# LiquidCheck Binding

This binding is for the Liquid-Check device from SI-Elektronik GmbH which can be used to measure level and content of tanks.

# Supported Things


The Liquid-Check device in Hardwareversion B and Firmwareversion 1.60 has been tested and is working. You can access the measured data, raw data, the settings as properties and command a measurement.

# Discovery

This binding discovers the devices via a ping and request method. It uses every Ethernet/WLAN interface that is connected to the openHAB server. Therefore the discovery has to be manually triggered.

# Thing Configuration

You only need to set the IP address of the device or use the discovery method. If the maximum content has not been set the fill-indicator channel will not contain valid values.

# liquidCheckDevice Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
hostname text Hostname or IP address of the device N/A yes no
maxContent integer Maximal content of the container 1 no no
refreshInterval integer Interval the device is polled in seconds 60 no yes
connectionTimeout integer Timeout after a request has been sent 5 no yes

# Channels

Channel Type Read/Write Description
content Number:Volume R This is the measured content
level Number:Length R This is the measured level
raw-content Number:Volume R This is the measured raw content data
raw-level Number:Length R This is the measured raw level data
fill-indicator Number:Dimensionless R This is the fill level in percentage
measure Switch W This starts a measurement
pump-runs Number R This is the total runs number
pump-runtime Number:Time R This is the total runtime in sec.

# Full Example

# Thing

Thing liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice "Label" @ "Location" [hostname="XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX", maxContent=9265, refreshInterval=600, connectionTimeout=5]

# Items

Number:Volume ContentLiquidCheck "Content" {liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice:content}
Number:Length LevelLiquidCheck "Level" {liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice:level}
Number:Volume RawContentLiquidCheck "Raw Content" {liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice:raw-content}
Number:Length RawLevelLiquidCheck "Raw Level" {liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice:raw-level}
Number:Dimensionless FillIndicator "Fill Indicator" {liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice:fill-indicator}
Switch MeasureLiquidCheck "Measure" {liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice:measure}
Number PumpRuns "Pump runs" {liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice:pump-runs}
Number PumpRuntime "Pump runtime" {liquidcheck:liquidCheckDevice:myDevice:pump-runtime}