# Bluetooth BlueGiga Adapter

This extension supports Bluetooth access via a BlueGiga (BLED112) USB dongle.

# Supported Things

It defines the following bridge type:

Bridge Type ID Description
bluegiga A BlueGiga USB dongle using a BLED112 chip

# Discovery

The adapter cannot be discovered; its serial port must be manually configured.

# Bridge Configuration

The bluegiga bridge requires the configuration parameter port, which corresponds to the serial port the dongle is connected to. Additionally, the parameter backgroundDiscovery can be set to true/false. When set to true, any Bluetooth device of which broadcasts are received is added to the Inbox.

# Example

This is how a BlueGiga adapter can be configured textually in a *.things file:

Bridge bluetooth:bluegiga:1 [ port="/dev/ttyS0", backgroundDiscovery=false ]