAD02 philio_pad02_00_000 Light Bulb
Philio Technology Corp PAN03 philio_pan03_00_000 Wall Switch
Philio Technology Corp PAN04 philio_pan04_00_000 Wall Switch
Philio Technology Corp PAN05-1B philio_pan05_00_000 Wall Switch
Philio Technology Corp PAN06 1.7 philio_pan06_00_000 Wall Switch
Philio Technology Corp PAN06 1.8 philio_pan06_01_008 Wall Switch
Philio Technology Corp Philio PAN07-1A philio_pan071a_00_000 Wall Switch
Philio Technology Corp PAN08 philio_pan081a_00_000 Blinds
Philio Technology Corp PAN08 philio_pan08_00_000 Blinds
Philio Technology Corp PAN11 philio_pan11_00_000 Power Outlet
Philio Technology Corp PAN16 1.2 philio_pan16_01_002 Power Outlet
Philio Technology Corp PAT02-A philio_pat02a_00_000 Sensor
Philio Technology Corp PAT02-B philio_pat02b_00_000 Sensor
Philio Technology Corp PAT02-C philio_pat02c_00_000 Sensor
Philio Technology Corp PAT05 philio_pat05_00_000 Sensor
Philio Technology Corp PH-PSR03 philio_phpsr03_00_000 Remote Control
Philio Technology Corp PSE02 philio_pse02_00_000 Siren
Philio Technology Corp ZIPATO ZIP-PSG01 philio_psg01_00_000 Smoke Detector
Philio Technology Corp PSM02 philio_psm02_00_000 Door
Philio Technology Corp PSM08 philio_psm08_00_000 Door
Philio Technology Corp PSP05 philio_psp05_00_000 Sensor
Philio Technology Corp PSR04 philio_psr04_00_000 Remote Control
Philio Technology Corp PST02A philio_pst02a_00_000 Sensor
Philio Technology Corp PST02B philio_pst02b_00_000 Sensor
Philio Technology Corp PST02C philio_pst02c_00_000 Door
Pixela Corporation ZHS03 pixela_schwzhs03_00_000 Wall Switch
Poly-control Danalock V3-BTZE polycontrol_btze_00_000 Lock
Poly-control BTZEUMV1 polycontrol_btzeumv1_00_000 Lock
Poly-control BTZW125 polycontrol_btzu125_00_000 Lock
Poly-control UMV3-BTZ polycontrol_umv3btze_00_000 Lock
Popp & Co 004001 popp_004001_00_000 Smoke Detector
Popp & Co 004407 1.0 popp_004407_01_000 Sensor
Popp & Co 005107 1.1 to 1.4 popp_005107_01_001 Siren
Popp & Co 005206 popp_005206_00_000 Sensor
Popp & Co 009204 popp_009204_00_000 Remote Control
Popp & Co 009303 popp_009303_00_000 Wall Switch
Popp & Co 009402 1.1 popp_009402_00_000 Smoke Detector
Popp & Co 009402 1.14 popp_009402_01_014 Smoke Detector
Popp & Co 009501 1.1 to 1.2 popp_009501_01_001 Valve
Popp & Co 012501 1.4 popp_012501_01_004 Lock
Popp & Co 05438 popp_05438_00_000 Power Outlet
Popp & Co 123580 popp_123580_00_000 Power Outlet
Popp & Co 123610 popp_123610_00_000 Power Outlet
Popp & Co 123665 popp_123665_00_000 Power Outlet
Popp & Co 700045 popp_700045_00_000 Remote Control
Popp & Co 700342 popp_700342_00_000 Smoke Detector
Popp & Co 700793 popp_700793_00_000 Power Outlet
Popp & Co 700854 2.4 popp_700854_02_004 Siren
Popp & Co POPE700052 popp_pope700052_00_000 Sensor
Popp & Co POPE700168 popp_pope700168_00_000 Sensor
Popp & Co POPE700397 popp_pope700397_00_000 Power Outlet
Popp & Co POPE700982 popp_pope700982_00_000 Door
Popp & Co POPE701202 popp_pope701202_00_000 Sensor
Powerley PWLY-7828-A1 powerley_pwly7828_00_000 HVAC
Team Precision PCL ZSL301EU precision_zsl301eu_00_000 Wall Switch
Prodrive Technologies ED2.0 prodrive_ed20_00_000 Sensor
Qees P313A qees_p313a_00_000 Power Outlet
Qees Wall qees_qwall_00_000 Remote Control
Goap ZMNKAD qubino_luxyswitch_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNKID qubino_onoffthermo2_00_000 HVAC
Goap ZMNHAA qubino_zmnhaa_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHAD qubino_zmnhad_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHBA qubino_zmnhba_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHBD qubino_zmnhbd_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHCA qubino_zmnhca_00_000 Blinds
Goap ZMNHCD 4.0 qubino_zmnhcd_00_000 Blinds
Goap ZMNHCD 4.1 qubino_zmnhcd_04_001 Blinds
Goap ZMNHDA qubino_zmnhda_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHDD qubino_zmnhdd_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHHD qubino_zmnhhd_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHIA qubino_zmnhia_00_000 HVAC
Goap ZMNHID qubino_zmnhid_00_000 HVAC
Goap ZMNHJA qubino_zmnhja_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHJD qubino_zmnhjd_00_000 Radiator Control
Goap ZMNHKD qubino_zmnhkd_00_000 HVAC
Goap ZMNHLA qubino_zmnhla_00_000 HVAC
Goap ZMNHLD qubino_zmnhld_00_000 HVAC
Goap ZMNHND qubino_zmnhnd_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHOD qubino_zmnhod_00_000 Blinds
Goap ZMNHQD qubino_zmnhqd_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHSD qubino_zmnhsd_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHTD qubino_zmnhtd_00_000 Sensor
Goap ZMNHUD qubino_zmnhud_00_000 HVAC
Goap ZMNHVD qubino_zmnhvd_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHWD qubino_zmnhwd_00_000 Wall Switch
Goap ZMNHXD qubino_zmnhxd_00_000 Sensor
Goap ZMNHYD qubino_zmnhyd_00_000 Power Outlet
Goap ZMNHZD qubino_zmnhzd_00_000 Sensor
Quby EN00 quby_en00_00_000 Sensor
Residential Control Systems, Inc. (RCS) TBZ48 rcs_tbz48_00_000 HVAC
Residential Control Systems, Inc. (RCS) TZ43 rcs_tz43_00_000 HVAC
Residential Control Systems, Inc. (RCS) TZ45 rcs_tz45_00_000 HVAC
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) Reitz 05431 reitz_05431_00_000 Wall Switch
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) 05433 reitz_05433_00_000 Wall Switch
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) Duwi ZW WS - 05443 reitz_05443_00_000 Wall Switch
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) 064394 reitz_064394_00_000 Power Outlet
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) Duewi ZW-ZS-3500 reitz_duw064374_00_000 Power Outlet
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) Duwi Z-Wave Plugin Switch reitz_duw064381_00_000
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) DUW_RPT reitz_duwrpt_00_000
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) swiidplug reitz_swiidplug_00_000 Power Outlet
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) ZME_05431 reitz_zme05431_00_000 Wall Switch
Reitz-Group.de (opens new window) ZW ESJ 300 reitz_zwesj300_00_000 Blinds
Remotec ZRM-80 remotec_adt8020_00_000 Power Outlet
Remotec ZDM-80 remotec_adt8021_00_000 Power Outlet
Remotec ZDS-210NA remotec_zds210na_00_000 Power Outlet
Remotec ZFM-80 remotec_zfm80_00_000 Light Bulb
Remotec ZRC-100 remotec_zrc100_00_000 Remote Control
Remotec ZTS-110 remotec_zts110_00_000 HVAC
Remotec ZTS-500 remotec_zts500_00_000 HVAC
Remotec ZXT-120 remotec_zxt120_00_000 HVAC
Remotec ZXT-310 remotec_zxt310_00_000 Remote Control
Remotec ZXT-600 1.3 remotec_zxt600_01_003 Remote Control
Ring PIR Motion Sensor ring_1156d_00_000 Motion Detector
Ring DW-SS ring_dwss_00_000 Door
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT100 rtc_ct100_00_000 HVAC
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT100 Plus rtc_ct100plus_00_000 HVAC
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT101 rtc_ct101_00_000 HVAC
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT110 rtc_ct110_00_000 HVAC
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT200 rtc_ct200_00_000 HVAC
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT200X rtc_ct200x_00_000 HVAC
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT30 rtc_ct30_00_000 HVAC
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT32 rtc_ct32_00_000 HVAC
Radio Thermostat Company of America (RTC) CT80 rtc_ct80_00_000 HVAC
Guangzhou Ruixiang M&E Co., Ltd DM0027 Mini ruixiang_dm0027mini_00_000 Blinds
Samsung SDS hmdm100 samsungsds_hmdm100_00_000 Lock
Shenzhen Saykey Technology SK-3007-05 saykey_sk300705_00_000 Blinds
Allegion BE369 schlage_be369_00_000 Lock
Allegion BE468 schlage_be468_00_000 Lock
Allegion BE468ZP schlage_be468zp_00_000 Lock
Allegion BE469 schlage_be469_00_000 Lock
Allegion BE469ZP schlage_be469zp_00_000 Lock
Allegion FE599NX schlage_fe599nx_00_000 Lock
Seco Zwave Clamp seco_clamp_00_000 Sensor
Sensative AB 11-01-011 sensative_1101011_00_000 Sensor
Sensative AB 11 02 011 0.2 sensative_1102011_00_000 Sensor
Sensative AB 11 02 011 0.3 sensative_1102011_00_003 Sensor
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd NAS-WR01ZE shenzhen_coolcampwrplug_00_000 Power Outlet
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd EU-1 shenzhen_eu1_00_000 Wall Switch
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd EU-2 shenzhen_eu2_00_000 Wall Switch
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd EU-3 shenzhen_eu3_00_000 Wall Switch
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd Flood sensor shenzhen_floodsensor_00_000 Sensor
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd Motion Sensor shenzhen_motionsensor_00_000 Motion Detector
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd Motion Sensor IN shenzhen_motionsensorin_00_000 Sensor
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd NAS-AB01Z shenzhen_nasab01z_00_000 Siren
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd NAS-DS01Z shenzhen_nasds01z_00_000 Door
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd NAS-RC03Z shenzhen_nasrc03z_00_000 Remote Control
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd NEO Coolcam Roller Shutter shenzhen_neors_00_000 Blinds
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd NAS-WR01ZE shenzhen_powerplug_00_000 Power Outlet
Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co., Ltd SOS/Remote Control shenzhen_sosremote_00_000 Remote Control
SIEGENIA-AUBI KG Sensoair siegeniaaubi_sensoair_00_000 Sensor
Sigma Designs (Former Zensys) M417_9E sigma_m4179e_00_000
Sigma Designs (Former Zensys) PS9EP sigma_ps9ep_00_000 Wall Switch
Sigma Designs (Former Zensys) SM-A702A sigma_sma702a_00_000 Sensor
Sigma Designs (Former Zensys) SM-PZ701U sigma_smpz701u_00_000
Sigma Designs (Former Zensys) K8 sigma_zwck8_00_000 Wall Switch
SimonTech S.L.U 10002034-13X simontech_10000322039_00_000 Wall Switch
SimonTech S.L.U 10001020-13X simontech_1000102013x_00_000 Wall Switch
SimonTech S.L.U 10002080-13x simontech_1000203413x_00_000 Blinds
SimonTech S.L.U 10002041-130 simontech_10002041130_00_000 Power Outlet
SimonTech S.L.U 10002041-13X simontech_1000204113x_00_000 Power Outlet
Smartly AS FMS01 smartly_multiswitch_00_000 Wall Switch
Somfy ZDMI 1870171 somfy_1870171_00_000 Blinds
Somfy ZRTSI somfy_zrtsi_00_000 Blinds
Somfy ZRTSI-VNODE somfy_zrtsivnode_00_000 Blinds
Steinel IS140-2 steinel_is1402_00_000 Motion Detector
Steinel L 810 LED iHF steinel_l810ledihf_00_000 Light Bulb
Steinel MotionSwitch LED steinel_motionswitchled_00_000 Light Bulb
Steinel RS LED D2 Z-Wave steinel_rsledd2_00_000 Light Bulb
Steinel XLED Home 2 steinel_xledhome2_00_000 Light Bulb
Stelpro STZW402 stelpro_stzw402_00_000 HVAC
Sunricher Heatit Z-Push Button 8 sunricher_heatit_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZW4001 sunricher_rgbgeniezw4001_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher VEGGPLUG sunricher_veggplug_00_000 Power Outlet
Sunricher ZV2400TAC-SL-A sunricher_zv2400tacsla_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV2835RAC sunricher_zv2835rac_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9001K12-DIM sunricher_zv9001k12dim_00_000 Remote Control
Sunricher SR-ZV9001K2-Dim sunricher_zv9001k2_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9001K4-DIM sunricher_zv9001k4dim_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9001K8-DIM sunricher_zv9001k8dim_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9001T3-RGBW sunricher_zv9001t3rgbw_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9001T4-DIM sunricher_zv9001t4dim_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9001T4-RGBW sunricher_zv9001t4rgbw_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9002T4-CCT sunricher_zv9002t4_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9003T3-RGBW sunricher_zv9003t3_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9010 sunricher_zv9010_00_000 Sensor
Sunricher ZV9101 sunricher_zv9101_00_000 Light Bulb
Sunricher ZV-9101 sunricher_zv9101pushdim_00_000 Wall Switch
Sunricher ZV9102FA-CCT sunricher_zv9102facct_00_000 Light Bulb
SWidget ZW001RWA swidget_zw001rwa_00_000 Power Outlet
Systemair Sverige AS 29990 systemair_29990_00_000 HVAC
Technisat 0300/9499 technisat_03009498_00_000 Wall Switch
Technisat Series switch 0300/9498 technisat_seriesswitch_00_000 Wall Switch
Technisat TechniSat Shutter technisat_shutter_00_000 Blinds
Telldus Technologies AB TZDW-100 telldus_tzdw100_00_000 Sensor
Telldus Technologies AB TZWP-100 telldus_tzwp100_00_000 Power Outlet
Telldus Technologies AB TZWP-102 telldus_tzwp102_00_000 Power Outlet
Telldus Technologies AB ZNet Lite v2 telldus_znetlitev2_00_000 Remote Control
Teptron AB MoveZ teptron_movez_00_000 Blinds
ThermoFloor HeatIt ZDim thermofloor_019b_00_000 Wall Switch
ThermoFloor HEATIT Z-RELAY thermofloor_heatitzrelay_00_000 Power Outlet
ThermoFloor Heatit ZM Single Relay thermofloor_zmrelay_00_000 Power Outlet
ThermoFloor TF016 1.7 thermofloor_tf016_00_000 HVAC
ThermoFloor TF016 1.8 to 1.91 thermofloor_tf016_01_008 HVAC
ThermoFloor TF016 1.92 thermofloor_tf016_01_092 HVAC
ThermoFloor Heatit Z-TRM 2 2.6 to 2.255 thermofloor_ztrm2_02_006 HVAC
ThermoFloor Z-TRM2fx 3.0 thermofloor_ztrm2fx_03_000 HVAC
ThermoFloor HEATIT Z-TRM3 thermofloor_ztrm3_00_000 HVAC
ThermoFloor Heatit Z Water thermofloor_zwater_00_000 HVAC
TKB Home GR308 tkb_gr308_00_000
TKB Home TSM02 tkb_tsm02_00_000 Sensor
TKB Home TSM10 tkb_tsm10_00_000 Door
TKB Home TZ04 tkb_tz04_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ06 tkb_tz06_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ08 tkb_tz08_00_000 Blinds
TKB Home TZ10 tkb_tz10_00_000 HVAC
TKB Home TZ35S tkb_tz35s_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ36D 2.1 tkb_tz36d_02_001 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ37 tkb_tz37_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ55D tkb_tz55d_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ65D tkb_tz65d_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ66D tkb_tz66d_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ67 tkb_tz67_00_000 Power Outlet
TKB Home TZ68 tkb_tz68_00_000 Power Outlet
TKB Home TZ69 tkb_tz69_00_000 Power Outlet
TKB Home TZ74 tkb_tz74_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ75 tkb_tz75_00_000 Blinds
TKB Home TZ77 tkb_tz77_00_000 Light Bulb
TKB Home TZ78 tkb_tz78_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ79 tkb_tz79_00_000 Wall Switch
TKB Home TZ88 tkb_tz88_00_000 Power Outlet
TKB Home TZE93 tkb_tze93_00_000 HVAC
TKB Home TZE96 tkb_tze96_00_000 Radiator Control
Trane Corporation AZEMT500BB32MA trane_azemt500bb32ma_00_000 HVAC
Trane Corporation Schlage trane_le130_00_000 Remote Control
Trane Corporation TZEMT400BB32MAA trane_tzemt400bb32maa_00_000 HVAC
Trane Corporation XL624 trane_xl624_00_000 HVAC
Trane Corporation Trane XR524 trane_xr524_00_000 HVAC
Universal Electronics Inc. 45601 uei_45601_00_000 Remote Control
UFairy G.R. Tech JTB-1007 ufairy_curtainmotor_00_000 Blinds
UFairy G.R. Tech GR-105 ufairy_gr105_00_000 Valve
UFairy G.R. Tech GR-B3-3 ufairy_grb33_00_000 Wall Switch
UFairy G.R. Tech TP-807ZG ufairy_tp807zg_00_000 Sensor
UFairy G.R. Tech Topvico TP-819ZW ufairy_tp819_00_000 Sensor
UFairy G.R. Tech Zooz Indoor Siren ufairy_zse01_00_000 Siren
UFairy G.R. Tech ZSE02 ufairy_zse02_00_000 Motion Detector
VDA Vitrum III EU Dimmer vda_dimmer3_00_000 Wall Switch
VDA Vitrum Satellite IV vda_satelliteiv_00_000 Wall Switch
VDA Vitrum Satellite VI vda_satellitevi_00_000
VDA Vitrum I EU switch vda_vitrumieuswitch_00_000 Wall Switch
VDA Vitrum Scenario vda_vitrumscenario_00_000 Remote Control
VDA WallZ-503 vda_wallz503_00_000 HVAC
Vemmio DS100 vemmio_ds100_00_000 Wall Switch
Vemmio MT-100 vemmio_mt100_00_000 Sensor
Vision Security Z-BRDG-433 vision_2gigzbrdg433_00_000 Power Outlet
Vision Security AZL7434 5.1 to 5.1 vision_azl7434_05_001 Wall Switch
Vision Security PID11994 vision_pid11994_00_000 Wall Switch
Vision Security PID11995 vision_pid11995_00_000 Power Outlet
Vision Security PID15903 vision_pid15903_00_000 Power Outlet
Vision Security ZD2102 vision_zd2102_00_000 Door
Vision Security ZD2102-5 vision_zd2102plus_00_000 Door
Vision Security ZD2105 vision_zd2105_00_000 Door
Vision Security ZD2201 vision_zd2201_00_000 Sensor
Vision Security ZF5201EU-5 vision_zf5201eu_00_000 Sensor
Vision Security ZG8101 vision_zg8101_00_000 Garage Door
Vision Security ZL7101 vision_zl7101_00_000 Power Outlet
Vision Security ZL7431 vision_zl7431_00_000 Wall Switch
Vision Security ZL7432 vision_zl7432_00_000 Wall Switch
Vision Security ZM1601 vision_zm1601_00_000 Siren
Vision Security ZM1602 14.0 vision_zm1602_00_000 Siren
Vision Security ZM1602 15.0 vision_zm1602_15_000 Siren
Vision Security ZM1621 vision_zm1621br5_00_000 Siren
Vision Security ZM1701 vision_zm1701_00_000 Lock
Vision Security ZM1702 vision_zm1702_00_000 Lock
Vision Security ZP3102 7.99 vision_zp3102_00_000 Sensor
Vision Security ZP3102 8.0 vision_zp3102_08_000 Motion Detector
Vision Security ZP3103 vision_zp3103_00_000 Sensor
Vision Security ZS5101 vision_zs5101_00_000 Sensor
Vision Security ZS6101 vision_zs6101_00_000 Smoke Detector
Vision Security ZS6301-5 vision_zs63015_00_000 Sensor
Vision Security ZS6301 vision_zs6301_00_000 Smoke Detector
Vision Security ZSE40 vision_zse40_00_000 Motion Detector
Vision Security ZT1101 vision_zt1101_00_000 Remote Control
Vision Security ZW4101 vision_zw4101_00_000 Blinds
Wayne Dalton WDTC-20 wayne_wdtc20_00_000 HVAC
wiDom DRY widom_dry_00_000 Wall Switch
wiDom WiDom Universal Relay Switch 1.0 to 1.7 widom_ubs_01_000 Wall Switch
wiDom UMS2 widom_ums2_00_000 Wall Switch
wiDom WDS2 widom_wds2_00_000 Wall Switch
wiDom WDS widom_wds_00_000 Wall Switch
wiDom WPS104 widom_wps104_00_000 Wall Switch
wiDom WSP1 widom_wsp1_00_000 Power Outlet
wiDom WTE widom_wte_00_000 Wall Switch
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. NZW30 willis_nzw30_00_000 Wall Switch
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. NZW30T willis_nzw30t_00_000 Wall Switch
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. NZW31 willis_nzw31_00_000 Wall Switch
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. NZW36 1.0 willis_nzw36_01_000 Power Outlet
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. NZW37 willis_nzw37_00_000 Power Outlet
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. NZW39 willis_nzw39_00_000 Power Outlet
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. NZW96 willis_nzw96_00_000 Power Outlet
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. NZW97 willis_nzw97_00_000 Power Outlet
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. ZEN20 willis_zen20_00_000 Power Outlet
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. ZEN21 willis_zen21_00_000 Wall Switch
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. ZEN22 willis_zen22_00_000 Wall Switch
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. ZEN23 willis_zen23_00_000 Wall Switch
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. ZEN24 willis_zen24_00_000 Wall Switch
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. ZW37 willis_zw37_00_000 Power Outlet
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. ZW691 willis_zw691_00_000 Power Outlet
Willis Electric Co., Ltd. ZW78S willis_zw78s_00_000 Wall Switch
Wink Inc. Motion Sensor wink_motionsensor_00_000 Motion Detector
Wink Inc. Siren wink_siren_00_000 Siren
Wintop iModuleDouble 1.4 wintop_1122r_01_004 Wall Switch
Wintop PlugInSwitch wintop_dhsitswpdhs_00_000
Wintop DHS-WIN-BLW-DHS wintop_dhswinblwdhs_00_000 Blinds
Wintop DHSZWDMIW01 wintop_dhszwdmiw01_00_000 Wall Switch
Wintop Digital Home Systems wintop_digitalhomesystems_00_000
Wintop EasyPlug wintop_easyplug_00_000 Power Outlet
Wintop iPlugDim wintop_iplugdim_00_000 Power Outlet
Wintop iShutter wintop_ishutter_00_000 Blinds
Wintop ITEMP wintop_itemp_00_000 Sensor
Wintop LE120 wintop_le120_00_000 Power Outlet
Wintop Multisensor wintop_multisensor_00_000 Sensor
Wintop WTRFID wintop_wtrfid_00_000 Remote Control
ASSA ABLOY Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock yale_keylesslock_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY SD-M1100 yale_sdm1100_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY SD-L1000-CH yale_ycl1_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YKFCON yale_ykfcon_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRD110 yale_yrd110_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRD120 yale_yrd120_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRD210 yale_yrd210_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRD216 yale_yrd216_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRD220 yale_yrd220_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRD256 yale_yrd256_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRD446 yale_yrd446_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRL210 yale_yrl210_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY YRL220 yale_yrl220_00_000 Lock
ASSA ABLOY US2.0 CP2-5-3 1.78 yale_yrl256_01_078 Lock
ASSA ABLOY Yale Smart Door Lock Z-Wave Module yale_zwavemodule_00_000 Lock
Zipato RGBWE2 zipato_bulb2rgbw_00_000 Light Bulb
Zipato HM-HS1CA zipato_hmhs1ca_00_000 Smoke Detector
Zipato HM-HS1CG-Z zipato_hmhs1cgz_00_000 Sensor
Zipato HM-HS1WL-Z zipato_hmhs1wlz_00_000 Sensor
Zipato HS1SA zipato_hs1sa_00_000 Smoke Detector
Zipato MINI KEYPAD RFID zipato_keypad_00_000 Remote Control
Zipato MH-P220 zipato_mhp220_00_000 Wall Switch
Zipato NE-NAS-PD01Z zipato_nenaspd01z_00_000 Motion Detector
Zipato PAN04 zipato_pan04_00_000 Wall Switch
Zipato PAN08 zipato_pan08_00_000 Blinds
Zipato PH-PSG01 zipato_phpsg01_00_000 Smoke Detector
Zipato PSP02 zipato_phpsp02_00_000 Door
Zipato AB02Z_PSE02 zipato_pse02_00_000 Siren
Zipato RGBWE27ZW zipato_rgbwe27zw_00_000 Light Bulb
Zipato ZD2102-5 zipato_zd2102plus_00_000 Door
Zipato 0131 3.80 to 3.80 zipato_zipds01z_03_080 Door
Zipato ZIP-PAB01 zipato_zippab01_00_000 Wall Switch
Zipato ZP3102 zipato_zp3102_00_000 Sensor
Zooz ZEN06 zooz_zen06_00_000 Power Outlet
Zooz ZEN07 zooz_zen07_00_000 Power Outlet
Zooz ZEN15 1.3 zooz_zen15_00_000 Power Outlet
Zooz ZEN15 1.4 zooz_zen15_01_004 Power Outlet
Zooz ZEN16 zooz_zen16_00_000 Power Outlet
Zooz ZEN20 zooz_zen20_00_000 Power Outlet
Zooz ZEN21 2.9 zooz_zen21_00_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN21 3.0 zooz_zen21_03_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN22 1.0 to 1.255 zooz_zen22_01_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN22 3.0 to 19.0 zooz_zen22_03_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN22 20.15 to 20.15 zooz_zen22_20_015 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN23 2.9 zooz_zen23_00_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN23 3.0 zooz_zen23v3_03_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN24 1.0 to 1.255 zooz_zen24_01_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN24 3.0 to 3.255 zooz_zen24_03_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN24 20.15 to 20.15 zooz_zen24_20_015 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN25 1.255 zooz_zen25_00_000 Power Outlet
Zooz ZEN25 2.0 zooz_zen25_02_000 Power Outlet
Zooz ZEN26 1.9 zooz_zen26_00_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN26 2.0 zooz_zen26v2_02_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN27 1.255 zooz_zen27_00_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN27 2.0 zooz_zen27v2_02_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN30 zooz_zen30_00_000 Wall Switch
Zooz ZEN31 zooz_zen31_00_000 Light Bulb
Zooz ZSE08 zooz_zse08_00_000 Door
Zooz ZSE09 zooz_zse09_00_000 Sensor
Zooz ZSE18 zooz_zse18_00_000 Sensor
Zooz ZSE19 zooz_zse19_00_000 Siren
Zooz ZSE29 1.9 zooz_zse29_00_000 Sensor
Zooz ZSE29 2.0 zooz_zse29v2_02_000 Sensor
Zooz ZSE30 zooz_zse30_00_000 Sensor
Zooz ZSE33 zooz_zse33_00_000 Siren
Zooz ZSE40 17.8 zooz_zse40_00_000 Sensor
Zooz ZSE40 v2 17.9 to 24.1 zooz_zse40v2179_17_009 Sensor
Zooz ZSE40 v2 24.2 to 32.1 zooz_zse40v2242_24_002 Sensor
Zooz ZSE40 v2 32.2 zooz_zse40v2322_32_002 Sensor
Zooz ZST10 zooz_zst10_00_000 Remote Control
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) 06436 zwaveme_06436_00_000 Blinds
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) FGR-316 zwaveme_fgr316_00_000 Power Outlet
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) HS1DS zwaveme_hs1ds_00_000 Window
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) KFOB zwaveme_kfob_00_000 Remote Control
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) WALLC-S zwaveme_wallcs_00_000 Wall Switch
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) WCD2 zwaveme_wcd2_00_000 Wall Switch
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_05431 zwaveme_zme05431_00_000 Wall Switch
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_05433 zwaveme_zme05433_00_000 Wall Switch
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_05459 zwaveme_zme05459_00_000 Blinds
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_05461 zwaveme_zme05461_00_000 Wall Switch
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_06437 zwaveme_zme06437_00_000 Power Outlet
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_06443 zwaveme_zme06443_00_000 Wall Switch
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_FT zwaveme_zmeft_00_000 HVAC
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_KFOB-S zwaveme_zmekfobs_00_000 Remote Control
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) ZME_RC2 zwaveme_zmerc2_00_000 Remote Control
Z-Wave.Me (opens new window) Z-Weather zwaveme_zweather_00_000
Z Wave Products Inc. WD-100 zwaveproducts_wd100_00_000 Wall Switch
Z Wave Products Inc. WS-100 zwaveproducts_ws100_00_000 Wall Switch
Z Wave Products Inc. ZL-PA-100 zwaveproducts_zlpa100_00_000 Power Outlet
Z Wave Products Inc. ZL-PD-100 zwaveproducts_zlpd100_00_000 Power Outlet
ZyXEL ST812 zyxel_st812_00_000 Sensor

For information on adding devices to the database, refer to the database information page.