# iRobot Binding

This binding provides integration of products by iRobot company (https://www.irobot.com/ (opens new window)). It is currently developed to support Roomba vacuum cleaner/mopping robots with built-in Wi-Fi module. The binding interfaces to the robot directly without any need for a dedicated MQTT server.

# Supported Things

# Discovery

Roombas on the same network will be discovered automatically, however in order to connect to them a password is needed. The password is a machine-generated string, which is unfortunately not exposed by the original iRobot smartphone application, but it can be downloaded from the robot itself. If no password is configured, the Thing enters "CONFIGURATION PENDING" state. Now you need to perform authorization by pressing and holding the HOME button on your robot until it plays series of tones (approximately 2 seconds). The Wi-Fi indicator on the robot will flash for 30 seconds, the binding should automatically receive the password and go ONLINE.

After you've done this procedure you can write the password somewhere in case if you need to reconfigure your binding. It's not known, however, whether the password is eternal or can change during factory reset. If you have issues getting the password make sure there are no other devices like your smartphone communicating with the robot. You can also try using these python scripts (opens new window) to get the password.

# Thing Configuration

Parameter Type Required Default Description
ipaddress String Yes Robot IP address
blid String No Robot ID
password String No Robot Password

All parameters will be autodiscovered. If using textual configuration, then ipaddress shall be specified.

# Channels

channel type description Read-only
command String Command to execute: clean, spot, dock, pause, stop N
cycle String Current mission: none, clean, spot Y
phase String Current phase of the mission; see below. Y
battery Number Battery charge in percents Y
bin String Bin status: ok, removed, full Y
error String Error code; see below Y
rssi Number Wi-Fi Received Signal Strength indicator in db Y
snr Number Wi-Fi Signal to noise ratio Y
sched_mon Switch Scheduled clean enabled for Monday N
sched_tue Switch Scheduled clean enabled for Tuesday N
sched_wed Switch Scheduled clean enabled for Wednesday N
sched_thu Switch Scheduled clean enabled for Thursday N
sched_fri Switch Scheduled clean enabled for Friday N
sched_sat Switch Scheduled clean enabled for Saturday N
sched_sun Switch Scheduled clean enabled for Sunday N
schedule Number Schedule bitmask for use in scripts. 7 bits, bit #0 corresponds to Sunday N
edge_clean Switch Seek out and clean along walls and furniture legs N
always_finish Switch Whether to keep cleaning if the bin becomes full N
power_boost String Power boost mode: "auto", "performance", "eco" N
clean_passes String Number of cleaning passes: "auto", "1", "2" N
map_upload Switch Enable or disable uploading Clean Map(tm) to cloud for notifications N
last_command String Json string containing the parameters of the last executed command N

Known phase strings and their meanings:

phase Meaning
charge Charging
new New Mission (*)
run Running
resume Resumed (*)
hmMidMsn Going for recharge during mission
recharge Recharging
stuck Stuck
mUsrDock Going home (on user command)
dock Docking (*)
dockend Docking - End Mission (*)
cancelled Cancelled (*)
stop Stopped
pause Paused (*)
hmPostMsn Going home after mission
"" (empty string) None (*)

Phases, marked with asterisk (*), have not been seen being reported by Roomba 930. All the definitions are taken from Roomba980-Python.

Error codes. Data type is string in order to be able to utilize mapping to human-readable strings.

Code Meaning
0 None
1 Left wheel off floor
2 Main Brushes stuck
3 Right wheel off floor
4 Left wheel stuck
5 Right wheel stuck
6 Stuck near a cliff
7 Left wheel error
8 Bin error
9 Bumper stuck
10 Right wheel error
11 Bin error
12 Cliff sensor issue
13 Both wheels off floor
14 Bin missing
15 Reboot required
16 Bumped unexpectedly
17 Path blocked
18 Docking issue
19 Undocking issue
20 Docking issue
21 Navigation problem
22 Navigation problem
23 Battery issue
24 Navigation problem
25 Reboot required
26 Vacuum problem
27 Vacuum problem
29 Software update needed
30 Vacuum problem
31 Reboot required
32 Smart map problem
33 Path blocked
34 Reboot required
35 Unrecognized cleaning pad
36 Bin full
37 Tank needed refilling
38 Vacuum problem
39 Reboot required
40 Navigation problem
41 Timed out
42 Localization problem
43 Navigation problem
44 Pump issue
45 Lid open
46 Low battery
47 Reboot required
48 Path blocked
52 Pad required attention
65 Hardware problem detected
66 Low memory
68 Hardware problem detected
73 Pad type changed
74 Max area reached
75 Navigation problem
76 Hardware problem detected

# Cleaning specific regions

You can clean one or many specific regions of a given map by sending the following String to the command channel:


Some devices support cleaning rooms (aka regions). Additionally, support for cleaning rectangle areas previously defined in the iRobot-App (aka zones) may be available. If the type string such as r= (region) or z= (zone) is omnitted, the type defaults to region.

The easiest way to determine the pmapId, region_ids/zoneids and userPmapvId is to monitor the last_command channel while starting a new mission for the specific region or zone with the iRobot-App.

# Known Problems / Caveats

  1. Sending "pause" command during missions other than "clean" is equivalent to sending "stop"
  2. Switching to "spot" mission is possible only in "stop" state. Attempt to do it otherwise causes error: the command is rejected and error tones are played.
  3. Roomba's built-in MQTT server, used for communication, supports only a single local connection at a time. Bear this in mind when you want to do something that requires local connection from your phone, like reconfiguring the network. Disable openHAB Thing before doing this.
  4. Sometimes during intensive testing Roomba just stopped communicating over the local connection. If this happens, try rebooting it. On my robot it's done by holding "Clean" button for about 10 seconds until all the LEDs come on. Release the button and the reboot tone will be played. It looks like there are some bugs in the firmware.

# Example


Thing irobot:roomba:my_roomba [ ipaddress="", password="xxxxxxxx" ]


String Roomba_Command { channel="irobot:roomba:my_roomba:command" }
String Roomba_Cycle { channel="irobot:roomba:my_roomba:cycle" }
String Roomba_Phase { channel="irobot:roomba:my_roomba:phase" }
Number Roomba_Battery { channel="irobot:roomba:my_roomba:battery" }
String Roomba_Bin { channel="irobot:roomba:my_roomba:bin" }
String Roomba_Error { channel="irobot:roomba:my_roomba:error" }


Selection item=Roomba_Command mappings=["clean"="Clean", "spot"="Spot", dock="Dock", pause="Pause", stop="Stop"]
Text item=Roomba_Cycle label="Current cycle"
Text item=Roomba_Phase label="Current phase"
Text item=Roomba_Battery label="Battery charge [%d %%]"
Text item=Roomba_Bin label="Bin status"
Text item=Roomba_Error label="Error"

# Credits

This code is a result of development of an abandoned draft by hkunh42 (https://github.com/hkuhn42/openhab2.roomba (opens new window)) and heavily uses the following projects as a reference: