# PegelOnline Binding

Binding to observe water level from german rivers. Data is provided by german Water-Route and Shipping Agency WSV (opens new window). Goal is to monitor actual water levels from rivers nearby your home. In case of changing water levels the corresponding warning level is lowered or raised.

# Supported Things

Label Description ID
Measurement Station Station providing water level measurements station

# Discovery

In case your home location coordinates are set the discovery will recognize all measurement stations within a radius of 50 km. Found Things are added in your Inbox.

# Thing Configuration

Thing configuration contains 3 sections

# Station selection

Stations can be selected with an Universally Unique Identifier (uuid). It's automatically added by the Discovery. Configure a station manually using list of all available stations (opens new window) or stations.json (opens new window) and choose the uuid of your desired measurement station.

# Warning Levels

Each station has specific warning levels

  • Warning Levels 1 (lowest) to 3 (highest)
  • Flooding Levels

Unfortunately these levels cannot be queried automatically. Please select your federal state (opens new window) and check if which levels they provide. The picture shows the levels of measurement station Marburg of federal state Hesse (opens new window)

If you cannot evaluate warning or flooding levels leave the parameter empty.

# Configuration parameters

configuration content unit description required default
uuid text - Unique Station Identifier X N/A
warningLevel1 integer cm Warning Level 1 N/A
warningLevel2 integer cm Warning Level 2 N/A
warningLevel3 integer cm Warning Level 3 N/A
hq10 integer cm Decade Flooding N/A
hq100 integer cm Century Flooding N/A
hqExtreme integer cm Extreme Flooding N/A
refreshInterval integer min Refresh Interval X 15

# Channels

channel id type description
timestamp DateTime Last Measurement
level Number:Length Water Level
trend Number Water Level Trend
warning Number Current Warning

# Trend

Possible values:

  • 1 : Rising
  • 0 : Steady
  • -1 : Lowering

# Warning

Current warning according to configuration

  • 0 : No Warning
  • 1 : Warning level 1
  • 2 : Warning Level 2
  • 3 : Warning Level 3
  • 4 : Decade Flooding
  • 5 : Century Flooding
  • 6 : Extreme Flooding

# Full Example

# Things

Thing pegelonline:station:giessen "Measurement Station Giessen" [

# Items

DateTime         Lahn_Giessen_Timestamp      "Measurement timestamp Lahn Giessen"   {channel="pegelonline:station:giessen:timestamp" }                                                                           
Number:Length    Lahn_Giessen_Level          "Water Level Lahn Giessen]"            {channel="pegelonline:station:giessen:level" }                                                                           
Number           Lahn_Giessen_Trend          "Water Level Trend Lahn Giessen"       {channel="pegelonline:station:giessen:trend"}
Number           Lahn_Giessen_Warning        "Warning Level Lahn Giessen"           {channel="pegelonline:station:giessen:warning"}   

PegelOnline API Documentation (opens new window)