# HCC Rubbish Collection Binding

A Hamilton City Council (NZ) "Fight the Landfill" binding. This binding will keep track of your rubbish collection days and uses the Fight the Landfill (opens new window) website API to fetch the upcoming collection dates.

# Supported Things

A single supported thing called collection.

# Thing Configuration

The thing supports one setting labelled address which is your street number and name as it appears on Google.
For Example: 1 Victoria Street

Note: The above address example is not valid as it is a business address.

If the address is not valid or rubbish collection service does not apply (for example, a business address) then a CONFIGURATION_ERROR will occur.

# Channels

channel type description
day Number The upcoming rubbish collection day of the week (1=Monday, 7=Sunday)
general Date The next general household (red bin) collection day
recycling Date The next recycling (yellow bin, glass bin) colleciton day
collection-event Event Event trigger on the day of the rubbish

# Collection Event

The collection event collection-event triggers on the day of rubbish collection.

# Events

event description
GENERAL General household rubbish event
RECYCLING Recycling rubbish event

# Configuration

You can set an offset in minutes. This can then trigger the collection event before or after the normal time of 12:00am on the day of the collection.

For Example: If you want the event to trigger at 7pm the day before, to remind you to take out the bins, then set the offset to -300 (5 hours x 60 minutes).