# OpenGarage Binding

The OpenGarage binding allows you to control an OpenGarage controller (https://opensprinkler.com/product/opengarage/ (opens new window)) using openHAB

# Supported Things

OpenGarage controllers from https://opensprinkler.com/product/opengarage/ (opens new window) are supported.

# Discovery

Auto-discover is not currently supported. You need to manually add a new item using its IP address.

# Thing Configuration

As a minimum, the IP address is needed:

  • hostname - The hostname of the OpenGarage controller. Typically you'd use an IP address such as for this field.
  • port - the port the OpenGarage is listening on. Defaults to port 80
  • refresh - The frequency with which to refresh information from the OpenGarage controller specified in seconds. Defaults to 10 seconds.
  • password - The password to send commands to the OpenGarage. Defaults to "opendoor"
  • doorTransitionTimeSeconds - Specifies how long it takes the garage door to fully open / close after triggering it from OpenGarage, including auditory beeps. Recommend to round up or pad by a second or two.
  • doorOpeningState - Text state to report when garage is opening. Defaults to "OPENING".
  • doorOpenState - Text state to report when garage is open (and not in transition). Defaults to "OPEN".
  • doorClosingState - Text state to report when garage is closing. Defaults to "CLOSING".
  • doorClosedState - Text state to report when garage is closed (and not in transition). Defaults to "CLOSED".

# Channels

channel type description
distance Number:Length Distance reading from the OpenGarage controller (default in cm)
status-switch Switch Door status (OFF = Closed, ON = Open), set "invert=true" on channel to invert switch
status-text String Text status of the current door state, including transition, using values from configuration: doorOpeningState, doorOpenState, doorClosingState, doorClosedState.
status-contact Contact Door status (Open or Closed)
status-rollershutter Rollershutter Door status (DOWN = Closed, UP = Open)
vehicle-status Number Report vehicle presence (0=Not Detected, 1=Detected, 2=Unknown)

# Full Example


opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage [ hostname="" ]


Switch OpenGarage_Status { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:status" }
Contact OpenGarage_Status_Contact { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:status-contact" }
Rollershutter OpenGarage_Status_Rollershutter { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:status-rollershutter" }
Number:Length OpenGarage_Distance { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:setpoint" }
String OpenGarage_Vehicle { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:vehicle" }
String OpenGarage_StatusText { channel="opengarage:opengarage:OpenGarage:status-text" }


Text item=OpenGarage_StatusText label="Status"
Switch item=OpenGarage_Status icon="garagedoorclosed" mappings=[ON=Open]  visibility=[OpenGarage_Status == OFF]
Switch item=OpenGarage_Status icon="garagedooropen"   mappings=[OFF=Close] visibility=[OpenGarage_Status == ON]
Switch item=OpenGarage_Status icon="garage" 
Contact item=OpenGarage_Status_Contact icon="garage" 
Rollershutter item=OpenGarage_Status_Rollershutter icon="garage" 
Text item=OpenGarage_Distance label="OG distance"
Text item=OpenGarage_Vehicle label="Vehicle Presence"

# Adding to HomeKit

If you have the HomeKit extension installed, you can control your OpenGarage instance via your iPhone. To wire it up to HomeKit, you might specify the following:


Group  gOpenGarage                      "OpenGarage Door"                                              {homekit="GarageDoorOpener"}
Switch OpenGarage_TargetState "Target state" (gOpenGarage) {homekit="GarageDoorOpener.TargetDoorState", channel="opengarage:opengarage:deadbeef:status-switch"}
String OpenGarage_CurrentState "Current state" (gOpenGarage) {homekit="GarageDoorOpener.CurrentDoorState", channel="opengarage:opengarage:deadbeef:status-text"}
Switch OpenGarage_xxObstruction "Obstruction (do not use)" (gOpenGarage) {homekit="GarageDoorOpener.ObstructionStatus"}

The obstruction channel is not bound to any channel. It's needed because HomeKit requires it, and OpenGarage does not provide it. HomeKit requires a status for the garage door of OPEN, CLOSED, CLOSING, OPENING. In order to report that, we must provide state transition information. State transition information is inferred when the garage door state is changed. For doorTransitionTimeSeconds since the last open/close command was issued, the binding reports the state as either "closing" or "opening".