# Freecurrency Binding

The Freecurrency binding connects Freecurrency API (opens new window) to openHAB. It allows to get exchange rates between supported currencies and acts as a currency provider for openHAB's UoM support.

The binding automatically updates the exchange rates at 00:01 UTC. There is a limit of 10 (5.000) free request per minute (month), so a daily refresh (and even some restarts per day) will not get you into trouble.

# Supported Things

There is only one thing: info which is extensible with exchange rate channels. You can add as many of these things as you like, but in general one should be sufficient for most use-cases.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has two configuration parameters: apiKey and baseCurrency.

The apiKey is mandatory and can be retrieved from your dashboard after creating a free account at Freecurrency API website (opens new window).

The baseCurrency defaults to US dollars (USD), but can be configured to any other supported currency. Available currencies are provided as configuration options. Please note that misconfiguration will result in no exchanges rates being provided.

# Thing Configuration

# info Thing Configuration

The thing has no configuration options and is automatically attached to the currency provider.

# Channels

Channel Channel Type Item Type Read/Write Description
lastUpdate last-update DateTime R/O The timestamp of the last exchange rate refresh
exchange-rate Number R/O The exchange rate between the configured currency and the base currency (or second currency)

The exchange-rate channels have two configuration parameters: currency1 and currency2. Any currency code can be configured for both parameters, but only currency1 is mandatory. If you omit currency2, the configured base-currency will be used as reference. Available currencies are provided as configuration options.