# Generic Bluetooth Device

This binding adds support for devices that expose Bluetooth Generic Attributes (GATT) (opens new window)

# Supported Things

Only a single thing type is added by this binding:

Thing Type ID Description
generic A generic connectable bluetooth device

# Discovery

As any other Bluetooth device, generic bluetooth devices are discovered automatically by the corresponding bridge. Generic bluetooth devices will be discovered for any connectable bluetooth device that doesn't match another bluetooth binding.

# Thing Configuration

Parameter Required Default Description
address yes The address of the bluetooth device (in format "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX")
pollingInterval no 30 The frequency at which readable characteristics will refresh

# Channels

Channels will be dynamically created based on types of characteristics the device supports. This binding contains a mostly complete database of standardized GATT services and characteristics that is used to map characteristics to one or multiple channels.

Characteristics not in the database will be mapped to a single String channel labeled Unknown. The data visible from unknown channels will be the raw binary data formated as hexadecimal. Data written (if the unknown characteristic has write support) to unknown channels must likewise be in hexadecimal.