# Public Transport Switzerland Binding

Connects to the "Swiss public transport API" to provide real-time public transport information. Link to the API (opens new window)

For example, here is a station board in HABPanel. (Download here (opens new window))

Departure board in HABPanel

# Supported Things

# Stationboard

Upcoming departures for a single station. This is what you would usually see displayed at the train station.

# Channels

channel type description
departures#n String A dynamic channel for each upcoming departure
tsv (advanced) String A tsv which contains the fields:
identifier, departureTime, destination, track, delay

# UI based Configuration

station is the station name for which to display departures.
The name has to be one that is used by the swiss federal railways.
Please consult their website (opens new window).

# Textual configuration

# Thing
Thing publictransportswitzerland:stationboard:zurich [ station="Zürich HB" ]
# Items
String Next_Departure             "Next Departure"             { channel="publictransportswitzerland:stationboard:zurich:departures#1" }
String Upcoming_Departures_TSV    "Upcoming_Departures_TSV"    { channel="publictransportswitzerland:stationboard:zurich:tsv" }

# Discovery

This binding does not support auto-discovery.