# MyBMW Binding

The binding provides access like MyBMW App (opens new window) to openHAB. All vehicles connected to an account will be detected by the discovery with the correct type:

  • Conventional Fuel Vehicle
  • Plugin-Hybrid Electrical Vehicle
  • Battery Electric Vehicle with Range Extender
  • Battery Electric Vehicle

In addition properties are attached with information and services provided by this vehicle. The provided data depends on

  1. the Thing Type and
  2. the Properties mentioned in Services

Different channel groups are clustering all information. Check for each group if it's supported by your vehicle.

Please note this isn't a real-time binding. If a door is opened the state isn't transmitted and changed immediately. It's not a flaw in the binding itself because the state in BMW's own MyBMW App is also updated with some delay.

# Supported Things

# Bridge

The bridge establishes the connection between BMW API and openHAB.

Name Bridge Type ID Description
MyBMW Account account Access to BMW API for a specific user

# Things

Four different vehicle types are provided. They differ in the supported channel groups & channels. Conventional Fuel Vehicles don't provide e.g. Charging Profile, Electric Vehicles don't provide a Fuel Range. For hybrid vehicles in addition to Fuel and Electric Range the Hybrid Range is shown.

Name Thing Type ID Supported Channel Groups
BMW Electric Vehicle bev Vehicle with electric drive train
BMW Electric Vehicle with REX bev_rex Vehicle with electric drive train plus fuel powered range extender
BMW Plug-In-Hybrid Electric Vehicle phev Vehicle with combustion and electric drive train
BMW Conventional Vehicle conv Vehicle with combustion drive train

# Properties

For each vehicle properties are available. Basic information is given regarding

  • Vehicle properties like model type, drive train and construction year
  • Which services are available / not available

In the right picture can see in remoteServicesEnabled e.g. the Door Lock and Door Unlock services are mentioned. This ensures channel group Remote Services is supporting door lock and unlock remote control.

In Services Supported the entry ChargingHistory is mentioned. So it's valid to connect channel group Charge Sessions in order to display your last charging sessions.

Property Key Property Value Supported Channel Groups
servicesSupported ChargingHistory session
remoteServicesEnabled list of services remote

# Discovery

Auto discovery is starting after the bridge is created. A list of your registered vehicles is queried and all found things are added in the inbox. Unique identifier is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If a thing is already declared in a .things configuration, discovery won't highlight it again. Properties will be attached to predefined vehicles if the VIN is matching.

# Configuration

# Bridge Configuration

Parameter Type Description
userName text MyBMW Username
password text MyBMW Password
region text Select region in order to connect to the appropriate BMW server.

The region Configuration has 3 different options

  • ROW (Rest of World)

# Advanced Configuration

Parameter Type Description
language text Channel data can be returned in the desired language

Language is predefined as AUTODETECT. Some textual descriptions, date and times are delivered based on your local language. You can overwrite this setting with lowercase 2-letter language code reagrding ISO 639 (opens new window) So if want your UI in english language place en as desired language.

# Thing Configuration

Same configuration is needed for all things

Parameter Type Description
vin text Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
refreshInterval integer Refresh Interval in Minutes (by default set to 60; to be set to 0 if no automated refresh should be triggered)

# Advanced Configuration

Parameter Type Description
vehicleBrand text Vehicle Brand like BMW or Mini

The vehicleBrand is automatically obtained by the discovery service and shall not be changed. If thing is defined manually via *.things file following brands are supported

  • BMW
  • MINI

# Channels

There are many channels available for each vehicle. For better overview they are clustered in different channel groups. They differ for each vehicle type, build-in sensors and activated services.

# Thing Channel Groups

Channel Group ID Description conv phev bev_rex bev
update Overall vehicle status X X X X
status Overall vehicle status X X X X
doors Details of all doors and windows X X X X
range Provides mileage, range and charge / fuel levels X X X X
check Shows current active CheckControl messages X X X X
service Future vehicle service schedules X X X X
location Coordinates and heading of the vehicle X X X X
remote Remote control of the vehicle X X X X
profile Scheduled charging profiles of vehicle X X X
statistic Charging statistics of current month X X X
session Past charging sessions X X X
tires Current and wanted pressure for all tires X X X X
image Provides an image of your vehicle X X X X

# Vehicle Update

The BMW API has limits in the requests per time period. This leads to unexpected errors stating that some quota is reached and the next successful request can be triggered in X minutes. In this case the bridge as well as the vehicle things can be set to offline and nothing can be done with them anymore until the next successful refresh. To reduce the probability of the error, the default automated API update has been set to 60 Minutes, but this is often not sufficient to retrieve continuous range or charging updates. These channels can be used to control the update behavior from openHAB, e.g. via rules.

  • Channel Group ID is status
  • Available for all vehicles (charging channel only for xEV)
  • switches which can be triggered by a command
  • if the switches are set to ON, then immediately they will be set to OFF again for being able to trigger the next update
Channel ID Type Description conv phev bev_rex bev
state-update Switch When set to ON, the state channels of the vehicle will be updated X X X X
charging-update Switch When set to ON, the charging statistics and charging sessions channels of the vehicle will be updated X X X
image-update Switch When set to ON, the image of the vehicle will be updated X X X X

# Vehicle Status

Reflects overall status of the vehicle.

  • Channel Group ID is status
  • Available for all vehicles
  • Read-only values
Channel ID Type Description conv phev bev_rex bev
doors String Combined status for all doors X X X X
windows String Combined status for all windows X X X X
lock String Status if vehicle is secured X X X X
service-date DateTime Date of next upcoming service X X X X
service-mileage Number:Length Mileage till upcoming service X X X X
check-control String Presence of active warning messages X X X X
plug-connection String Plug is Connected or Not connected X X X
charge String Current charging status X X X
charge-remaining Number:Time Remaining time for current charging session X X X
last-update DateTime Date and time of last status update X X X X
last-fetched DateTime Date and time of last time status fetched X X X X

Overall Door Status values

  • Closed - all doors closed
  • Open - at least one door is open
  • Undef - no door data delivered at all

Overall Windows Status values

  • Closed - all windows closed
  • Open - at least one window is completely open
  • Intermediate - at least one window is partially open
  • Undef - no window data delivered at all

Check Control values

Localized String of current active warnings. Examples:

  • No Issues
  • Multiple Issues

Charging Status values

  • Not Charging
  • Charging
  • Plugged In
  • Fully Charged

Charging Information values Localized String of current active charging session Examples

  • 100% at ~00:43
  • Starts at ~09:00
# Vehicle Status Raw Data

The raw data channel is marked as advanced and isn't shown by default. Target are advanced users to derive even more data out of BMW API replies. As the replies are formatted as JSON use the JsonPath Transformation Service (opens new window) to extract data for an item,

Channel ID Type Description
raw String Unfiltered JSON String of vehicle data


# Country ISO Code
# Drivers Guide URL

# Range Data

Based on vehicle type some channels are present or not. Conventional fuel vehicles don't provide Electric Range and battery electric vehicles don't show Fuel Range. Hybrid vehicles have both and in addition Hybrid Range. See description Range vs Range Radius to get more information.

  • Channel Group ID is range
  • Availability according to table
  • Read-only values
Channel ID Type Description conv phev bev_rex bev
mileage Number:Length Current mileage of the vehicle X X X X
range-fuel Number:Length Fuel range X X X
range-electric Number:Length Electric range X X X
range-hybrid Number:Length Combined hybrid range X X
soc Number:Dimensionless State of charge X X X
remaining-fuel Number:Volume Remaining fuel in l X X X
estimated-fuel-l-100km Number Estimated fuel consumption in l X X X
estimated-fuel-mpg Number Estimated fuel consumption in mpg X X X
range-radius-fuel Number:Length The calculated range radius combustion X X X
range-radius-electric Number:Length The calculated range radius electric X X X
range-radius-hybrid Number:Length The calculated range radius hybrid combined X X

# Doors Details

Detailed status of all doors and windows.

  • Channel Group ID is doors
  • Available for all vehicles if corresponding sensors are built-in
  • Read-only values
Channel ID Type Description
driver-front String Status of front door driver's side
driver-rear String Status of rear door driver's side
passenger-front String Status of front door passenger's side
passenger-rear String Status of rear door passenger's side
trunk String Status of trunk
hood String Status of hood
win-driver-front String Status of front window driver's side
win-driver-rear String Status of rear window driver's side
win-passenger-front String Status of front window passenger's side
win-passenger-rear String Status of rear window passenger's side
win-rear String Status of rear window
sunroof String Status of sunroof

Possible states

  • Undef - no status data available
  • Invalid - this door / window isn't applicable for this vehicle
  • Closed - the door / window is closed
  • Open - the door / window is open
  • Intermediate - window in intermediate position, not applicable for doors

# Check Control

Group for all current active Check Control messages. If more than one message is active the channel name contains all active messages as options.

  • Channel Group ID is check
  • Available for all vehicles
  • Read/Write access
Channel ID Type Access
name String Read/Write
details String Read
severity String Read

Severity Levels

  • Ok
  • Low
  • Medium

# Services

Group for all upcoming services with description, service date and/or service mileage. If more than one service is scheduled in the future the channel name contains all future services as options.

  • Channel Group ID is service
  • Available for all vehicles
  • Read/Write access
Channel ID Type Access
name String Read/Write
details String Read
date DateTime Read
mileage Number:Length Read

# Location

GPS location and heading of the vehicle.

  • Channel Group ID is location
  • Available for all vehicles with built-in GPS sensor. Function can be enabled/disabled in the head unit
  • Read-only values
Channel ID Type Description
gps Location Current GPS coordinates of the vehicle
heading Number:Angle Current direction of the vehicle
address String Current address
home-distance Number:Length Calculated distance from configured home position of Openhab

# Remote Services

Remote control of the vehicle. Send a command to the vehicle and the state is reporting the execution progress. Only one command can be executed each time. Parallel execution isn't supported.

  • Channel Group ID is remote
  • Available for all commands mentioned in Services Activated. See Vehicle Properties for further details
  • Read/Write access
Channel ID Type Access
command String Write
state String Read

The channel command provides options

  • light-flash
  • vehicle-finder
  • door-lock
  • door-unlock
  • horn-blow
  • climate-now-start
  • climate-now-stop
  • start-charging
  • stop-charging

The channel state shows the progress of the command execution in the following order

  1. initiated
  2. pending
  3. delivered
  4. executed

# Charge Profile

Charging options with date and time for preferred time windows and charging modes.

  • Channel Group ID is profile
  • Available for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Read access for UI.
  • There are 4 timers T1, T2, T3 and T4 available. Replace X with number 1,2 or 3 to target the correct timer
Channel ID Type
mode String
prefs String
control String
target String
limit Switch
window-start DateTime
window-end DateTime
climate Switch
timer_X_-enabled Switch
timer_X_-departure DateTime
timer_X_-day-mon Switch
timer_X_-day-tue Switch
timer_X_-day-wed Switch
timer_X_-day-thu Switch
timer_X_-day-fri Switch
timer_X_-day-sat Switch
timer_X_-day-sun Switch

The channel profile-mode supports

  • immediateCharging
  • delayedCharging

The channel profile-prefs supports

  • noPreSelection
  • chargingWindow

# Charge Statistics

Shows charge statistics of the current month

  • Channel Group ID is statistic
  • Available for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Read-only values
Channel ID Type Description
title String Title of the statistics
energy Number:Energy Consumed energy
sessions Number Number of sessions

# Charge Sessions

Group for past charging sessions. If more than one message is active the channel name contains all active messages as options.

  • Channel Group ID is session
  • Available for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Read-only values
Channel ID Type Description
title String Title of the session
subtitle String Subtitle of the session
energy String Consumed energy
issue String If an issue occurred
status String Status of the session

# Tire Pressure

Current and target tire pressure values

  • Channel Group ID is tires
  • Available for all vehicles if corresponding sensors are built-in
  • Read-only values
Channel ID Type Description
fl-current Number:Pressure Current pressure front left
fl-target Number:Pressure Target pressure front left
fr-current Number:Pressure Current pressure front right
fr-target Number:Pressure Target pressure front right
rl-current Number:Pressure Current pressure rear left
rl-target Number:Pressure Target pressure rear left
rr-current Number:Pressure Current pressure rear right
rr-target Number:Pressure Target pressure rear right

# Image

Image representation of the vehicle.

  • Channel Group ID is image
  • Available for all vehicles
  • Read/Write access
Channel ID Type Access Description
png Image Read The image as png
view String Write The view port of the car

Possible view ports:

  • VehicleStatus Front Left Side View
  • FrontView Front View
  • FrontLeft Front Left Side View
  • FrontRight Front Right Side View
  • RearView Rear View

# Further Descriptions

# Dynamic Data

There are 3 occurrences of dynamic data delivered

The channel id name shows the first element as default. All other possibilities are attached as options. The picture on the right shows the Session Title item and 3 possible options. Select the desired service and the corresponding Charge Session with Energy Charged, Session Status and Session Issues will be shown.

# TroubleShooting

BMW has a high range of vehicles supported by their API. In case of any issues with this binding help to resolve it! Please perform the following steps:

  • Can you log into MyBMW App with your credentials?
  • Is the vehicle listed in your account?
  • Is the MyBMW Brige status Online?

If these preconditions are fulfilled proceed with the fingerprint generation.

# Generate Debug Fingerprint

Login to the openHAB console and use the mybmw fingerprint command.

Fingerprint information on your account and vehicle(s) will show in the console and can be copiedfrom there. A zip file with fingerprint information for your vehicle(s) will also be generated and put into the mybmw folder in the userdata folder. This fingerprint information is valuable for the developers to better support your vehicle.

You can restrict the accounts and vehicles for the fingerprint generation. Full syntax is available through the mybmw help console command.

Personal data is eliminated from fingerprints so it should be possible to share them in public. Data like

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Location data

are anonymized in the JSON response and URL's.

After the corresponding fingerprint is generated please follow the instructions to raise an issue (opens new window) and attach the fingerprint!

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

# Debug Logging

You can enable debug logging (opens new window) to get more information on the behaviour of the binding. The package.subpackage in this case would be "org.openhab.binding.mybmw".

As with fingerprint data, personal data is eliminated from logs.

# Range vs Range Radius

You will observe differences in the vehicle range and range radius values. While range is indicating the possible distance to be driven on roads the range radius indicates the reachable range on the map.

The right picture shows the distance between Kassel and Frankfurt in Germany. While the air-line distance is 145 kilometers the route distance is 192 kilometers. So range value is the normal remaining range while the range radius values can be used e.g. on Mapview (opens new window) to indicate the reachable range on map. Please note this is just an indicator of the effective range. Especially for electric vehicles it depends on many factors like driving style and usage of electric consumers.

# Full Example

The example is based on a BMW i3 with range extender (REX). Exchange configuration parameters in the Things section

  • 4711 - any id you want
  • YOUR_USERNAME - with your MyBMW login username
  • YOUR_PASSWORD - with your MyBMW password credentials
  • VEHICLE_VIN - the vehicle identification number

In addition search for all occurrences of i3 and replace it with your Vehicle Identification like x3 or 535d and you're ready to go!

# Things File

Bridge mybmw:account:4711   "MyBMW Account" [userName="YOUR_USERNAME",password="YOUR_PASSWORD",region="ROW"] {
         Thing bev_rex i3       "BMW i3 94h REX"                [ vin="VEHICLE_VIN",refreshInterval=5,vehicleBrand="BMW"]

# Items File

Number:Length           i3Mileage                 "Odometer [%d %unit%]"                        <line>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#mileage" }                                                                           
Number:Length           i3Range                   "Range [%d %unit%]"                           <motion>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#hybrid"}
Number:Length           i3RangeElectric           "Electric Range [%d %unit%]"                  <motion>        (i3,long)   {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#electric"}   
Number:Length           i3RangeFuel               "Fuel Range [%d %unit%]"                      <motion>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#fuel"}
Number:Dimensionless    i3BatterySoc              "Battery Charge [%.1f %%]"                    <battery>       (i3,long)   {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#soc"}
Number:Volume           i3Fuel                    "Fuel [%.1f %unit%]"                          <oil>           (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#remaining-fuel"}
Number:Length           i3RadiusElectric          "Electric Radius [%d %unit%]"                 <zoom>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#radius-electric" }
Number:Length           i3RadiusFuel              "Fuel Radius [%d %unit%]"                     <zoom>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#radius-fuel" }
Number:Length           i3RadiusHybrid            "Hybrid Radius [%d %unit%]"                   <zoom>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:range#radius-hybrid" }

String                  i3DoorStatus              "Door Status [%s]"                            <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#doors" }
String                  i3WindowStatus            "Window Status [%s]"                          <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#windows" }
String                  i3LockStatus              "Lock Status [%s]"                            <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#lock" }
DateTime                i3NextServiceDate         "Next Service Date [%1$tb %1$tY]"             <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#service-date" }
String                  i3NextServiceMileage      "Next Service Mileage [%d %unit%]"            <line>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#service-mileage" }
String                  i3CheckControl            "Check Control [%s]"                          <error>         (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#check-control" }
String                  i3PlugConnection          "Plug [%s]"                                   <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#plug-connection" } 
String                  i3ChargingStatus          "[%s]"                                        <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#charge" } 
String                  i3ChargingInfo            "[%s]"                                        <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#charge-info" } 
DateTime                i3LastUpdate              "Update [%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm. %1$tH:%1$tM]"    <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:status#last-update"}

Location                i3Location                "Location  [%s]"                              <zoom>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:location#gps" }                                                                           
Number:Angle            i3Heading                 "Heading [%.1f %unit%]"                       <zoom>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:location#heading" }  

String                  i3RemoteCommand           "Command [%s]"                                <switch>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:remote#command" } 
String                  i3RemoteState             "Remote Execution State [%s]"                 <status>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:remote#state" } 

String                  i3DriverDoor              "Driver Door [%s]"                            <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#driver-front" }
String                  i3DriverDoorRear          "Driver Door Rear [%s]"                       <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#driver-rear" }
String                  i3PassengerDoor           "Passenger Door [%s]"                         <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#passenger-front" }
String                  i3PassengerDoorRear       "Passenger Door Rear [%s]"                    <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#passenger-rear" }
String                  i3Hood                    "Hood [%s]"                                   <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#hood" }
String                  i3Trunk                   "Trunk [%s]"                                  <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#trunk" }
String                  i3DriverWindow            "Driver Window [%s]"                          <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#win-driver-front" }
String                  i3DriverWindowRear        "Driver Window Rear [%s]"                     <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#win-driver-rear" }
String                  i3PassengerWindow         "Passenger Window [%s]"                       <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#win-passenger-front" }
String                  i3PassengerWindowRear     "Passenger Window Rear [%s]"                  <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#win-passenger-rear" }
String                  i3RearWindow              "Rear Window [%s]"                            <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#win-rear" }
String                  i3Sunroof                 "Sunroof [%s]"                                <lock>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:doors#sunroof" }

String                  i3ServiceName             "Service Name [%s]"                           <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:service#name" }
String                  i3ServiceDetails          "Service Details [%s]"                        <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:service#details" }
Number:Length           i3ServiceMileage          "Service Mileage [%d %unit%]"                 <line>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:service#mileage" }
DateTime                i3ServiceDate             "Service Date [%1$tb %1$tY]"                  <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:service#date" }

String                  i3CCName                  "CheckControl Name [%s]"                      <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:check#name" }
String                  i3CCDetails               "CheckControl Details [%s]"                   <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:check#details" }
String                  i3CCSeverity              "CheckControl Severity [%s]"                  <line>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:check#severity" }
Switch                  i3ChargeProfileClimate    "Charge Profile Climatization"                <temperature>   (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#climate" }  
String                  i3ChargeProfileMode       "Charge Profile Mode [%s]"                    <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#mode" } 
String                  i3ChargeProfilePrefs      "Charge Profile Preference [%s]"              <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#prefs" } 
String                  i3ChargeProfileCtrl       "Charge Profile Control [%s]"                 <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#control" } 
Number                  i3ChargeProfileTarget     "Charge Profile SoC Target [%s]"              <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#target" } 
Switch                  i3ChargeProfileLimit      "Charge Profile limited"                      <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#limit" } 
DateTime                i3ChargeWindowStart       "Charge Window Start [%1$tH:%1$tM]"           <time>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#window-start" } 
DateTime                i3ChargeWindowEnd         "Charge Window End [%1$tH:%1$tM]"             <time>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#window-end" } 
DateTime                i3Timer1Departure         "Timer 1 Departure [%1$tH:%1$tM]"             <time>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-departure" } 
String                  i3Timer1Days              "Timer 1 Days [%s]"                           <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-days" } 
Switch                  i3Timer1DayMon            "Timer 1 Monday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-day-mon" } 
Switch                  i3Timer1DayTue            "Timer 1 Tuesday"                             <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-day-tue" } 
Switch                  i3Timer1DayWed            "Timer 1 Wednesday"                           <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-day-wed" } 
Switch                  i3Timer1DayThu            "Timer 1 Thursday"                            <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-day-thu" } 
Switch                  i3Timer1DayFri            "Timer 1 Friday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-day-fri" } 
Switch                  i3Timer1DaySat            "Timer 1 Saturday"                            <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-day-sat" } 
Switch                  i3Timer1DaySun            "Timer 1 Sunday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-day-sun" } 
Switch                  i3Timer1Enabled           "Timer 1 Enabled"                             <switch>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer1-enabled" }  
DateTime                i3Timer2Departure         "Timer 2 Departure [%1$tH:%1$tM]"             <time>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-departure" } 
Switch                  i3Timer2DayMon            "Timer 2 Monday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-day-mon" } 
Switch                  i3Timer2DayTue            "Timer 2 Tuesday"                             <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-day-tue" } 
Switch                  i3Timer2DayWed            "Timer 2 Wednesday"                           <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-day-wed" } 
Switch                  i3Timer2DayThu            "Timer 2 Thursday"                            <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-day-thu" } 
Switch                  i3Timer2DayFri            "Timer 2 Friday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-day-fri" } 
Switch                  i3Timer2DaySat            "Timer 2 Saturday"                            <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-day-sat" } 
Switch                  i3Timer2DaySun            "Timer 2 Sunday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-day-sun" } 
Switch                  i3Timer2Enabled           "Timer 2 Enabled"                             <switch>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer2-enabled" }  
DateTime                i3Timer3Departure         "Timer 3 Departure [%1$tH:%1$tM]"             <time>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-departure" } 
Switch                  i3Timer3DayMon            "Timer 3 Monday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-day-mon" } 
Switch                  i3Timer3DayTue            "Timer 3 Tuesday"                             <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-day-tue" } 
Switch                  i3Timer3DayWed            "Timer 3 Wednesday"                           <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-day-wed" } 
Switch                  i3Timer3DayThu            "Timer 3 Thursday"                            <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-day-thu" } 
Switch                  i3Timer3DayFri            "Timer 3 Friday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-day-fri" } 
Switch                  i3Timer3DaySat            "Timer 3 Saturday"                            <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-day-sat" } 
Switch                  i3Timer3DaySun            "Timer 3 Sunday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-day-sun" } 
Switch                  i3Timer3Enabled           "Timer 3 Enabled"                             <switch>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer3-enabled" }
DateTime                i3Timer4Departure         "Timer 4 Departure [%1$tH:%1$tM]"             <time>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-departure" } 
Switch                  i3Timer4DayMon            "Timer 4 Monday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-day-mon" } 
Switch                  i3Timer4DayTue            "Timer 4 Tuesday"                             <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-day-tue" } 
Switch                  i3Timer4DayWed            "Timer 4 Wednesday"                           <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-day-wed" } 
Switch                  i3Timer4DayThu            "Timer 4 Thursday"                            <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-day-thu" } 
Switch                  i3Timer4DayFri            "Timer 4 Friday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-day-fri" } 
Switch                  i3Timer4DaySat            "Timer 4 Saturday"                            <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-day-sat" } 
Switch                  i3Timer4DaySun            "Timer 4 Sunday"                              <calendar>      (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-day-sun" } 
Switch                  i3Timer4Enabled           "Timer 4 Enabled"                             <switch>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:profile#timer4-enabled" }

String                  i3StatisticsTitle         "[%s]"                                        <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:statistic#title" }
Number:Energy           i3StatisticsEnergy        "Charged [%d %unit%]"                         <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:statistic#energy" }
Number                  i3StatisticsSessions      "Sessions [%d]"                               <line>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:statistic#sessions" }

String                  i3SessionTitle            "[%s]"                                        <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:session#title" }
String                  i3SessionDetails          "[%s]"                                        <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:session#subtitle" }
String                  i3SessionCharged          "Energy Charged [%s]"                         <energy>        (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:session#energy" }
String                  i3SessionProblems         "Problems [%s]"                               <error>         (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:session#issue" }
String                  i3SessionStatus           "Session status [%s]"                         <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:session#status" }

Number:Pressure         i3TireFLCurrent           "Tire Front Left [%.1f %unit%]"               <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:tires#fl-current" }
Number:Pressure         i3TireFLTarget            "Tire Front Left Target [%.1f %unit%]"        <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:tires#fl-target" }
Number:Pressure         i3TireFRCurrent           "Tire Front Right [%.1f %unit%]"              <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:tires#fr-current" }
Number:Pressure         i3TireFRTarget            "Tire Front Right Target [%.1f %unit%]"       <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:tires#fr-target" }
Number:Pressure         i3TireRLCurrent           "Tire Rear Left [%.1f %unit%]"                <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:tires#rl-current" }
Number:Pressure         i3TireRLTarget            "Tire Rear Left Target [%.1f %unit%]"         <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:tires#rl-target" }
Number:Pressure         i3TireRRCurrent           "Tire Rear Right [%.1f %unit%]"               <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:tires#rr-current" }
Number:Pressure         i3TireRRTarget            "Tire Rear Right Target [%.1f %unit%]"        <text>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:tires#rr-target" }

Image                   i3Image                   "Image"                                                       (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:image#png" }  
String                  i3ImageViewport           "Image Viewport [%s]"                         <zoom>          (i3)        {channel="mybmw:bev_rex:4711:i3:image#view" }  

# Sitemap File

sitemap BMW label="BMW" {
  Frame label="BMW i3" {
    Image  item=i3Image  
  Frame label="Status" {
    Text    item=i3DoorStatus           
    Text    item=i3WindowStatus         
    Text    item=i3LockStatus           
    Text    item=i3NextServiceDate              
    Text    item=i3NextServiceMileage       
    Text    item=i3CheckControl         
    Text    item=i3ChargingStatus           
    Text    item=i3LastUpdate               
  Frame label="Range" {
    Text    item=i3Mileage           
    Text    item=i3Range             
    Text    item=i3RangeElectric     
    Text    item=i3RangeFuel         
    Text    item=i3BatterySoc        
    Text    item=i3Fuel              
    Text    item=i3RadiusElectric       
    Text    item=i3RadiusHybrid         
  Frame label="Remote Services" {
    Selection item=i3RemoteCommand              
    Text      item=i3RemoteState              
  Frame label="Services" {
    Selection    item=i3ServiceName          
    Text         item=i3ServiceDetails          
    Text         item=i3ServiceMileage          
    Text         item=i3ServiceDate          
  Frame label="CheckControl" {
    Selection    item=i3CCName          
    Text         item=i3CCDetails          
    Text         item=i3CCSeverity          
  Frame label="Door Details" {
    Text    item=i3DriverDoor visibility=[i3DriverDoor!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3DriverDoorRear visibility=[i3DriverDoorRear!="INVALID"]  
    Text    item=i3PassengerDoor visibility=[i3PassengerDoor!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3PassengerDoorRear visibility=[i3PassengerDoorRear!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3Hood visibility=[i3Hood!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3Trunk visibility=[i3Trunk!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3DriverWindow visibility=[i3DriverWindow!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3DriverWindowRear visibility=[i3DriverWindowRear!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3PassengerWindow visibility=[i3PassengerWindow!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3PassengerWindowRear visibility=[i3PassengerWindowRear!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3RearWindow visibility=[i3RearWindow!="INVALID"]
    Text    item=i3Sunroof visibility=[i3Sunroof!="INVALID"]
  Frame label="Location" {
    Text    item=i3Location          
    Text    item=i3Heading             
  Frame label="Charge Profile" {    
    Switch    item=i3ChargeProfileClimate     
    Selection item=i3ChargeProfileMode        
    Text      item=i3ChargeWindowStart        
    Text      item=i3ChargeWindowEnd          
    Text      item=i3Timer1Departure          
    Switch    item=i3Timer1DayMon            
    Switch    item=i3Timer1DayTue            
    Switch    item=i3Timer1DayWed            
    Switch    item=i3Timer1DayThu            
    Switch    item=i3Timer1DayFri            
    Switch    item=i3Timer1DaySat            
    Switch    item=i3Timer1DaySun            
    Switch    item=i3Timer1Enabled            
    Text      item=i3Timer2Departure          
    Switch    item=i3Timer2DayMon            
    Switch    item=i3Timer2DayTue            
    Switch    item=i3Timer2DayWed            
    Switch    item=i3Timer2DayThu            
    Switch    item=i3Timer2DayFri            
    Switch    item=i3Timer2DaySat            
    Switch    item=i3Timer2DaySun            
    Switch    item=i3Timer2Enabled            
    Text      item=i3Timer3Departure          
    Switch    item=i3Timer3DayMon            
    Switch    item=i3Timer3DayTue            
    Switch    item=i3Timer3DayWed            
    Switch    item=i3Timer3DayThu            
    Switch    item=i3Timer3DayFri            
    Switch    item=i3Timer3DaySat            
    Switch    item=i3Timer3DaySun            
    Switch    item=i3Timer3Enabled            
    Text      item=i3Timer4Departure          
    Switch    item=i3Timer4DayMon            
    Switch    item=i3Timer4DayTue            
    Switch    item=i3Timer4DayWed            
    Switch    item=i3Timer4DayThu            
    Switch    item=i3Timer4DayFri            
    Switch    item=i3Timer4DaySat            
    Switch    item=i3Timer4DaySun            
    Switch    item=i3Timer4Enabled            
  Frame label="Charge Statistics" {
    Text    item=i3StatisticsTitle          
    Text    item=i3StatisticsEnergy             
    Text    item=i3StatisticsSessions          

  Frame label="Charge Sessions" {
    Selection    item=i3SessionTitle          
    Text         item=i3SessionDetails             
    Text         item=i3SessionCharged          
    Text         item=i3SessionProblems             
    Text         item=i3SessionStatus          
  Frame label="Tires" {
    Text    item=i3TireFLCurrent          
    Text    item=i3TireFLTarget             
    Text    item=i3TireFRCurrent          
    Text    item=i3TireFRTarget             
    Text    item=i3TireRLCurrent          
    Text    item=i3TireRLTarget             
    Text    item=i3TireRRCurrent          
    Text    item=i3TireRRTarget             
  Frame label="Image Properties" {
    Selection    item=i3ImageViewport

# Credits

This work is based on the project of Bimmer Connected (opens new window).