# Mycroft Binding

This binding connects to Mycroft A.I. in order to control it or react to events by listening on the message bus.

Possibilies include:

  • Press a button in openHAB to wake Mycroft without using a wake word.
  • Simulate a voice command to launch a skill, as if you just spoke it
  • Send some text that Mycroft will say (Using its Text To Speech service)
  • Control the music player
  • Mute the sound volume of Mycroft
  • React to all the aforementioned events ...
  • ... and send/receive any other kind of messages on the message bus

# Supported Things

The only thing managed by this binding is a Mycroft instance

Thing Type ID Description
mycroft A Mark I/II, a Picroft, or any other variant exposing the message bus

# Discovery

There is no discovery service, as Mycroft doesn't announce itself on the network.

# Thing Configuration

The configuration is simple, as you just need to give the IP/hostname of the Mycroft instance accessible on the network. The default port is 8181, which can be changed.

Thing mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft "Mycroft A.I." @ "Living Room" [host="192.168.X.X"]
property type description mandatory
host IP or string IP address or hostname Yes
port integer Port to reach Mycroft (default 8181) No
volume_restoration_level integer When unmuted, force Mycroft to restore volume to this value No

# Channels

A Mycroft thing has the following channels:

channel type id Item type description
listen Switch Switch to ON when Mycroft is listening. Can simulate a wake word detection to trigger the STT
speak String The last sentence Mycroft speaks
utterance String The last utterance Mycroft receive
player Player The music player Mycroft is currently controlling
volume_mute Switch Mute the Mycroft speaker
volume Dimmer The volume of the Mycroft speaker. (Note : Value unreliable until a volume change occured)
full_message String The last message (full json) seen on the Mycroft Bus. Filtered by the messageTypes properties

The channel 'full_message' has the following configuration available:

property type description mandatory
messageTypes List of string, comma separated Only these message types will be forwarded to the Full Message Channel No

# Full Example

A manual setup through a things/mycroft.things file could look like this:

Thing mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft "Mycroft A.I." @ "Living Room" [host="192.168.X.X", port=8181] { 
        Type full-message-channel : Text [

# Item Configuration

The mycroft.item file:

Switch myMycroft_mute                  "Mute"                      { channel="mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft:volume_mute" }
Dimmer myMycroft_volume                "Volume [%d]"               { channel="mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft:volume" }
Player myMycroft_player                "Control"                   { channel="mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft:player" }
Switch myMycroft_listen                "Wake and listen"           { channel="mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft:listen" }
String myMycroft_speak                 "Speak STT"                 { channel="mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft:speak" }
String myMycroft_utterance             "Utterance"                 { channel="mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft:utterance" }
String myMycroft_fullmessage           "Full JSON message"         { channel="mycroft:mycroft:myMycroft:full_message" }

# Sitemap Configuration

A demo.sitemap file:

sitemap demo label="myMycroft"
    Frame label="myMycroft" {
        Switch    item=myMycroft_mute
        Slider    item=myMycroft_volume
        Default   item=myMycroft_player
        Switch    item=myMycroft_listen
        Text      item=myMycroft_speak
        Text      item=myMycroft_utterance
        Text      item=myMycroft_fullmessage

# Ask Mycroft to say something


rule "Say Hello"
   Item Presence_Isaac changed
   myMycroft_speak.sendCommand("Hello Isaac")