# Groupe PSA Binding

Binding to retrieve information via the Groupe PSA Web API for cars from Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Vauxhall.

# Supported Things

´bridge´ - Groupe PSA Web Api Bridge: The Thing to auto discover your cars.

´vehicle´ - Groupe PSA Car: The actual car Thing.

# Discovery

Use the "Groupe PSA Web Api bridge" to auto discover your cars. You need to select the brand for the bridge binding and only cars for the brand will be auto discovered. If you need to add for multiple brands or multiple different users, add multiple bridges.

# Bridge Configuration

You need to select a brand and enter the user name and password. The Polling Interval (in minutes) determines how often the API will be polled for new cars. The Client ID and Client Secret should not need to be updated. (However you can register your own app via https://developer.groupe-psa.com/inc/ (opens new window) and use this client information if you wish.)

# parameters

Property Default Required Description
vendor None Yes The brand of the car (PEUGEOT, CITROEN, DS, OPEL or VAUXHALL).
userName None Yes The user name for the mypeugot/mycitroen/myds/myopel/myvauxhall website or app.
password None Yes The password for the given user.
pollingInterval 60 No The Polling Interval (in minutes) determines how often the available vehicles are queried.
clientId Yes The Client ID for API access: can normally left at the default value. (see: https://developer.groupe-psa.io/webapi/b2c/quickstart/connect/#article (opens new window))
clientSecret Yes The Client Secret for API access: can normally left at the default value. (see: https://developer.groupe-psa.io/webapi/b2c/quickstart/connect/#article (opens new window))

# Vehicle Configuration

Normally the vehicles will be autodiscovered. The Polling Interval and Online Timeout can be adjusted.

# parameters

Property Default Required Description
id None Yes Vehicle API ID. The ID is the vehicle API ID (not equal to the VIN), which is autodiscoverd by the bridge.
pollingInterval 5 No The Polling Interval (in minutes) determines how often the car is polled for updated information.
onlineInterval 15 No The Online Timeout (in minutes) determines when the car is deemed to be offline.

# Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
current Number:ElectricCurrent Electrical current
voltage Number:ElectricPotential Voltage
temperature Number:Temperature Temperature
daytime Contact Enabled if it is daytime
doorLock String Door lock state
doorOpen Contact Door is open
ignition String Ignition state
moving Contact Vehicle is moving
acceleration Number:Acceleration Current acceleration
speed Number:Speed Current speed
mileage Number:Length Total travelled distance
position Location Last known position
heading Number:Angle Direction of travel
type String Position acquisition type
signal Number:Dimensionless Strength of the position localization signal
lastUpdated DateTime Last time the results were updated on the server
privacy String Privacy status
belt String Seat belt status
emergency String Emergency call status
service String Service Type
preconditioning String Air conditioning status
preconditioningFailure String Air conditioning failure cause
level Number:Dimensionless Fuel level
autonomy Number:Length Remaining distance
consumption Number:VolumetricFlowRate Fuel consumption
residual Number:Energy Remaining battery charge
capacity Number:Energy Battery capacity
healthCapacity Number:Dimensionless Health of the battery capacity
healthResistance Number:Dimensionless Health of the battery resistance
chargingStatus String Battery charging status
chargingMode String Battery charging mode
chargingPlugged Contact Vehicle plugged in to charger
chargingRate Number:Speed Battery Charging Rate
chargingRemainingTime Number:Time Time remaining till charged
chargingNextDelayedTime Number:Time Time till the next charging starts

Further documentation can be found at: https://developer.groupe-psa.io/webapi/b2c/api-reference/specification/#article (opens new window)

# Full Example

# Things file

Bridge groupepsa:bridge:opel "Auto Interface" [
    userName="[email protected]",
] {
        vehicle zafira "Auto" @ "Outdoors"
            id="<web api id here>",


# Items file

Group Auto

Number:ElectricCurrent Auto_Aux_Current "Auxillliary Battery Current [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement","Current"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:battery#current"}
Number Auto_Aux_Level "Auxillliary Battery Level [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement","Level"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:battery#voltage"}

Number:Temperature Auto_Outside_Temperature "Outside Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement","Temperature"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:environment#temperature"}

Number:Length Auto_Mileage "Mileage [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:motion#mileage"}
Number:Speed Auto_Speed "Speed [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:motion#speed"}
Number:Acceleration Auto_Acceleration "Acceleration [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:motion#acceleration"}

Location Auto_Location "Locatie" (Auto) ["Point"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:position#position"}

Number:Angle Auto_Heading "Richting" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:position#heading"}
String Auto_Location_Type "Locatie Type" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:position#type"}
Number Auto_Signal_Strength "Signaal Sterkte [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:position#signal"}

DateTime Auto_Last_Update "Laatst bijgewerkt [%1$tA, %1$te %1$tb %1$tY %1$tR]" (Auto) ["Measurement", "Timestamp"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:various#lastUpdated"}
String Auto_Privacy_Status "Privacy Status" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:various#privacyStatus"}
String Auto_Belt_Status "Belt Status" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:various#beltStatus"}
String Auto_Emergency_Call "Emergency Call" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:various#emergencyCall"}
String Auto_Service "Service" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:various#service"}
String Auto_Air_Conditioning "Air Conditioning" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:various#preconditioning"}
String Auto_Air_Conditioning_Failure "Air Conditioning Failure" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:various#preconditioningFailure"}

Number:Length Auto_Autonomy "Autonomy [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#autonomy"}
Number Auto_Level "Battery Level [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement", "Level"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#level"}
Number:Energy Auto_Residual "Battery Residual [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement", "Level"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#residual"}

Number:Energy Auto_Capacity "Battery Capacity [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#capacity"}
Number Auto_Health_Capacity "Battery Health Capacity [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#batteryHealthCapacity"}
Number Auto_Health_Resistance "Battery Health Resistance [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#batteryHealthResistance"}

String Auto_Charging_Status "Charging Status" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#chargingStatus"}
String Auto_Charging_Mode "Charging Mode" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#chargingMode"}
Contact Auto_Plugged_In "Plugged In" (Auto) ["Status"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#chargingPlugged"}
Number:Speed Auto_Charging_Rate "Charging Rate [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement"]  {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#chargingRate"}

Number:Time Auto_Charging_Time_Remaining "Charging Time Remaining [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement", "Duration"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#chargingRemainingTime"}
Number:Time Auto_Charging_Time_Till_Next "Charging Time Till Next Charging [%.1f %unit%]" (Auto) ["Measurement", "Duration"] {channel="groupepsa:vehicle:opel:zafira:electric#chargingNextDelayedTime"}