# IPP Binding

This binding integrates printers, which implement the Internet Printing protocol (IPP). This is the successor of the CUPS binding. The main purpose is to check if there are waiting print jobs on a printer, which can be switched on in this case.

# Supported Things

The binding has been tested against a CUPS Server (which implements the Internet Printing Protocol). So all printers in a CUPS envorinment should work fine. Many network printers also use IPP, but there are many differences on which parts of IPP are supported. It is not guaranteed that every printer will work.

# Discovery

The printers are discovered through mDNS in the local network. As mentioned before: a printer may be discoverable but not usable by the binding.

# Thing Configuration

# Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
jobs Number Total number of print jobs on the printer
waitingJobs Number Number of waiting print jobs on the printer
doneJobs Number Number of completed print jobs on the printer