# SmartMeter Binding

This binding retrieves and reads SML messages (PUSH) and supports IEC 62056-21 modes A,B,C (PULL) and D (PUSH).

# Supported Things

This binding supports only one Thing: meter

# Discovery

Discovery is not available, as the binding only reads from serial ports.

# Thing Configuration

The smartmeter thing requires the serial port where the meter device is connected and optionally a refresh interval.

Parameter Name Description Required Default
port The serial port to connect to URL to use for reading SML data, e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0, rfc2217://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3002 yes
refresh The refresh interval in seconds Defines at which interval the values of the meter device shall be read no 20
mode The protocol mode to use Can be SML (PUSH mode), ABC (PULL) or D (PUSH) no SML
baudrateChangeDelay Delay of baudrate change in ms USB to serial converters often require a delay of up to 250ms after the ACK before changing baudrate (only relevant for 'C' mode) no 0
baudrate (initial) Baudrate The baudrate of the serial port. If set to AUTO, it will be negotiated with the meter. The default is 300 baud for modes A, B, and C and 2400 baud for mode D, and 9600 baud for SML. no AUTO

# Channels

All available OBIS codes which are read out from the device are created as channels. At every read out the channels are synchronized with the OBIS codes from the device.

Following conversion from OBIS codes to channel ID is done: . is replaced by - and : or * is replaced by _.


OBIS code Channel ID
1-0:1.8.1 1-0_1-8-1
1.8.0*00 1-8-0_00

# Channel Configuration

negate: Energy meters often provide absolute values and provide information about the energy direction in a separate bit. With this config you can specify the channel where this bit is located, the bit position and the bits value which shall be set.

<negate> ::= <CHANNEL_ID>:<BIT_POSITION>:<BIT_VALUE>[:status]


"1-0_1-8-0:5:1:status" // negate if status(1-0_1-8-0) and 2^5 = 1
"1-0_96-5-5:5:1" // negate if 1-0#96-5-5 and 2^5 = 1

# Unit Conversion

Please use the Units Of Measurement (opens new window) concept of openHAB for unit conversion which is fully supported by this binding. Please see the item example on how to use it. NOTE: your meter device needs to provide correct unit information to work properly.

# Full Example


smartmeter:meter:heating  [ port="COM1", refresh=10 ]
smartmeter:meter:house [ port="rfc2217://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:3002" ]

smartmeter:meter:BinderPower     [port="/dev/ttyUSB0", refresh=5] {
        Type 1-0_1-8-0 : 1-0_1-8-0
        Type 1-0_16-7-0 : 1-0_16-7-0 [


Number:Energy HeatingTarif1        "Heating high price tariff [%.2f kWh]"      { channel="smartmeter:meter:heating:1-0_1-8-1" }
Number:Energy HeatingTarif2        "Heating low price tariff [%.2f kWh]"       {  channel="smartmeter:meter:heating:1-0_1-8-2" }

Number:Energy HouseTarif           "Tariff [%.2f kWh]"                         { channel="smartmeter:meter:house:1-0_1-8-0" }

Number:Power HeatingActualUsage   "Heating Current usage [%.2f %unit%]"       { channel="smartmeter:meter:heating:1-0_16-7-0" }
Number:Power HouseActualUsage     "Current usage [%.2f %unit%]"               { channel="smartmeter:meter:house:1-0_16-7-0" }

# Known Limitations

  • Octet encoding for OBIS Codes
    • '129-129:199.130.5'
      • '1-0:0.0.9' doesn't work properly.

Any help/contribution is appreciated!

# Tested Hardware

The binding has been successfully tested with below hardware configuration:

# SML PUSH mode

  • EMH EDL300 meter connected the IR-Reader USB from open hardware project in volkszaehler
  • EMH eHZ-IW8E2A
  • ISKRA MT681
  • EMH eHZ-K

# IEC 62056-21 Mode C

  • Apator EC3 with IR-Reader from volkszaehler
  • Landis+Gyr E650 with IR-Reader from volkszaehler

# IEC 62056-21 Mode D

  • Hager EHZ 361Z5 and EHZ 161L5