# Roku Binding

This binding connects Roku streaming media players and Roku TVs to openHAB. The Roku device must support the Roku ECP protocol REST API.

# Supported Things

There are two supported thing types, which represent either a standalone Roku device or a Roku TV. A supported Roku streaming media player or streaming stick uses the roku_player id and a supported Roku TV uses the roku_tv id. The Roku TV type adds additional channels and button commands to the button channel dropdown for TV specific functionality. Multiple Things can be added if more than one Roku is to be controlled.

# Discovery

Auto-discovery is supported if the Roku can be located on the local network using SSDP. Otherwise the thing must be manually added.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Thing level.

# Thing Configuration

The thing has a few configuration parameters:

Parameter Description
hostName The host name or IP address of the Roku device. Mandatory.
port The port on the Roku that listens for http connections. Default 8060
refresh Overrides the refresh interval for player status updates. Optional, the default is 10 seconds and minimum is 1 second.

# Channels

The following channels are available:

Channel ID Item Type Description
activeApp String A dropdown containing a list of all apps installed on the Roku. The app currently running is automatically selected. The list updates every 10 minutes.
activeAppName String The name of the current app (ReadOnly).
button String Sends a remote control command the Roku. See list of available commands below.
control Player Control Playback e.g. play/pause/next/previous
playMode String The current playback mode ie: stop, play, pause (ReadOnly).
timeElapsed Number:Time The total number of seconds of playback time elapsed for the current playing title (ReadOnly).
timeTotal Number:Time The total length of the current playing title in seconds (ReadOnly). This data is not provided by all streaming apps.
activeChannel String A dropdown containing a list of available TV channels on the Roku TV. The channel currently tuned is automatically selected. The list updates every 10 minutes.
signalMode String The signal type of the current TV channel, ie: 1080i (ReadOnly).
signalQuality Number:Dimensionless The signal quality of the current TV channel, 0-100% (ReadOnly).
channelName String The name of the channel currently selected (ReadOnly).
programTitle String The name of the current TV program (ReadOnly).
programDescription String The description of the current TV program (ReadOnly).
programRating String The TV parental guideline rating of the current TV program (ReadOnly).
power Switch Controls the power for the TV.
powerState String The current power state for the TV. (ReadOnly - ie PowerOn, DisplayOff, Ready, etc.)

Some Notes:

  • The values for activeApp, activeAppName, playMode, timeElapsed, timeTotal, activeChannel, signalMode, signalQuality, channelName, programTitle, programDescription, programRating, power & powerState refresh automatically per the configured refresh interval.

List of available button commands for Roku streaming devices:

List of additional button commands for Roku TVs:
POWERON (NOTE: POWERON needs to be completely capitalized due to a bug with older Roku devices)

# Full Example

# roku.things:

// Roku streaming media player
roku:roku_player:myplayer1 "My Roku" [ hostName="", refresh=10 ]

// Roku TV
roku:roku_tv:mytv1 "My Roku TV" [ hostName="", refresh=10 ]

# roku.items:

// Roku streaming media player items:

String Player_ActiveApp        "Current App: [%s]"         { channel="roku:roku_player:myplayer1:activeApp" }
String Player_ActiveAppName    "Current App Name: [%s]"    { channel="roku:roku_player:myplayer1:activeAppName" }
String Player_Button           "Send Command to Roku"      { channel="roku:roku_player:myplayer1:button", autoupdate="false" }
Player Player_Control          "Control"                   { channel="roku:roku_player:myplayer1:control" }
String Player_PlayMode         "Status: [%s]"              { channel="roku:roku_player:myplayer1:playMode" }
Number:Time Player_TimeElapsed "Elapsed Time: [%d %unit%]" { channel="roku:roku_player:myplayer1:timeElapsed" }
Number:Time Player_TimeTotal   "Total Time: [%d %unit%]"   { channel="roku:roku_player:myplayer1:timeTotal" }

// Roku TV items:

Switch Player_Power              "Power: [%s]"               { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:power" }
String Player_PowerState         "Power State: [%s]          { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:powerState" }
String Player_ActiveApp          "Current App: [%s]"         { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:activeApp" }
String Player_ActiveAppName      "Current App Name: [%s]"    { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:activeAppName" }
String Player_Button             "Send Command to Roku"      { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:button", autoupdate="false" }
Player Player_Control            "Control"                   { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:control" }
String Player_PlayMode           "Status: [%s]"              { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:playMode" }
Number:Time Player_TimeElapsed   "Elapsed Time: [%d %unit%]" { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:timeElapsed" }
Number:Time Player_TimeTotal     "Total Time: [%d %unit%]"   { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:timeTotal" }
String Player_ActiveChannel      "Current Channel: [%s]"     { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:activeChannel" }
String Player_SignalMode         "Signal Mode: [%s]"         { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:signalMode" }
Number Player_SignalQuality      "Signal Quality: [%d %%]"   { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:signalQuality" }
String Player_ChannelName        "Channel Name: [%s]"        { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:channelName" }
String Player_ProgramTitle       "Program Title: [%s]"       { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:programTitle" }
String Player_ProgramDescription "Program Description: [%s]" { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:programDescription" }
String Player_ProgramRating      "Program Rating: [%s]"      { channel="roku:roku_tv:mytv1:programRating" }

# roku.sitemap:

sitemap roku label="Roku" {
    Frame label="My Roku" {
        Selection item=Player_ActiveApp icon="screen"
        Text item=Player_ActiveAppName
        // This Selection is deprecated in favor of the Buttongrid element below
        Selection item=Player_Button icon="screen"
        Default item=Player_Control
        Text item=Player_PlayMode
        Text item=Player_TimeElapsed icon="time"
        Text item=Player_TimeTotal icon="time"
        // The following items apply to Roku TVs only
        Switch item=Player_Power
        Text item=Player_PowerState
        Selection item=Player_ActiveChannel icon="screen"
        Text item=Player_SignalMode
        Text item=Player_SignalQuality
        Text item=Player_ChannelName
        Text item=Player_ProgramTitle
        Text item=Player_ProgramDescription
        Text item=Player_ProgramRating

        // Buttongrid for Roku player
        Buttongrid label="Remote Control" staticIcon=material:tv_remote item=Player_Button buttons=[1:1:Back="Back", 1:2:Home="Home"=f7:house, 1:3:Search="Search", 2:2:Up="Up"=f7:arrowtriangle_up, 4:2:Down="Down"=f7:arrowtriangle_down, 3:1:Left="Left"=f7:arrowtriangle_left, 3:3:Right="Right"=f7:arrowtriangle_right, 3:2:Select="Select", 5:1:InstantReplay="Instant Replay", 5:2:Info="Info*", 6:1:Rev="Reverse"=f7:backward, 6:2:Play="Play/Pause"=f7:playpause, 6:3:Fwd="Forward"=f7:forward, 7:1:Enter="Enter", 7:2:Backspace="Backspace", 7:3:FindRemote="Find Remote"]

        // Buttongrid for Roku TV
        Buttongrid label="Remote Control" staticIcon=material:tv_remote item=Player_Button buttons=[1:1:POWERON="Power On"=switch-on, 1:2:PowerOff="Power Off"=switch-off, 1:3:InputTuner="Tuner", 1:4:InputAV1="AV 1", 2:1:InputHDMI1="HDMI 1", 2:2:InputHDMI2="HDMI 2", 2:3:InputHDMI3="HDMI 3", 2:4:InputHDMI4="HDMI 4", 3:1:Back="Back", 3:2:Home="Home"=f7:house, 3:3:Search="Search", 4:2:Up="Up"=f7:arrowtriangle_up, 6:2:Down="Down"=f7:arrowtriangle_down, 5:1:Left="Left"=f7:arrowtriangle_left, 5:3:Right="Right"=f7:arrowtriangle_right, 5:2:Select="Select", 7:1:InstantReplay="Instant Replay", 7:2:Info="Info*", 8:1:Rev="Reverse"=f7:backward, 8:2:Play="Play/Pause"=f7:playpause, 8:3:Fwd="Forward"=f7:forward, 9:1:Enter="Enter", 9:2:Backspace="Backspace", 9:3:FindRemote="Find Remote", 4:4:ChannelUp="Channel +", 5:4:ChannelDown="Channel -", 7:4:VolumeUp="Volume +", 8:4:VolumeMute="Mute"=soundvolume_mute, 9:4:VolumeDown="Volume -"]