# ComfoAir Binding

This binding allows to monitor and control Zehnder ComfoAir serial controlled ventilation systems via RS232 serial connection. Though the binding is developed based on the protocol description for Zehnder ComfoAir devices it should also work for mostly identical systems from different manufacturers, like StorkAir WHR930, Wernig G90-380 and Paul Santos 370 DC. It was also successfully tested on a Wernig G90-160.

NOTE: This binding does not work with the ComfoAir Q-series (e.g. Q350 or Q450). These ventilation units use a CAN bus for communication and a different protocol.

# Limitations

  • Either the ComfoAir binding or the CCEase Comfocontrol can be active, but not together.
  • You must implement auto mode by yourself with rules, but it is more powerful.

# Prerequisites

Computer communication between ComfoAir device and openHAB via RS232 connection has to be set up. The connection should be made with a 3-wire cable connecting pins: GND, TX, RX of RS232 sockets, but RX and TX pins should be crossed (TX of ComfoAir to RX of PC, RX of ComfoAir to TX of PC).

# Serial Port Access Rights

  • Take care that the user that runs openHAB has rights to access the serial port
  • On Ubuntu/Debian based systems (incl. openHABian) that usually means adding the user (e.g. openhab) to the group "dialout", i.e.
sudo usermod -a -G dialout openhab

# Supported Things

The binding supports thing types for different device types. They only differ in the available channels, where the generic comfoair thing type supports all available channels. If there is no thing type that matches your specific device you can safely choose the comfoair type.

Thing Type ID Description
comfoair A ComfoAir ventilation system connected via RS232 serial connection.
WHR930 Thing type restricted to the data points available for the StorkAir WHR930.

# Discovery

Discovery is not supported.

# Thing Configuration

For the thing creation, the appropriate serial port has to be set.

Parameter Values Default
serialPort /dev/ttyUSB0, COM1, etc. -
refreshInterval Refresh interval in seconds (10...65535) 60

# Channels

The ComfoAir binding supports the following channels.

Channel ID Item Type Label Description Read Only Advanced
Binding Control
bindingControl#activate Switch Activate Binding Control Activate (control through openHAB) or deactivate (return control to CCEase) binding control false no
Ventilation Values
ventilation#fanLevel Number Fan Level Fan level false no
ventilation#fanOut0 Number Fan Out Level 0 (away) Fan level 0 performance (%) of outgoing fan false yes
ventilation#fanOut1 Number Fan Out Level 1 Fan level 1 performance (%) of outgoing fan false yes
ventilation#fanOut2 Number Fan Out Level 2 Fan level 2 performance (%) of outgoing fan false yes
ventilation#fanOut3 Number Fan Out Level 3 Fan level 3 performance (%) of outgoing fan false yes
ventilation#fanIn0 Number Fan In Level 0 (away) Fan level 0 performance (%) of incoming fan false yes
ventilation#fanIn1 Number Fan In Level 1 Fan level 1 performance (%) of incoming fan false yes
ventilation#fanIn2 Number Fan In Level 2 Fan level 2 performance (%) of incoming fan false yes
ventilation#fanIn3 Number Fan In Level 3 Fan level 3 performance (%) of incoming fan false yes
ventilation#fanInPercent Number Fan In (%) Current relative speed (%) of incoming fan false yes
ventilation#fanOutPercent Number Fan Out (%) Current relative speed (%) of outgoing fan true yes
ventilation#fanInRPM Number:Frequency Fan In (rpm) Current absolute speed (rpm) of incoming fan true yes
ventilation#fanOutRPM Number:Frequency Fan Out (rpm) Current absolute speed (rpm) of outgoing fan true yes
Temperature Values
temperatures#targetTemperature Number:Temperature Target Temperature Target (comfort) temperature false no
temperatures#outdoorTemperatureIn Number:Temperature Outdoor Temperature Incoming Intake air temperature (outside) true yes
temperatures#outdoorTemperatureOut Number:Temperature Outdoor Temperature Outgoing Outlet air temperature (outside) true yes
temperatures#indoorTemperatureIn Number:Temperature Indoor Temperature Incoming Inlet air temperature (inside) true yes
temperatures#indoorTemperatureOut Number:Temperature Indoor Temperature Outgoing Uptake air temperature (inside) true yes
temperatures#isT1Sensor Switch Sensor T1 Available Availability of temperature sensor T1 (outdoor in) true yes
temperatures#isT2Sensor Switch Sensor T2 Available Availability of temperature sensor T2 (indoor in) true yes
temperatures#isT3Sensor Switch Sensor T3 Available Availability of temperature sensor T3 (indoor out) true yes
temperatures#isT4Sensor Switch Sensor T4 Available Availability of temperature sensor T4 (outdoor out) true yes
temperatures#isEWTSensor Switch GHX Sensor Available Availability of geothermal heat exchanger temperature sensor true yes
temperatures#isHeaterSensor Switch Heater Sensor Available Availability of heater temperature sensor true yes
temperatures#isCookerhoodSensor Switch Cookerhood Sensor Available Availability of cookerhood temperature sensor true yes
temperatures#ewtTemperature Number:Temperature GHX Temperature Temperature of geothermal heat exchanger sensor true yes
temperatures#heaterTemperature Number:Temperature Heater Temperature Temperature of heater sensor true yes
temperatures#cookerhoodTemperature Number:Temperature Cookerhood Temperature Temperature of cookerhood sensor true yes
times#level0Time Number:Time Level 0 duration Uptime at level 0 (away) true yes
times#level1Time Number:Time Level 1 duration Uptime at level 1 true yes
times#level2Time Number:Time Level 2 duration Uptime at level 2 true yes
times#level3Time Number:Time Level 3 duration Uptime at level 3 true yes
times#freezeTime Number:Time Antifrost Duration Uptime of antifrost true yes
times#preheaterTime Number:Time Preheater Duration Uptime of preheater true yes
times#bypassTime Number:Time Bypass Duration Hours of bypass open true yes
times#filterHours Number:Time Filter Duration Uptime of the filter true no
Menu P1: Control States
menuP1#menu20Mode Switch Menu 20 Mode (P10) State of menu 20 mode (P10) true yes
menuP1#menu21Mode Switch Menu 21 Mode (P11) State of menu 21 mode (P11) true yes
menuP1#menu22Mode Switch Menu 22 Mode (P12) State of menu 22 mode (P12) true yes
menuP1#menu23Mode Switch Menu 23 Mode (P13) State of menu 23 mode (P13) true yes
menuP1#menu24Mode Switch Menu 24 Mode (P14) State of menu 24 mode (P14) true yes
menuP1#menu25Mode Switch Menu 25 Mode (P15) State of menu 25 mode (P15) true yes
menuP1#menu26Mode Switch Menu 26 Mode (P16) State of menu 26 mode (P16) true yes
menuP1#menu27Mode Switch Menu 27 Mode (P17) State of menu 27 mode (P17) true yes
menuP1#menu28Mode Switch Menu 28 Mode (P18) State of menu 28 mode (P18) true yes
menuP1#menu29Mode Switch Menu 29 Mode (P19) State of menu 29 mode (P19) true yes
Menu P2: Delay Settings
menuP2#bathroomStartDelay Number:Time Menu P21 Start delay for bathroom switch (uses minutes internally) false yes
menuP2#bathroomEndDelay Number:Time Menu P22 End delay for bathroom switch (uses minutes internally) false yes
menuP2#L1EndDelay Number:Time Menu P23 End delay for L1 switch (uses minutes internally) false yes
menuP2#pulseVentilation Number:Time Menu P27 Period for pulse ventilation (uses minutes internally) false yes
menuP2#filterWeeks Number:Time Menu P24 Usage period until filter pollution message (uses weeks internally) false yes
menuP2#RFShortDelay Number:Time Menu P25 End delay (RF short actuation) for ventilation level 3 (uses minutes internally) false yes
menuP2#RFLongDelay Number:Time Menu P26 End delay (RF long actuation) for ventilation level 3 (uses minutes internally) false yes
menuP2#cookerhoodDelay Number:Time Menu P20 End delay for cooker hood control (uses minutes internally) false yes
Menu P9: Option States
menuP9#chimneyState Switch Chimney Control State State of the chimney control true yes
menuP9#bypassState Switch Bypass State State of the bypass (ON = open / OFF = closed) true yes
menuP9#ewtState Switch GHX State State of the geothermal heat exchanger valve (ON = open / OFF = closed) true yes
menuP9#heaterState Switch Heater State State of the heater true yes
menuP9#vControlState Switch 0-10V Control State State of the 0-10V control true yes
menuP9#frostState Switch Antifrost State State of the antifrost control true yes
menuP9#cookerhoodState Switch Cookerhood State State of the cookerhood control true yes
menuP9#enthalpyState Switch Enthalpy State State of the enthalpy module true yes
Error States
errors#filterError Switch Filter Error Filter full true no
errors#errorsCurrent String Errors Current Current errors true no
errors#errorsLast String Errors Last Last errors true yes
errors#errorsPrelast String Errors Prelast Prelast errors true yes
errors#errorsPrePrelast String Errors Pre-Prelast Pre-Prelast errors true yes
Bypass Values
bypass#bypassFactor Number Bypass Factor Bypass factor value true yes
bypass#bypassLevel Number Bypass Level Bypass level state true yes
bypass#bypassCorrection Number Bypass Correction Bypass correction state true yes
bypass#bypassSummer Switch Bypass Summer Mode Bypass summer mode true yes
Preheater Values
preheater#preheaterValve Number Preheater Valve State of the preheater valve true yes
preheater#preheaterFrostProtect Switch Frost Protection State of the frost protection true yes
preheater#preheaterHeating Switch Preheater State of the preheater true yes
preheater#preheaterFrostTime Number:Time Preheater Frost Time Frost minutes true yes
preheater#preheaterSafety Number Preheater Frost Safety Frost safety setting true yes
GHX Values
ewt#ewtTemperatureLow Number:Temperature GHX Temperature (low) Lower temperature of the geothermal heat exchanger false yes
ewt#ewtTemperatureHigh Number:Temperature GHX Temperature (high) Upper temperature of the geothermal heat exchanger false yes
ewt#ewtSpeed Number GHX Speed Up (%) Speed up of the geothermal heat exchanger false yes
Heater Values
heater#heaterPower Number Heater Power Heater power value true yes
heater#heaterPowerI Number Heater Power I-parameter Heater power I-parameter value true yes
heater#heaterTargetTemperature Number:Temperature Heater Target Temperature Target temperature of the heater false yes
Cookerhood Values
cookerhood#cookerhoodSpeed Number Cookerhood Speed Up (%) Speed up of the cookerhood true yes
Enthalpy Values
enthalpy#enthalpyTemperature Number:Temperature Enthalpy Sensor Temperature Temperature of the enthalpy sensor true yes
enthalpy#enthalpyHumidity Number Enthalpy Sensor Humidity Humidity of the enthalpy sensor true yes
enthalpy#enthalpyLevel Number Enthalpy Sensor Level Level of the enthalpy sensor true yes
enthalpy#enthalpyTime Number:Time Enthalpy Sensor Timer Timer state of the enthalpy sensor true yes
Option Settings
options#isPreheater Switch Preheater Preheater option installed true yes
options#isBypass Switch Bypass Bypass option installed true yes
options#recuType Number ComfoAir Type Type of the ComfoAir (1 = left / 2 = right) true yes
options#recuSize Number ComfoAir Size Size of the ComfoAir (1 = big / 2 = small) true yes
options#isChimney Switch Chimney Chimney option installed true yes
options#isCookerhood Switch Cookerhood Cookerhood option installed true yes
options#isHeater Switch Heater Heater option installed true yes
options#isEnthalpy Number Enthalpy Enthalpy option installed true yes
options#isEWT Number Geothermal Heat Exchanger Geothermal heat exchanger option installed true yes
options#analogPriority Number Analog Priority Priority of analog inputs for highest fan level true yes
inputs#isL1Switch Switch L1 Switch Availability of L1 step switch true yes
inputs#isL2Switch Switch L2 Switch Availability of L2 step switch true yes
inputs#isBathroomSwitch Switch Bathroom Switch Availability of bathroom switch true yes
inputs#isCookerhoodSwitch Switch Cookerhood Switch Availability of cookerhood switch true yes
inputs#isExternalFilter Switch External Filter Availability of external filter true yes
inputs#isWTW Switch Heat Recovery Availability of heat recovery (WTW) true yes
inputs#isBathroom2Switch Switch Bathroom Switch 2 Availability of bathroom switch 2 (luxe) true yes
resets#filterReset Number Filter Reset Reset filter uptime false no
resets#errorReset Number Error Reset Reset errors false no
Analog Inputs [1-4]
analog[1-4]#isAnalog Switch Analog Input Availability Availability of analog input [1-4] false yes
analog[1-4]#analogMode Switch Analog Input State State of analog input [1-4] false yes
analog[1-4]#analogNegative Switch Analog Input Postive/Negative Postive/Negative state of analog input [1-4] false yes
analog[1-4]#analogVolt Number:ElectricPotential Analog Input Voltage Level Voltage level of analog input [1-4] false yes
analog[1-4]#analogMin Number Analog Input Min Minimum setting for analog input [1-4] false yes
analog[1-4]#analogMax Number Analog Input Max Maximum setting for analog input [1-4] false yes
analog[1-4]#analogValue Number Analog Input Target Target setting for analog input [1-4] false yes
RF Input
analogRF#isRF Switch RF Input Availability Availability of RF input false yes
analogRF#RFMode Switch RF Input State State of RF input false yes
analogRF#RFNegative Switch RF Input Postive/Negative Postive/Negative state of RF input false yes
analogRF#RFMin Number RF Input Min Minimum setting for RF input false yes
analogRF#RFMax Number RF Input Max Maximum setting for RF input false yes
analogRF#RFValue Number RF Input Target Target setting for RF input false yes
analogRF#analogPriority Number Analog Priority Priority of control false yes

# Full Example

.things file:

Thing comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir "ComfoAir" [serialPort="/dev/ttyUSB0", refreshInterval="60"]

.items file:

Switch comfoairControl    "Activate"     <computer> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:bindingControl#activate"}
Number comfoairFanLevel   "Ventilation level [%d]"   <chart>  (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:ventilation#fanLevel"}
Number comfoairErrorReset   "Error reset"     <service> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:resets#errorReset"}
Number comfoairFilterReset   "Filter reset"     <service> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:resets#filterReset"}
Number comfoairFilterPeriod   "Filter period [%d weeks]"   <clock>  (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:menuP2#filterWeeks"}

// Messages
String  comfoairError   "Error: [%s]"   (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:errors#errorsCurrent"}
Number:Time comfoairFilterRuntime  "Filter runtime [%.0f h]" (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:times#filterHours"}

// State
Number:Temperature comfoairTargetTemperature  "Comfort temperature [%.1f °C]"   <temperature> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:temperatures#targetTemperature"}
Number:Temperature comfoairOutdoorIncomingTemperature "Inlet air temperature [%.1f °C]"  <temperature> (ComfoAir, comfoairTemps_Chart) {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:temperatures#outdoorTemperatureIn"}
Number:Temperature comfoairIndoorIncomingTemperature "Supply air temperature [%.1f °C]"  <temperature> (ComfoAir, comfoairTemps_Chart) {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:temperatures#indoorTemperatureIn"}
Number:Temperature comfoairIndoorOutgoingTemperature "Return air temperature [%.1f °C]"  <temperature> (ComfoAir, comfoairTemps_Chart) {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:temperatures#indoorTemperatureOut"}
Number:Temperature comfoairOutdoorOutgoingTemperature "Exhaust air temperature [%.1f °C]"  <temperature> (ComfoAir, comfoairTemps_Chart) {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:temperatures#outdoorTemperatureOut"}
Number comfoairIncomingFan   "Supply capacity [%d %%]"   <fan_in> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:ventilation#fanInPercent"}
Number comfoairOutgoingFan   "Exhaust capacity [%d %%]"   <fan_out> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:ventilation#fanOutPercent"}
Number comfoairFanIn0    "Supply capacity - level 0 [%d %%]"  <fan_in> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:ventilation#fanIn0"}
Number comfoairFanOut0    "Exhaust capacity - level 0 [%d %%]"  <fan_out> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:ventilation#fanOut0"}
Switch comfoairBypassMode   "Bypass [MAP(comfoair_bypass.map):%s]"  <climate> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:menuP9#bypassState"}
Switch comfoairGHXMode    "GHX [MAP(comfoair_on-off.map):%s]"  <climate> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:menuP9#ewtState"}
Switch comfoairChimneyMode   "Fire programme [MAP(comfoair_on-off.map):%s]" <climate> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:menuP9#chimneyState"}
Switch comfoairHeaterMode   "Heater [MAP(comfoair_on-off.map):%s]"  <climate> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:menuP9#heaterState"}
Switch comfoairCookerHoodMode   "Extractor hood [MAP(comfoair_on-off.map):%s]" <climate> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:menuP9#cookerhoodState"}
Switch comfoairEnthalpyMode   "Enthalpy [MAP(comfoair_on-off.map):%s]" <climate> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:menuP9#enthalpyState"}
Switch comfoairFreezeMode   "Freeze [MAP(comfoair_freeze.map):%s]"  <climate> (ComfoAir)   {channel="comfoair:comfoair:myComfoAir:menuP9#frostState"}

.sitemap file:

sitemap comfoair label="ComfoAir" {
 Frame label="Main" {
  Text item=comfoairError labelcolor=[!="No Errors"="red"] valuecolor=[!="No Errors"="red"]
  Switch item=comfoairControl mappings=[OFF="CCEase", ON="Computer"]
  Switch item=comfoairErrorReset mappings=[1="Reset"]
  Switch item=comfoairFilterReset mappings=[1="Reset"]
 Frame label="Control" {
  Selection item=comfoairFanLevel
  Setpoint item=comfoairTargetTemperature step=0.5 minValue=15 maxValue=28 valuecolor=["black"]
 Frame label="State" {
  Text item=comfoairOutdoorIncomingTemperature valuecolor=["black"]
  Text item=comfoairOutdoorOutgoingTemperature valuecolor=["black"]
  Text item=comfoairIndoorIncomingTemperature valuecolor=["black"]
  Text item=comfoairIndoorOutgoingTemperature valuecolor=["black"]
 Frame {
  Text item=comfoairIncomingFan valuecolor=["black"]
  Text item=comfoairBypassMode valuecolor=["black"]
  Text item=comfoairOutgoingFan valuecolor=["black"]
  Text item=comfoairGHXMode valuecolor=[OFF="silver", ON="black"]
  Text item=comfoairEfficiency valuecolor=["black"]
  Text item=comfoairFreezeMode valuecolor=[OFF="black", ON="red"]
  Text item=comfoairFilterRuntime_Message valuecolor=["black"]
  Text item=comfoairChimneyMode valuecolor=[OFF="silver", ON="black"]

comfoair_bypass.map file:


comfoair_on-off.map file:


comfoair_freeze.map file:


# Control Protocol Reference

For reference the protocol description used can be found here (german version only): Protokollbeschreibung Zehnder ComfoAir (opens new window)